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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 1, Episode 4, “Eye Of The Beholder”


I’m pretty sick right now, I have nothing better to do, so how about another review?

Pre-credit opener: Terri is just sitting there in her kitchen and her dad comes along all cheerful talking about the fact that now that she’s older, guys are going to be rubbing up against her anytime now. But Terri says, “Yeah in an alternate universe.” Her dad wants to know what’s that supposed to mean and she mentions that she’s fat and guys don’t even notice her. Her dad tries to perk her up by telling her how beautiful she really is, but she’s so damn down on herself with that lack of self confidence. She’s tells him that she’s not going to the dance that night because “No one would want to dance with a fat cow like me.” But let’s face it. Terri while sure, she is over weight. But she’s not in the Fat Nancy category of being morbidly obese. Another thing she has going for her is that she actually has a pretty face.


At Degrassi Spinner and two nameless extra’s picks on some kid who’s about three times smaller than he is. He does the old look you have something on your shirt and flicks your nose bit. He goes off laughing and it’s obvious that the simplest things amuse him. He meets up with Terri and asks her for her geography notes. He also asks her if she’s going to the dance that night. It’s pretty obvious that he sort of has a thing for her, but Terri being all down on herself doesn’t notice. She also makes up a lame excuse that she can’t go because her dad is old fashioned and won’t let her. Even though the reality is that he would kick her ass out the door so that she would go. Spinner leaves as soon as Ashley comes along and she’s hella nervous about the dance that night. Because if any asshole ruins it for everyone and it’s day dances for the rest of the school year.

terri spinner

Inside Paige makes no qualms about wanting to get with Spinner. She asks him if he’s going to the dance and says yeah. She then says, “Well you better save a dance for me.” I mean come on, that is the biggest sign ever. But all he says is, “Uh yeah sure, whatever. Look I gotta go.” He acts like he can’t stand her. Which in turn makes her want him even that much more. Either Spinner knows exactly what he’s doing or he’s too stupid to notice that she wants his dick. Just then Ashley and Terri come in and Ashley wants to know what Spinner wanted. Terri insists that he just wanted her notes. But Ashley is so sure that Spinner was just flirting with her because since when does that dumbass want notes for class. Which is the same thing I was thinking. Paige of course get’s jealous, but is happy to hear that Terri “can’t” go.

paige bitch face

Outside the school this motorcycle pulls up and we’re introduced to resident Degrassi tough guy Sean. Funny how I’m assuming that he’s missed about a week of school already but he’s barely going to class. Yeah, so obviously this is the Next Generation’s Rick. In the “Media Immersion” class (What a stupid ass name I must say.) Both JT and Toby say that they’re not going to the dance. Emma assumes that Manny can go, but it turns out that her parents are ultra strict and she can’t. Emma wonders who she can go with and that’s when Snake introduces Sean to the class. Right away he acts all surly when Snake asks him to introduce himself to the class and Sean just says, “No.” What a rebel.

Sean Tracker

Here we get another example of how this is the new 21st century Degrassi. Ashley is giving the school announcements over closed circuit TV in all the class rooms. Wow she mentions how the dance is going to be the first time ever that they’ll be having one during the night.  As they’re listening Paige looks at Spinner looking at Terri. She instantly goes insane with jealousy. Especially when she sees Terri smiling back at him.

paige jealous

In the gym everyone is decorating for the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance.  Ashley is still bugging Terri about not going. You know I always hate it when people get pushy like that wanting to know the real reason for something. It’s like fuck off, I told you no and that’s that. Rant done, anyways, Terri admits how insecure she is about her weight and Paige is happier than a pig in shit hearing this news.

terri paige ashley

Outside Jimmy spots Sean eating his lunch and he brings up the fact that Sean flunked the 7th grade. Sean just looks at him all annoyed, doesn’t say a word and just moves to the other side of the quad to continue munching on his sandwich. Emma of course seems to like bad boys and can’t stop looking at him. Funny how it’s supposed to be lunch time but going by the light and shadows it seems like the sun is going down.

Sean Jimmy

Back in the gym Ashley won’t take no for an answer and is making Terri go to the dance. You can tell that Paige doesn’t want this one bit because she wants the chubby asshole Spinner all to herself. Finally after much nagging they both force Terri to get a make over. Paige wanting to be involved but we all know she has ulterior motives. Man what a bitch.

In Mrs Kwan’s class Toby tries to talk to Emma but Emma’s not having it because no one wants to go the dance with her. These two nerds aren’t going because they wanna look at porn on the internet. So I see that they’re kind of working the Swamp Sex Robot’s angle here. I guess they’ll eventually get too hot and bothered and start a circle jerk between them. Manny once again says that she’s sorry for not being able to go. Emma figures that she has a valid excuse, but what about Toby and JT. Liberty not minding her own business tells her why she’s letting those two ass wipes ruin her good time. She is annoying as hell, but she does make a good point.

All of a sudden it’s after school and JT and Toby are really fucking antsy about Toby’s dad and step mom getting the hell out of the house. Once they do leave Toby says, “It’s time to jack off.” And they run to the computer to look at some guy having sex with two horses.

Toby JT

At Terri’s I’m assuming, they’re waiting around for her to come out of her room to see how her make over came out. Paige meanwhile notices a bottle of booze just lying around. Terri comes out finally and she doesn’t look half bad. Paige is making a face like, “Fuck she does look great.” Paige while glancing at the bottle of wine I’m assuming tells Ashley to go so she can finish setting up while she and Terri freshen up a bit.

