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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 1, Episode 10, “Rumours & Reputations”

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Pre-credit opener: Emma is about to enter Coach Armstrong’s math room, because he also teaches that. But she’s stopped in her tracks by something she see’s in there. We get a look from her point of view and It’s just Coach Armstrong and Liberty and he has his arm around her while he’s talking to her. Right away, because she’s Spike’s daughter, she assumes the worst. In the Media Immersion class Emma is too preoccupied to even pay attention to JT’s lame stupid joke. She goes up to Liberty and tells her that she saw the two of them together earlier. Right away Liberty acts all hostile towards her and tells her to mind her own fucking business. So yeah, I think we can all see that Emma is acting just like Caitlin and she’s going to butt in and make matters so much worse.

Coach Armstrong, Liberty

Outside JT thinks that Emma is being too obvious staring at Sean’s ass. But she’s completely focused on Coach Armstrong because she thinks he’s a big ol pedophile. She asks him what he thinks of him as a human being and of course he says something idiotic and she tells him to be serious for once in his life. He goes on to say that he’s pretty cool and helps him out whenever he’s needed it. To make her even more suspicious she see’s him going up to Liberty and gives her what seems to be a note. He makes the big mistake of touching her wrist and Emma is even more convinced that Armstrong is doing something nasty to her.

Liberty note Emma

In the cafeteria Spinner and Jimmy have some nasty looking food that lunch lady Sheila serves to them. He makes a stupid joke and she tells him that she can’t wait for his ass to graduate. But I love how she adds, “It might take a few extra years.” You know, because Spinner is an idiot. Anyways, he digs his fork into his slop and see’s that there’s a fucking earwig in there. He get’s so grossed out that he flings it into some random girl’s hair. He starts telling Sheila about the bug, but of course he has no more proof because it fell on the floor and some kid stepped on it. Man, she tells him that his lunch is 4.99 plus tax. That is expensive as fuck. I only payed about 2 dollars for a soft drink, a chicken sandwich and fries.


At their lockers Manny is trying to talk to Emma about Media Immersion and randomly Emma’s asks her if Armstrong has ever touched her before. Manny says no and then asks if he’s touched Emma. Fucking Emma right away tells her that she saw him touching Liberty. She continues to tell Manny all about him putting his arm around Liberty and the note that he gave to her. You’d think that Emma would want to be discrete about all this but nope. All out in the open. So of course Terri hears what she’s saying and can’t believe her fucking ears.


Elsewhere Spinner is telling Paige and Ashley about the nasty bug in his food. But they don’t believe him since he’s always complaining about the food in the cafeteria so he has no credibility. Especially since this is Spinner who we’re talking about. Jimmy sort of backs up his story, but Jimmy thinks that it was a moth or something. Ashley says that they can’t even get their story straight and they just walk off all disgusted. Spinner not to be daunted starts to yell, “Boycott the caf. The caf has bugs!” Mrs Kwan immediately comes down on him and tells him that it’s a serious accusation that he’s saying and she asks him where the bug is. He tells her that some kid stepped on it so he has no proof. She then tells him, “Gavin, defamation and rumor mongering are serious offences.” Then she goes on to tell him that next time he better have proof.

Spinner, Mrs Kwan

In Armstrong’s 8th grade math class Terri is now looking at him with disgust, which Paige notices. Being nosy she wants to know what’s bother her and Terri blabs to her that she heard that Armstrong was coming on to Liberty. Paige is beside herself so of course she starts to text the rumor to her friend Hazel, who is making her first appearance in this episode. Now thanks to Emma the rumor of Liberty and Coach Armstrong boning is spreading like a wild fire through out the school. The shocked faces that everyone is making is hilarious.


We cut to a student council meeting and Liberty proposes God knows what, I wasn’t really paying attention, but Ashley just agrees to whatever she says because she feels sorry for her now. Even Liberty noticed how easy that was. She see’s them whispering and she tells them that she knows what they’re talking about. Ashley of course assumes that she wants to talk about her being molested, but instead Liberty starts to talk about some microphones that were stolen last year. After the meeting Ashley decides to just jump into it and asks Liberty if she even knows what’s going on. As we all know, she doesn’t and that’s when Ashley tells her about the rumor that she’s banging Coach Armstrong. Stupid Ashley asks her if it’s true and Liberty says, “Of course not!” And then runs off all mortified. Ashley continues talking to the thin air, “If it’s true, we have to report it.”

