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Season 1, Episode 5, “Parent’s Day”


Once again, I see the sight of Toby and my heart drops. Please lord! Not another Toby episode!! Anyways, he’s worried about parents day because his divorced parents hate each other with every fiber of their being. JT mentions a bunch of times where they’ve been forced together because of Toby and each time they’ve had a major fight. I don’t know why though, who would want to fight over an obnoxious little asshole like Toby for?

Toby JT

In the hallway Toby is telling JT all about being with his mom every other weekend and he lives with his dad. Funny how the mom didn’t want him permanently. Because that situation is almost usually the other way around. JT says that they should poison the water with E Coli just so they could get out of Parents day. Toby saying that it’s probably already contaminated, Snake getting a drink from the water fountain informs them that they test their water daily. Sure they do.

In the Media Immersion class Emma can’t had her disgust at something called News About Kids. This kiddie news show reminds me so much of Fox News. Especially how they’re talking about Squeegee Kids and how they have to be eradicated from Toronto’s streets. The black chick who’s co anchoring the program calls them lazy, but that makes no goddamn sense. If they were lazy, the last thing they would want to do is clean someone’s dirty windshield. Now that I’m thinking about it, how is this topic relevant to the kids in the class, none of them can drive. Emma of course can’t hide her disgust at this news show.


Class is dismissed and Liberty is going on about how annoying squeegee kids are. Emma’s all, “Bitch not as annoying as you are.” But she counters her remark with saying that they’re just poor and that’s how they make a living. Liberty tries to sound like a big shot by telling Emma that her dad knows the mayor and if they wash his filthy window’s again, he’s calling him. Ohhh!! After Liberty leaves Emma is still going on about the goddamn squeegee kids, Toby saying how awesome it would be not to have any parents around. Emma get’s pissed and starts to berate him but then she runs into Sean. He just looks at her all annoyed.

Sean annoyed

In the girls restroom Paige points out to Ashley that every time the NaK news show takes Ashley’s spot for the announcements Ashley get’s all manic depressive. Of course she denies it, but Terri agrees with Paige. This is the first time of many that we’ll hear about some Heather St Claire character, but not once is she ever shown. Turns out she’s hated by all, even by resident Degrassi bitch Paige. She can’t hide her hatred while she’s taking a piss in the stall. Terri suggests that Ashley should get herself an agent since Heather has one. Why? I have no idea. But she get’s all riled up and brings up the fact that Toby’s mom is an agent. How convenient.

Terri, Paige, Ashley

Outside the school Ashley and Terri ask Toby if his mom is a casting agent. But I don’t know why she’s asking for since she just said that she was in the last scene. There was really no point to any of this. They walk over to some tables where Emma is still fucking bitching about the NaK. I totally see this as an indictment of Fox News. She leaves huffing and puffing away saying that she’s going to do something about it.

JT Ashley Toby Terri

Inside Spinner is boring Paige to death with some stupid unfunny joke. She cuts right to the chase and asks him if the thinks that Ashley is prettier than her. Clearly we can all see how narcissistic she is. She can’t stand the thought of Ashley getting an agent. Why she even gives a shit is beyond me. I know I don’t. Spinner lies to her and tells her that she can get an agent too. By the look on her face we can see her coming up with a plan.


Emma barge’s into Mr Raditch’s office and she tells him how much she hates the NaK broadcasts. Raditch counters by saying that the 18 new computers in the Media Immersion class are there thanks to NaK. He then points out that not everyone has a computer at home and they’re lucky to have those. He adds that if she feels that strongly about it, she should write an opinion piece to make it into the big Parents day edition of the paper. Big mistake there Raditch because just like Caitlin’s opinion piece about animal abuse. It’s going to be biased as hell.

Emma Mr Raditch

Ashley is telling Terri all about talking with Toby’s mom. That’s when Paige butts in and tells them that she’s planning on talking to her first. Ashley get’s instantly annoyed and points out how shes not even going to be helping with parents day. But Paige says that she asked her to help out weeks ago. What a liar.

In the Media Immersion class Manny is forced to stand because Sean has his smelly looking back pack on the chair and she doesn’t want to touch it due to not wanting to get Ebola from it. Manny starts to talk about squeegee kids like she relates to them and Sean says, “Oh please.” and rolls his eyes so hard back that they’ve now become stuck. That’s when Emma asks him if he can move his shit and he just logs off and leaves in a huff. What’s his problem?

Sean rolling eyes

Meanwhile Toby is trying to pull a Joey Jeremiah and wants to electronically forge Snake’s signature. Basically his fake letter tells his parents that they don’t have to come because Toby is such a great student. Dumbass doesn’t realize that he has a shit load of spelling mistakes through out.

Toby's forged letter

At Toby’s and Ashley’s house, his dad is reading the letter and right away knows that it’s a bullshit ruse that Toby came up with. His dad wants to know what’s really going on there. His dad figures that he’s doing badly in school, but Toby tells him that his mom called and she wants to go too. Right away his dad goes on a tirade about his mom, saying how typical it is for her to spring that shit on them. Toby get’s all upset and tells him that that’s the exact reason why he didn’t want to tell them about it. His dad lying says that they’re on much better terms and he promises not to fight with her.

