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Season 1, Episode 11, “Friday Night”


Ha, it’s Friday afternoon and here I am writing this one up. Let’s see what trouble the Degrassi kid’s get into this time.

Pre-credit opener: In the very busy Degrassi hallway Manny is showing Emma her new nail polish called Passion Flame. Emma says that it sounds very hot and Manny says, “Speaking of hot.” And of course Sean comes up and strikes up a conversation with Emma. They do some small talk and that’s when he goes for it and asks her if she wants to hang out that night. Manny comes back and asks her what he wanted. Emma says, “Manny I’m not sure, but I think he asked me on a date.” They both start to squeal like a couple of little girls. Cause that’s exactly what they are.

Emma, Manny

In the Media Immersion class Manny is all excited for Emma’s first date because she’s so lame she has to live through Emma to experience all these things. Toby tries to talk to Emma but of course he just acts like the awkward spaz that he is. Emma picks up on what he’s trying to do and she tells Manny that they should go sharpen their pencils. As soon as they’re in the other side of the room she tells Manny that she wishes that Toby liked Manny instead of her. But Manny could give two fucks about Toby and wants all the details on what Sean said. Both of them are now confused and can’t figure out if they’re going on a date or not.

Manny, Emma

In Mrs Kwan’s class, she’s telling everyone about a field trip they’re going on so that they can watch Romeo and Juliet. But she’s interrupted by this really annoying drumming and of course it’s Spinner tapping his pen against the table. She see’s that he’s listening to his ancient and cheap looking discman. She takes his head phones off and tells him that he has detention after school. Stupid Spinner like an imbecile just smiles and says, “What?” She tries to take the discman away, but Spinner tries to take it back and that’s when she drops it. I told you it was cheap. The thing broke into a couple of pieces as soon as it hit the floor. Spinner loses his shit, but Mrs Kwan tells him that it’s his fault for listening to it in her room. She then says, “Keep wasting my time Gavin and I’ll keep wasting yours.”

Mrs Kwan, Spinner

In gym class Emma and Manny are still super confused about whether she has a date or not. But luckily Sean is in there and they have a talk. Emma says, “Sean about tonight?” He just get’s this really blank look on his face and says, “Yeah.” Then walks away. Emma instantly get’s pissed off and yells, “SEAN!” Coach Armstrong then comes in and tells everyone that they’re going to play dodge ball. I guess his little case about molesting Liberty was resolved quickly then. Anyways, he gives the ball to Emma and you can tell by the look in her eyes that she has nothing but evil intentions now. The game starts and she throws the ball all hard at him. Armstrong tells her that she has a good arm, but tells her that there’s other people to hit instead of Sean.

In the hallway Spinner is all sad about his CD player and Jimmy tells Ashley and Terri that Mrs Kwan is a major fucking tyrant. Ashley then asks him who he’s sitting next to the bus when they go on their field trip. He says next to her of course and they start to make out. Mrs Kwan then comes by and says, “Ms Kerwin, Mr Brooks. This is a school not a petting zoo. Kindly disengage yourselves.” What is she a fucking cyborg? Who talks like that?! Ashley tries to explain and Mrs Kwan isn’t finished yet. She threatens to take her to Mr Raditch then as she’s walking away she adds, “You two may think you’re adorable, but that doesn’t mean anyone else does.” Once she’s gone Jimmy says, “Total Tyrant.” What bug crawled up her ass? What a bitch.

Mrs KwanAshley, Jimmy, Terri

In the cafeteria Jimmy is telling Spinner all about what happened in the previous scene. Spinner says that she’s made it her mission to make everyone’s live’s there miserable and blames her for him working there. That’s when he comes up with the idea of him and Jimmy teaming up to get her back. But Jimmy is a big puss and tells him no way. Sheila the lunch lady comes by Spinner and says, “Hey princess, less talk, more work.”

In the hallway stupid Emma and Manny are still debating if she has a date or not. Emma was so desperate that she even talked to Toby about it. She says that he told her that he thinks that Sean was only trying to make small talk. I’m surprised that dork didn’t try throwing Sean under the bus some how. Once again Paige being nosy as hell over hears their conversation and says that her thing for Sean is more obvious then Heather St Claire’s nose job. Emma reluctantly tells her what happened and asks her for her advice. Paige tells her that it is a date and it was just Sean’s weirdo way of asking her out.


Terri comes into Mrs Kwan’s class and tells them that she’s in a meeting with Mr Raditch and that they’re supposed to do some bullshit busy work. Spinner decide to use the time to impersonate Mrs Kwan. Jimmy goes ahead and plays along too, going through their little bit with Spinner using some of her phrases, because like I said, who talks like that? She comes in and Spinner sits his ass down. She starts to talk about the assignment but she starts to repeat some of the shit that Spinner and Jimmy said. They look all confused as to how she knew and she tells them that she heard everything they said on the intercom and then gives Jimmy detention too.

Spinner, Jimmy Kwan

In the Media Immersion class Emma sends Sean on email and asks him what’s going on that night. Sean calls her out on her hostile ass and she denies hating him. Sean cuts the bullshit because he’s a real man and they both decide to go out on a date.

In detention Jimmy is hella bummed about being stuck there on a Friday afternoon. He tells Spinner all this and Mrs Kwan tells them that she’s going to be teaching a night school class in about three hours, so if they don’t shut the fuck up, they’ll be there along with her too. But I think that’s illegal in someway. Anyways, Jimmy decides to go with Spinner’s plan and it’s time for revenge, Degrassi style!


