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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 1, Episode 12, “Wannabe”


Pre-credit Opener: We see this kid who is obviously gay telling Liberty how sorry he is that he’s late for some interview. What Interview, well apparently Liberty is interviewing Paige and Hazel about starting a spirit squad, or simply put, a cheerleading squad. Liberty then asks them what they would tell someone who thinks that cheerleading is sexist. Paige and Hazel say the typical junior girl response which is get over it and that it’s actually good for people. Liberty then ends the interview at that and fucks off. Manny then comes up to Paige and tells her that she wants to join up. Paige asks her what she can do and Manny just does a couple of cartwheels and that was enough to impress Paige so Manny all cheerfully automatically makes the “Spirit Squad”.


On the Degrassi closed circuit TV Paige is on and is telling everyone that she wants to start the Spirit Squad and is telling people when to come to the gym for try outs. Right away Emma just has to give her opinion that nobody asked for. She’s all, “Give me a break? Cheerleaders?” After class is dismissed Emma is telling Manny that it seems like they’re going back in time because cheerleading is all over. But Manny schools her and tells her that Cheerleading is bigger then ever. Didn’t Emma ever see Bring It On? That movie was huge at the time, so what the fuck is she talking about? Anyways, Emma keeps saying that it’s sexiest and wrong, so right away you know that this is really Spike talking. Manny lets on that she wants to join and Emma get’s all up in her case. Emma now sounding like Kathleen from the original Degrassi says that she doesn’t think that Degrassi should have a cheer leading squad period. Man how fucking annoying is she already?

Manny, Emma

Great we come upon the comedic B plot and it involves JT and Toby eating a bunch of Pringles like a couple of maniacs. Mr Raditch spots them and asks them what they’re doing, but they just say, nothing. In the cafeteria Spinner notices that they have a shit load of empty cans on their table and of course he get’s curious. Liberty comes along eating a couple from her own can and they ask her if they can have her chip can. JT tells her all about a contest that if you find a can with the Ace of Spades and one with the Ace of Clubs then you win a million dollars. Toby tells her that they already have the Ace of Spades and the deadline is in three days. She gives them her can and what do you know. She had the Ace of Clubs. I don’t know why they think they can win it since they’re minors and therefore not eligible to win jack shit.

Liberty, JT, Toby Spinner

Else where Emma and Manny are passing by and that’s when Paige asks Manny if they could see that cartwheel again. She doesn’t want to do it at first because Emma is acting like a huge shithead. But after Paige encourages her to do it, she goes and does it and completely amazes everyone again. Hazel says that her landing could have been better and that’s when Paige says, “Better watch out Manny, sounds like Hazel is jealous.” Hazel just laughs which really means, “Haha, fuck you bitch.”


In the girls rest room Emma is still giving Manny shit for aspiring to be a cheerleader, even the prospect of her hanging out with Paige and Hazel. Seriously, who gives a shit about cheerleading? Leave it to Emma to have a problem with it. But Manny just tells her that they are only the coolest kids in school and her hanging out with them and only being a grade 7 is a big deal. But Emma won’t let this go. She starts to say that there’s an evil bad side to cheerleading. Manny points out that she’s the only one who has a problem with it. That’s when Emma basically threaten’s to write another biased article for the Degrassi newspaper, which really pisses Manny off.

In the library, Liberty, JT and Toby are discussing splitting the money 50/50. But that’s when Spinner acting like a big goon says, “How about 45/45?” He says that he wants 10% of the money and Liberty asks him what for. That’s when Spinner tells her for protection, mainly from him. They start talking and Toby says that JT will come with the Ace of Spades the next day since it’s at his house and Spinner insists on holding onto the other can, for protection.

Spinner, Liberty

I guess it’s after school and Paige and Hazel seem to be waiting for Manny. Paige notices that she looks down and Manny tells them that Emma is taking the whole cheerleading is sexiest thing way too far and I’m inclined to agree. Paige wants to know how far and stupid Manny tells her that she’s thinking of writing an article for the Grapevine. Paige and Hazel don’t like this news at all. I don’t know why they’re worried for though, like anyone is going to care or agree with anything that Emma has to say. Paige then suggests that they all hang out and off they go to Manny’s.