Finally it’s parents day, or night and Ashley is hella nervous about talking to Toby’s mom. Paige comes out of the stall. You know, she’s been coming out of there all episode long. She must have diarrhea or something. But she comes out wearing a hoochie outfit with her shirt exposing a lot of belly. Ha, she even has a fake tattoo on her arm there. What an idiot.

Paige Ashley Terri

Terri tells some lady hi and Ashley interrupts saying, “Terri this is Toby’s mom the casting agent.” That’s a weird thing to say. She says hi and makes a face like she has no idea who the fuck Ashley is. Right away Paige cuts in and starts to kiss her ass big time. Even complimenting her horrible looking outfit. In Snake’s class, he’s telling them about what a terrible student he is in Media Immersion. Mostly because Toby is lazy as hell, turning in an assignment three days late. Right away his mom blames his dad for Toby’s shitty marks. So of course they start to make a scene.

Ashley Paige Terri Toby's mom

Spike and Emma come along and of course Emma being a big nerd, she’s doing very well in school. Emma then points out her editorial. That’s when Sean and his older brother Tracker come out of a class room and Tracker says, “A free computer is a free computer. What kind of idiot wrote this.” Spike and Emma instantly get all pissed off and Emma get’s in his face saying she wrote that and that she’s right. Emma then says, “If you don’t get it, then you’re the idiot.” Sean starts to say that he’s only giving his opinion like she is. But Emma being a jerk says that Tracker’s is wrong. That’s when Tracker humiliates Sean by saying that since they’re so poor, they can’t afford a computer and in turn, that’s why Sean is flunking again. Emma tries to argue some more but Tracker calls the article a piece of garbage. And to illustrate his point he’s all, “Looks like garbage to me, smells like garbage.” and then crumples up the paper and throws it into the trash. Then he adds, “All I’m trying to say is that there’s two sides to every story. Try to remember that next time.” Well shit, he sure schooled her ass. Spike the whole time is just making a shocked angry face.

Tracker Sean Emma Spike Emma

Back to Toby’s inquisition. Snake tells his parents that Toby has skipped a class before and this sets off his mom again. She’s all, “What is going on here?!” Calm down lady. She then starts to go off on his dad and Ashley’s mom. She out right threatens him with taking Toby away. I was all, Yay! They start to get all personal and that’s when Snake, clearly seeing how Toby’s parents are tries to reason with them that a lot of kids do the same stupid shit that Toby does. But they’re not listening. That’s when Toby starts yelling at them. He tells him that all his fucks ups are his fault and to please stop using him to argue about more petty things. I was trying to get a wide shot of all of them together arguing, but the director is obsessed with just close up’s. So we have to settle for Toby’s mug.


Finally it seems like they’ve made peace between them. Funny to see how Ashley and Paige are kissing Toby’s ass just because they want to get in good with his mom. She pulls him aside and tells him that his message came in loud in clear. His mom then gives Ashley permission to kick his ass if he needs it. Ashley starts to gush and almost gives her her resume and that’s when Paige butts in for the fourth goddamn time and gives her a Polaroid of herself. You can tell that his mom isn’t even remotely interested in her. They both get dismayed though when Terri is the one who’s offered her phone number. She tells her, “If you’re interested in acting, give me a call. You have an interesting look.” See, told you Terri was good looking in the last episode. Meanwhile Paige is making the world’s ugliest angry face in the history of ever.

Terri Toby's mom Ashley Paige pissed

In the Media Immersion class Emma sits next to Sean and she emails him an apology email, even though she’s literally sitting right next to him. He apologizes too and tells her that her very biased opinion piece wasn’t garbage. And with this scene the seeds are definitely being planted for their relationship.

Sean Emma

In the hallway, Toby says sorry to Snake because of his parents behavior, but mentions that it helped them alot to clear the air. Snake says he’s glad, but then adds that he knows about his forging his signature. Apparently dumb ass forgot to erase the file from the server. Snake then being really harsh wants a ten page paper on why it’s wrong to falsify documents and he wants it in by the next morning. No way would I do that paper, that is way too ridiculous of a punishment. Glad to see that he’s still a dick. But then he adds that he was proud of how he stood up this his parents. Toby leaves with a smile on his face. Whatever Snake, go fuck yourself.

Toby freeze frame

This was another good episode, despite having Toby being sort of being the star of it. We can see how Emma is like Caitlin was, except she has that annoying personality of Spikes. Sean is obviously Rick. Paige yet again showed what a ruthless, conniving bitch she really is. She’s definitely this season’s villain.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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  1. Wow, I just realized this. When Toby’s dad is reading the fake letter from Simpson, he points out that there are 2 E’s in “premium”. But in the screenshot you posted, there’s only 1 E!

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