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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 1, Episode 7, “Basketball Diaries”


In this episode Degrassi cover’s prescription drug abuse. Any episode title that has the word Diaries in it automatically means it’s one of those “special” episodes.

Pre-credit opener: In the boys gym the basketball team is just finishing practice. Coach Armstrong is telling the team that they’ll have a tough game against some school and based on how they play, he’ll decide who makes the final cut. But what the hell? Shouldn’t all cuts be a done deal by the time the team plays it’s first game? Jimmy is seriously feeling the pressure of making the team and wants to go late for home room so that he can make the shot he missed earlier. Spinner is totally kissing his ass and tells him that he doesn’t need to practice more since he’s doing fine. But Drake says, “Fine? I wanna do better than that.” He makes the shot and adds, “Jimmy Brook’s is on the prowl.” Yeah, pretty lame.

Jimmy Spinner

In Mrs Kwan’s room Jimmy walks in late and she wants his English assignment, but Jimmy of course is fucking up by not doing his home work. We cut to Liberty running like a maniac and this Asian chick tells Ashley that the bell is going to ring any second, but Ashley is waiting on Liberty for the announcements. Liberty gives her the script and Ashley just snatches it from her, not even trying to hide her disdain for her.

In the Media Immersion class,  Emma, JT and Toby are watching the announcement’s and JT says that Ashley is pretty good at it. Liberty walks in and says how television is stressful as hell. JT while not laughing says that her stupid joke at the end was pretty good. Liberty points out that she stole the joke from online, but that it was still her bit. That’s when Emma riles her up by saying that Liberty does all the hard work while Ashley get’s all the glory. Sean goes on about why staying later in school than you have to, but Toby points out that he’s going for the school basketball team. Sean says that he’s only doing it because his social worker thinks it would be good for him.

Liberty Emma

In Mrs Kwan’s class she opens a discussion on the Lord of the Flies. She asks Jimmy which character he relates to. You know, I always hated when teachers wanted participation in the class room. Jimmy clearly hasn’t read the book and says that he relates to the Lord of the Flies, moron has no idea that it’s a pig’s head on a stake. In the hallway Jimmy is afraid that Mrs Kwan is going to get him out of the team because of his shitty grades. We then get the origins of where Spinner get’s his stupid nick name. Turns out he’s hyper as hell so he has to take Ritalin. He says, “They don’t call me Spinner for nothing.”

Spinner jimmy

In the cafeteria Liberty tries to talk to Ashley about reading the announcements since she does all the writing it would only be fair to do it every now and again. But Ashley’s craving the spot light all to herself. All full of herself she tells her no, because she’s the writer and she’s the performer. Then adds, “Maybe next year.”

Ashley liberty

With the boys basketball team Coach Armstrong is telling all the boys how good of a player Sean is and that they all should do what he does when shooting the J. Sean hands him the ball and Coach Armstrong calls on Jimmy to take a shot, but he’s too busy reading the Lord of the Flies. He puts the book down and makes a simple lay up. The coach says that it was a great lay up, but they’re practicing their shots.

Coach Armstrong, Jimmy

In the hallway Liberty won’t take no for an answer and keeps bugging Ashley about reading the announcements. Ashley of course tells her hell no and that’s when Liberty tells her that she’s going on strike. She’s all, “No more writing and research. I figure you can do it yourself, it takes an hour a day if you’re fast.” Hey, that’s how long it takes me to write one of these reviews. So fuck you Liberty. Ashley tells her that she’s good at doing the announcements and that’s when Liberty says that anyone could do that fucking job. That’s when Ashley get’s pissed and lets her do the pre game announcements the next day.

Liberty Ashley

In the locker room Jimmy is so sure that Sean has made the team already. Spinner tells him that Sean is good, Jimmy retorts with, “So am I.” Spinner points out that no one’s saying that he isn’t too, but Jimmy is all butt hurt over the coach telling him that they weren’t doing lay ups. Spinner mentions how that was no big deal. But Jimmy sees it as, “You saw him just now, he tore my game apart.” Spinner takes one of his pills and Jimmy wishes that there was a pill he could take to boost him up. Spinner tells him that Ritalin is a huge upper for normal people. Ha, I just noticed that Spinner is the equipment manager.

The next day Jimmy tells Mrs Kwan that he relates to Ralph the most. Mrs Kwan is probably thinking, “What the fuck is he talking about?” Drake sits down and he tells Spinner that he’s hella tired because he was up all night writing his paper. Spinner’s alarm on his watch goes off which means that it’s time to take his pills. Right way Jimmy get’s the bright idea of taking one. Spinner’s hesitant at first, but then he gives in and gives him his last pill, which he can’t miss.