Paige Ashley Terri

Outside the school Spike pulls up and tells Emma to call her when she wants her to pick her up. Spike says, “Good luck, but do not walk home alone.” These two bitches on the steps start to laugh at Spike babying Emma. But she does make a point, it’s dangerous out there motherfuckers. You have to take care of yourself now a days. Especially if you’re a prepubescent girl with skinny bird arms.


Back at Terri’s, Paige can’t stand how good Terri is looking. Terri says that maybe her outfit isn’t sexy enough, so Paige starts to hike up her skirt a little. She suggests that they have themselves a little drink.

At the dance Emma pays her five dollars to get in. Ashley tells her that the money is going to the local community food bank. At least they’re helping more people and not just some smelly looking kid who wanted a new Teddy Ruxpin like in Degrassi Junior High. Inside we’re hearing some lame dance music and right away Spinner tells her, “Hey look, she has a heart on.” He and Drake once again laugh at Spinner’s stupid joke.

Liberty Ashley Emma Drake Emma Spinner

Back at Toby’s his parent seemed to have put a filter which blocks porn. Toby saying, “Weird, I’ve searched for this stuff before but it seems like Kate installed a filter.” JT being really horny wants to know if Toby can disable it. Toby of course being a big nerd easily disables it and the internet is now open for a world of porn to them. They go into a website and right away it says that the connection has dropped. Probably because they’re using shitty ass Microsoft Internet Explorer.

porn site

Back at Terri’s, Paige is telling her all about guys liking girls to take the lead. Meanwhile she’s getting her drunker by the minute. We hear a dial up tone and Toby says that the connection is back up. JT saying, “Boobage here we come.” Apparently they’re just looking at naked pictures.

Paige and Terri are finally heading to the dance and Terri is just as drunk as Stephanie Kaye was. Even the slurred speech and falling all over the place. Terri being stupid thanks Paige for helping her and she admits that she likes Spinner and she wants him to like her back. Paige get’s this ugly smile on her face and you can tell that she only had evil intentions the whole time.

Terri drinking Paige

They run into Ashley and right away she knows that Terri is drunk as shit. Terri laughing tells her, “Bring Spinner on, I’m ready for my man.” Paige being a big fucking liar says that she tried to stop her from binge drinking. Ashley tells her to bring her inside before Mr Raditch see’s her.

Inside Spinner comes up to Terri and completely ignores Paige and tries to talk to Terri, but she can’t help making an ass of herself. Ashley asks Paige how much she had to drink and tells her not to lie about it because from where she’s standing she smells like 80 proof. I love how she knows what a lying bitch Paige really is. She admits that she had a few glasses. The music comes on and Spinner asks her if she wants to dance. Terri saying, “Thought you’d never ask.” It’s a shame that DJ Rompin Rockin Raditch is retired.

Terri Ashley

Emma and Sean are just being a couple of wall flowers just standing off to the side. That’s when Jimmy comes to Sean again and invites him over to an after party at his house. He mentions how it’s grade 8’s only but that he can make an exception for him. At that Sean manhandles Drake and tells him to stop fucking bringing up the fact that he flunked. And you know, I would have done the same thing. I hate people who rub your nose in it. Emma sensing that Sean is about to kick his ass asks him if he wants to dance. He just says, “Yeah” and takes her to the dance floor. They dance beside Ashley and Paige and Paige can’t help having a look of despair on her face. But Terri is ruining everything herself by acting like a drunken jackass.

Sean Drake Ashley Paige

Back at Toby’s, they go to another website and they look at some chick with enormous tits. The both of them asking if they’re real. They then hear Toby’s dad’s voice and he says, “Actually I’d say silicone.” Their mouth’s just drop and they know they’re fucked even before they turn around. I just noticed that they have a copy of Insomnia by Stephen King on their book shelf. That’s a cool touch.

JT Toby parents

At the dance Terri is dancing around making an even bigger fool of herself. Even a big dummy like Spinner notices that something is off with her. How he doesn’t smell the booze coming out of her is beyond me. But all of a sudden Terri falls and she runs off because she has to yack big time. Paige with a smug look on her face tells Spinner that she told Terri not to drink and then has the nerve to ask him if he saved her her dance. Man what a fucking bitch. God I hate her because she obviously shows no remorse for what she did to her friend.

Terri throwing up

I’m assuming it’s Monday and Emma is telling Manny all about dancing with Sean. She says that he looks all dangerous but he’s actually pretty nice. They come upon JT and Toby and Emma asks them what they did Friday night. JT mentions how they were completely humiliated that they got caught looking at porn by Toby’s parents. But not only that. They made them look at porn sites with them, including gay porn. I’m not sure, but can’t the parents be brought on charges because of that? That’s just sick. Anyways, Emma and Manny both laugh their asses off and call them losers. Which they are.

Manny Emma

Outside Degrassi everyone is laughing at Terri because of the spectacle she made of herself at the dance. Terri tells Ashley that she didn’t want to call her that whole weekend due to extreme embarrassment. Ashley then mentions how the dance was actually a big success and that they get to have another one next semester. Terri mentions that she’s glad she didn’t ruin everything. Just then Spinner comes along and gives her her notes back. That’s when Paige barges in and says, “Yeah Terri thanks, but Spinner’s going to use my notes for now on.” At that she drags him away and Terri is left standing there looking sad. And just like real life, the bitch who fucks people over get’s away with it.

Paige smug look Terri freeze frame

I would say that I liked this episode. Even though it was recycled big time. They put Swamp Sex Robots and the Stephanie Kaye get’s drunk at the dance story line together. Not real original Degrassi writers. But this is a huge improvement over the last episode even though Toby had the B story line he was kept at a minimum. Which should always be the case with him.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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  1. Not only did Raditch retire as DJ RRR, he also stopped wearing Hawaiian shirts to dances! How sad:(


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