The next scene they’re in her bed room and of course they’re talking about boys. Paige says that they shouldn’t be talking about boys that way because Emma would find it sexiest, which is so fucking true. That’s when you know who calls. Paige tells Manny to make damn sure that Emma doesn’t write her stupid opinion piece. Emma asks her where the hell she’s at since she was supposed to come over to study. Manny makes up a horrible excuse and that’s when Emma hears Paige talking shit about her. Emma must have dog ears because Paige was no where near the phone and she still picked up on her shitty remark. Of course this pisses her off and she hangs up all rudely.

Hazel, Paige, Manny

We cut to JT’s room and the place is a fucking pigsty. He’s going crazy looking for the can that he obviously lost. The next day at Degrassi it seems like cheerleading practice is already happening, that or it’s try outs. I gotta point out that there’s a number of dudes there, so I don’t know what Emma is talking about the whole sexiest thing. Hazel wants to show them a new move called a toe touch and she simply just raises her leg and touches her foot with her hand. Paige being a big shit starter tells her that she’s sure that Manny could do it better. Hazel makes a bitch I’m going to fuck you up face but says nothing else. Manny does it too, and then adds doing the splits. Meanwhile Emma is behind her in the doorway watching all this unfold with hatred and jealousy in her eyes. Man Emma is being such a bitch in this episode.

Emma. Manny

In the Media Immersion class Liberty is wearing some God awful red cowboy boots. I don’t know why she thinks that’s a cool look, but anyways, she’s sporting them because she thinks she’s going to be rolling in the dough. Emma then barges in with her shitty opinion please and begs Liberty to include it in the latest issue of the Grapevine. Liberty reads the beginning of the article and says how fucking harsh it is. She then points out how weird it is that she’s doing this article knowing full well that her best friend Manny is joining it. But Emma all self righteous says that Manny is becoming a phony person.

Paige, Manny and Hazel come out of guess where? The restroom of course and they see Emma passing by. Paige says, “Oh look it’s little Miss Save the World.” Emma retorts with, “It’s little Miss Plastic, shouldn’t you be testing your make up on animals?” What kind of shit is that to say? That was Liz and Caitlin all rolled into one with that statement. Emma all proud of herself shows her a copy of the article that she wrote and Paige reads it all pissed off. Manny reads it and says, “Nice Emma, so I’m a bimbo too?” And then crumples it up and throws it away at her feet.

Manny, Paige

Back in the girls jon, Emma walks in all angry and Manny confronts her for the article that she wrote. But Emma throws in her face that they’ve been friends since Kindergarten and now Manny wants to drop her like a slab of meat from Rocky just because Paige is talking to her. Manny get’s equally pissed off and says that she just wants to cheer lead and what’s wrong if she becomes friends with Paige in the process. But Emma being a hater says that Paige is just using her. Manny really burns her by pointing out and saying that the difference between her and Paige is that Paige is fun while Emma is boring as hell. That sure got to her. Looking like she wants to cry she says to her, “Well I sure hope you and Paige have fun together. Just don’t come crying to me when she stabs a knife in your back.” Manny just tells her to fuck off.

Oh God, I don’t give a motherfuck about this stupid plot with the chip can. Toby’s in the Media Immersion class giving away his Sega Game Gear to some random girl saying, “Don’t worry, I can afford it.” What a fucking idiot I swear. JT all in a panic tells him what he’s doing and Toby all full of himself says that it was cheap and that he’s now going to upgrade his whole geek electronic system. JT then tells him that he lost the can and Toby goes insane with regret on what he just gave away.


In the hallway Manny see’s Paige and Hazel taking all of the copies of the Grapevine and taking it with them to the gym. Right away we see that they’re tearing out Emma’s article out of every single issue. Paige tells Manny that Emma’s article is going to really hurt them and no one’s going to want to join. But like I said before, no one cares about what Emma thinks and no one would listen to her. Especially since a lot of girls like Cheerleading. She hands one to Manny and tells her to prove how much she wants to be in the spirit squad by helping them rip the articles out of it. Manny does it and now feels completely guilty.