In the video booth where Ashley gives the announcements, Liberty is rubbing her hands all over her face and is completely unaware that she’s on the air. They tell her she’s on and then nervously gives the announcements, fucking everything up. Everyone in the Media Immersion class are just staring at the TV watching that train wreck happen before their eyes. It’s clear that she’s horrible and has no business doing the announcements. After that disaster she says, “This is Liberty Van Zandt.” Paige with that wit of her says, “More like Loser Van Zandt.” Then tells Ashley that she’s impressed that she set her up like that. Ashley is obviously cringing and shows that she’s embarrassed for her.

Liberty Media Immersion class

In the locker room Jimmy is juiced out of his fucking mind going crazy dribbling the ball. The game finally starts and Jimmy is being a big ball hog. As this is going on Spinner is acting more hyper and we all know why at this point. In the hall way Liberty is leaning against a wall all bummed and the Asian camera girl tells her that it wasn’t bad for a first time. That’s when people spot her through the glass and they start laughing their asses off at her. Completely humiliated she runs off crying.

Jimmy SeanLiberty crying

Back to the game Jimmy and Spinner are making spectacle’s of themselves. Coach Armstrong tells Spinner to calm his ass down and that the team doesn’t need him to be a cheerleader. It’s half time and Spinner puts on some beats from this little boom box that sounds way louder than it should. In the girls wash room Ashley walks in and can hear Liberty crying in one of the stalls. Ashley tells her that she wasn’t completely horrible, which is a big bald faced lie. Ashley then tells her about a plan of hers, But we don’t hear it.

Ashley Liberty Stall

Meanwhile Coach Armstrong is trying to give the team a big pep talk and Jimmy is clearly not paying attention. Armstrong asks him if he can hear him and Jimmy says all loud, “Loud and clear coachy.” Armstrong makes a what the fuck face. We then cut to Spinner and he puts the music louder. He goes on to the court and starts dancing really white. All of a sudden he drops his pants and moons everyone. Raditch has had enough and drags his ass away.

Mr Raditch, Spinner

In his office Raditch is asking him what the fuck he was thinking? Spinner just says that he thought it was funny, but Raditch says that he only made them look like a couple of asses. Raditch punishes him and now he can’t be the teams water boy anymore. Spinner tells him that it was because he missed his pill. Raditch tells him since he forgot, he now has to take his pills in front of his secretary three times a day. So Spinner is pretty fucked here. Thanks Drake. But I just noticed that his need to take Ritalin will never be brought up again, because who cares.

The game is really close and Jimmy is still being a fucking ball hog. He misses the shot and Sean get’s the rebound. Jimmy keeps yelling at him that he’s open and all of sudden he bull rushes him, steals the ball away and knocks his ass down. He then shoots the game winning shot. It’s pretty obvious that stupid Jimmy hurt Sean’s ankle.

Sean, Jimmy

After the game Emma and her gang are talking about the fact that Jimmy was playing like a maniac, knocking down Sean like he did. But they then see Liberty back on the announcements and she seems to be doing way better than before. I don’t know how she managed to do much better, because when people are stiff, they’re always going to suck. So I don’t buy this bullshit one bit. Ashley congratulates her on doing much better but tells her that she’ll be able to do it much more next year after she’s graduated.

Liberty Annoucements

The basketball team is celebrating their close shave of a victory and Coach Armstrong has a few words with Drake. He points out what a lousy ball hog he was and that he was showboating like an asshole. He basically says that he wasn’t a team player and points out how he almost broke Sean’s ankle just so that he could win. Jimmy of course doesn’t give a shit, meanwhile Sean is withering around in agony behind him. The coach then says that they have a zero tolerance policy for violence and then drops the bomb that he’s cutting Jimmy’s ass from the team. Jimmy then has the nerve to look at Sean all angry, blaming him for being off the team.

Sean, Coach Armstrong Jimmy end credits

Eh, this was an alright episode, nothing too great. It was awesome seeing Liberty completely humiliate herself, but I really didn’t care about Jimmy’s insane quest to make the basketball team. It’s a shame he brought that asshole Spinner down with him though.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 7, “Basketball Diaries”

  1. This episode was terribly written and terribly acted (mostly by that I mean Spinner and Jimmy). But I mean that in the most affectionate way.

    “Ms. Kwan, wait til I make the team first – then you can have my autograph.”
    “Ah, but juggling IS a sport Ms. Kwan.”
    “Look out Degrassi Panthers, Jimmy Brooks is on the prowl!”
    “You heard Armstrong. Homeroom calls.”
    “Fine? I wanna do betta dan dat!”


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