Finally it’s dusk and Sean is in front of Emma and Spike’s house in his best denim jean jacket and a spiffy looking turtleneck. Emma is nervous as hell and is asking Spike what outfit she should wear. Man Spike is looking good in that top she has on. Anyways, she starts to talk about how she remembers her first date. But she should stop herself, because it’ll probably lead into how Shane porked her just once and got her pregnant with Emma. Mercifully Sean knocks on the door and Spike lets him in. She tells them to have a good time and for Emma to be back home by ten. Before they leave Spike busts out this humongous Polaroid camera and takes their picture. It’s the most hilarious thing ever with their big moonie smiles.

Spike Emma, Sean, pic

Outside Emma is suggesting all sorts of shit that they can do, but Sean tells her to take it easy and that they’ll figure something out. Emma finally relaxes but that’s when a bird takes a giant shit on her. If that ain’t a sign of things to come, I don’t know what is.

Emma, Bird Shit

It’s night time at Degrassi and Sean and Jimmy sneak in to fuck with Mrs Kwan. While she’s teaching English to a bunch of foreigners, Jimmy turns on the intercom in Mr Raditch’s office and Spinner starts to chew gum loudly into it. Right away Mrs Kwan get’s pissed off and tells whoever’s doing that should spit it out, but of course Spinner keeps doing it. They fuck things up though when she hears them laughing through the intercom. She excuses herself and goes to check Raditch’s office, but they hide before she can catch them. Spinner then initiates part II of his evil little plan and orders some take out to the school.

Drake, Spinner

We cut to the mall’s food court and apparently Emma bought Sean dinner because she feels she owes it to him since Spike made them take another picture with her weird looking camera. Oh God, Emma tells him that she ordered him a veggieburger and Sean not wanting to blow it tells her that it’s fine. He goes on to tell her that he spent a Summer at his aunt and uncle’s farm and got disgusted when he saw some cows being slaughtered. Emma starts to talk about some vegetarian bullshit, but that’s when Sean notices a big glob of ketchup or whatever on her cheek and tells her about it. Emma of course is embarrassed as hell.

Back to Mrs Kwan’s room this dude comes in and tells her that someone ordered a shit load of buffalo wings. She tells him that she didn’t order it and refuses to pay the big ass bill for it. But the foreigners are happy to pay for themselves since they’re starving while taking her stupid English test. In Mr Raditch’s office Spinner and Jimmy are laughing their asses off. Those little bastards.

Pizza Guy, Mrs KwanForeighners

Back to Sean and Emma’s boring date. Emma can’t find her wallet and is convinced that she threw it out with the rest of their food at the food court. Poor Sean decides to make himself look like a garbage picker and sticks his hand in the trash, but he only finds a piece of hamburger. That’s when a security guard comes along and Sean pretty much figures out that they’re getting kicked out.

Sean, Emma, Date

At the Degrassi parking lot Jimmy and Spinner are taking out their frustrations on Mrs Kwan’s car by throwing eggs at it. She comes out all of a sudden and they hide behind a car. She see’s what they did and she can’t take it anymore. She starts to cry her eyes out. But shit, I think she really would have lost it if they had keyed it. Anyways, Jimmy feels bad about it now, but Spinner is a prick and is smiling all satisfied that he finally got her back.

Mrs Kwan, Crying Spinner

Outside of the mall Sean is dumpster diving but he can’t find shit. He asks her again to retrace her steps and it turns out that stupid Emma had her wallet on her the whole time. She put it inside of her jacket pocket that she had tied around her waist. All of a sudden she runs off, looking like she wants to cry. Man what a shitty date and Sean still has a horrible pizza face. Just saying.

Emma, Sean

It’s finally Monday at Degrassi and Emma is telling Manny, JT and Toby all about their disastrous first date. Sean comes along and Emma starts to apologize for the date, but Sean just spots the Polaroid and asks her if he can have it. Man that went no where. But Emma is obviously even more smitten with him.


In Mrs Kwan’s class stupid Spinner and Drake are telling the whole class what they did. No way would I be bragging about something like that. It’s how you get busted. But Spinner doesn’t give a shit. He starts to say that he wishes that he had a video camera just so that he had footage of her crying. Everyone is laughing except for Ashley because she’s a huge bore. Spinner tells her that she was asking for it. (Check out Canadian Ronald McDonald there.) Just then Raditch walks in and tells the class that Mrs Kwan won’t be coming back for the rest of the term. Raditch tells them since she won’t be there that their field trip is now canceled, which bums everyone out. It turns out her husband is sick, cancer I’m guessing and that she was doing a lot of over time and she just couldn’t take the stress anymore. Man, no wonder she was a such a Thundercunt this whole episode. Poor creature. The episode ends with Spinner and Jimmy looking guilty as hell.

Spinner, Jimmy, Class Spinner, Jimmy, End Credits

Over all, I would say I liked this episode. It was a nice change of setting because the whole school thing get’s old fast. Although I really didn’t care much for Sean and Emma’s lame first date. This episode I would definitely sub title it The Wrath of Kwan.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 11, “Friday Night”

  1. lol “The Wrath of Kwan” is a perfect title, they should’ve went with that. I think this was before they started naming all the episodes after song titles.
    I hate the first season of TNG, it’s so boring! I can’t wait til you get to the gonorrhea outbreak episode, hahahahha! It’s by far my favourite. Too bad that’s like 3 or 4 seasons from now.

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