Paige, Hazel Manny, Tearing Paper

Outside Toby is having a panic attack. Liberty and Spinner come upon them and she tells JT that he better find the can or else she’ll sue him. Get the fuck out of here with that shit Liberty! Toby asks Spinner what he’s doing there, but Liberty tells them that if JT doesn’t find the can then Spinner is going to beat the shit out of him. JT then remembers that the can is most likely in his locker. They open it up and his locker it’s just like his bed room, a big disgusting mess. They find the can and Spinner says, “You moron! They’re both Clubs!” Spinner just leaves all disgusted at them while Toby and Liberty stuff JT into his locker. Thank God this stupid subplot is over with.

JT, Toby, Liberty

In the Media Immersion class Paige and the gay kid named Oscar are going over designs for their cheerleading outfits, but they’re interrupted by Snake and Emma. Right away we know that Emma is accusing them of tearing out the article but Paige plays dumb of course. Snake then tells Paige that they have no proof that she did it, but if they find out, she can get suspended. Manny racked with guilt is about to confess to the crime and that’s when Paige completely fucks Hazel over and tells Snake that she was around the newspaper racks at the time. Snake over doing it says that it’s shit like that that makes the school not want to have any extracurricular activities at all. Oh fuck you Snake, like you never did anything wrong when you were that age.


At Manny’s locker Manny asks Paige why she backstabbed Hazel like that and Paige says that she did it to look out for her. Manny says not to do it if it means that she’s going to be dragged into her bullshit too. That’s when Paige threatens her and that she’ll tell the authorities that Manny was the one who really ripped all the pages from the newspaper. Paige says, “Who do you think they’ll believe, me or you?” Manny once again get’s pissed off and calls her bluff by saying, “Let’s go find out.” And starts to walk away, but that’s when Paige stops her and asks what her “damage” is. Manny tells her that she’s the problem and if she wants to spread rumors about her or deface her locker to just try it. She then punks her out some more and get’s all in her face. Paige backs away cause she knew that Manny is about five seconds away from fucking her up. All Paige can think to say is, “FYI your attitude sucks! Good luck making the squad.” Behind them Emma has this shit eating grin on her face.

Manny, Pissed

Outside Manny’s house Emma comes by and apologizes for being such a shithead all episode long. Manny tells her that all she wanted to do was have fun, but then Paige took an interest in her and that’s when things started to suck. Emma asks her what she’s going to do and Manny says that she’s going to give it up since Paige is a hateful bitch. But Emma tells her that Paige isn’t stupid enough to cut her since Manny is really good at it. Emma then tells her that she loved how Manny told Paige off saying, “I couldn’t have said it better myself.” Manny just smiles and you can tell that they’re best friends again.

Manny, Emma, End Credits

I would say this was an ok episode. Emma was just a huge annoying pain in the ass. Paige of course showed what an evil bitch she really is. The low point definitely was the stupid Pringle winning can plot. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, any episode that features too much Toby is a bad one.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

5 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 12, “Wannabe”

  1. Emma is the worst kind of self-righteous person, she’s a cunt and indecisive. She tells Manny to keep her child, but when Manny tells Craig about the abortion, Craig wants to keep the baby. And what do you know? Emma changes her mind and goes all pro-choice because a male had a different opinion from her.


  2. Oh, and another thing about your review. Why is it that the news article have so much in the Degrassi schools. Honestly, do Middle and High School even read the articles? Hell, I realized Junior year my school had newspaper. And when I went there, and there was a huge copy of stacks left.


  3. Oh, and another thing about your review. Why is it that the news article have so much POWER in the Degrassi schools. Honestly, do Middle and High School even read the articles? Hell, I realized Junior year my school had newspaper. And when I went there, and there was a huge copy of stacks left.

    Sorry, typo.


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