It’s a new day at Degrassi and Emma is telling Manny, JT and Toby that she knew that she was right. They try to figure out if they should tell someone or not. Emma saying that they should wait to find out for sure. But shit, she already jumped the gun on that one. They see Liberty walk in and they all just gawk at her. She runs away crying because she now knows what everyone is thinking.

Manny, Emma, JT, Toby

In the girl’s washroom Emma can’t help not minding her own business and respecting Liberty’s privacy. She tells her that she needs a friend and someone to talk to. Liberty keeps telling her that there’s nothing to talk about, but Emma is so goddamn persistent. Liberty tells her that it’s just a horrible rumor and is afraid that it’ll get to Raditch and her parents. Stupid Emma suggests that they talk to people and find out who started that rumor, even though person zero is right in front of her.

Liberty, Emma

In the hallway Spinner tells Jimmy all about is brilliant plan to show that there are bugs in the food. He opens up his back bag and shows Drake a little container full of earwigs. In some class room we see Emma telling Ashley the truth about the rumor. Ashley says, “Poor girl, who would want to spread a rumor like that?” I love how it doesn’t even occur to Emma that she was the one who started everything with that big mouth of hers. She starts to go down the line from Ashley, to Spinner to Sean. We then cut to Hazel telling Emma that she’s innocent and she says that she heard the rumor from Paige. She walks out of stall again and tells Emma that she heard it from Terri. Emma all pissed off confronts her about the rumor and tries to blame her for the spreading of it. But Terri all pissed off tells her that she overheard her and Manny. At that stupid Emma realizes that she started this whole mess.

Terri pissed Emma, Rumor starter

In the cafeteria Spinner implements his plan and not even being all smooth about it, he just puts the bugs in Ashley’s food. He’s so stupid and obvious she knows right away what he did. She spots the container and drops it because it’s full of bugs. Mrs Kwan comes along and busts him.

Spinner, Busted

It’s finally time for Coach Armstrong’s math class and everyone in there is all quiet. Especially once Emma and Liberty take their seats. Liberty asks her if she tracked down the rumor but she’s not allowed to confess because class is now starting. Right away Armstrong notices that everyone is hostile to him and want’s to know what the fuck is going on. Especially since JT starts to laugh when he tells Liberty that they’ve been working on a equation. But that’s when Mr Raditch comes in and tells him that he has to go with him to the office and that some teacher is going to take over his class. Poor bastard, he’s in deep shit. Thanks a lot Emma! After he leaves Raditch also tells Liberty to come with him as well. Emma just sits there are guilt ridden now.

Ah but she decides to go with them and see’s Liberty sitting in the waiting room of his office. Raditch tells her that he’s busy but she tells him that it can’t wait because she’s in the middle of it too. Which makes Coach Armstrong look even worse now. Raditch looks at him like, “Motherfucker you sure got around!” How stupid can Emma be?!

Coach Armstrong, Mr Raditch

We cut to the cafeteria and Sheila the lunch lady is telling Spinner that he has to help her serve lunch and come over every day after school to clean up. His day is even worse now because he has to wear a hair net and that’s when Jimmy and Ashley walk in, laughing their asses off. After they leave Sheila informs him that he has to do that for two months, Spinner is so boned because he owes the school 300 dollars for extermination. He tells her that it needed extermination anyways, but she just says, “Sure it did Gavin.”

Ashley, Jimmy, SpinnerSheila

In the girls wash room Emma confesses to Liberty that she’s the one who started the rumor but tries to justify that she didn’t spread it. Liberty of course get’s pissed at her and tells her that there’s no difference and they’re lucky that Mr Armstrong didn’t lose his job because of her blabber mouth. Liberty then continues to rip Emma a new asshole, especially since Emma demands to know what she was doing with him anyways. Man she has some nerve let me tell you. Liberty enraged busts out the pamphlet that Emma thought was a love note and it says that it’s a learning disorder called Dyscalculia. Apparently it’s a math disorder that’s very similar to Dyslexia. Shit, I must have that too because I am so horrible at math. Anyways, Liberty schools Emma and tells her that Armstrong was just helping her out and was too embarrassed to let anyone know because she hates the thought of being stupid in that regard. Emma then asks her if there’s anything she can do to help. But Liberty just tells her to go fuck herself and save some worthless endangered species, because when it comes to helping actual human beings, she sucks big donkey dicks. And that’s where this episode ends, with Emma knowing that she fucked up big time.

Liberty, Pissed Emma, End credits

So this episode was pretty good. I really didn’t give a shit about Spinner’s cafeteria story line though. But you’ll notice that each episode has a serious plot and another one where it’s more comedic. I seriously had a flash back to when Spike told Caitlin off for trying to be a crusader too.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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