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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 1, Episode 14, “Under Pressure”


Pre-credit opener: We come upon Sean fixing some motorcycle while his brother Tracker is quizzing him for a test it seems like and Sean is getting all the answers wrong. Sean get’s all frustrated and Tracker tells him to take it easy since it’s hard to remember all that history. But it really isn’t. Anyways, Tracker tells him that their mom called and he mentions that she was off of the booze. Tracker then tells him that she wants to talk to him. Sean instantly get’s all upset because he doesn’t want to move back to live with his lousy parents. He kicks all of Tracker’s used cans that he was going to take to recycle and he tells him to calm his ass down with that temper of his. Tracker then says not to worry about his mom. As long as he keeps out of trouble and get’s good grades he’ll be fine.

Sean, Tracker

At Degrassi JT is telling Toby that the Media Immersion test is going to be the death of him. Toby tells him to stop acting like a bitch and that’s when Liberty and Emma come by. Liberty suggests that JT’s lazy ass should study for the test. Sean then comes by in a panic and begs Emma for help studying. Of course she says sure. Liberty then spots Snake and cannot stop being super fucking annoying talking about her grades. But Snake for some reason won’t tell her to fuck off.

At Sean’s locker Jimmy tells him something about missing it and Sean instantly get’s all pissed off and tells him, “What is that supposed to mean?” Jimmy’s all, “Nothing, just that you’ll be moving to grade 8 next year. Finally.” That was awful. We come upon Spinner acting like an idiot as usual and is showing Paige his made dribbling skills. Paige tells him that they’ll be late because Raditch will expel him, but that’s what Spinner wants because he wants to get out of the English test. She says, “Hurry up, you know what a Fascist Raditch is.” They start to walk in and then back out in shock because Mrs Kwan is back. She says that some things never change, but she says it with a a smile. So maybe she won’t be such a mega bitch for the rest of the season.

Jimmy, Emma, SeanPaige, Spinner, Mrs Kwan

At the start of the class Raditch is telling everyone how glad everyone is for her to come back to Degrassi. He’s probably more happy cause he doesn’t have to teach anymore. But they don’t have sub’s there? Mr Colby must have effected policy big time at that school. Anyways, Terri being all nosey wants to know how her husband is and she tells everyone that her husband has finished his chemo and all is well. All of a sudden the gay kid Oscar raises his hand and asks to be excused because he’s feeling sick. (Ok, going off topic here for a bit, but I’m embarrassed to say that I heard somewhere, I don’t remember where, but they said that this guy was basically going to be the character of Marco next season, but they got rid of him. I think I know why, because when he said his line, he was horrible! So it’s pretty easy to see that he’s a very bad actor. Aren’t you glad you knew that? Really, no one should have known this info.) She tells him yes and you can see that Spinner now has a bright idea in his head for getting out of the test.


We cut to Sean’s house because he has to get a book and it looks like he lives in Sanford and Son. What a fucking dump. It’s such a shit hole that Sean doesn’t want to let Emma inside because the place is a mess. So she waits and then Tracker pulls up in one of his many motorcycles and asks her what she’s doing there. All nervous she says waiting for Sean. Tracker then acts like a dick and says, “What do you think, that you’re going to be a good influence on him?” Emma seems more nervous then ever with that remark, but then he says smiling that she is a good influence. He mentions that he hasn’t gotten into trouble that year and he thanks her. She says, “Trouble?” But Tracker tells her to forget about it since it’s in the past. Sean then comes out wondering if Tracker threw him under the bus. But he clearly didn’t.

Emma, Tracker

At Emma’s house the both of them are busy cramming for Snake’s stupid Media Immersion test. Then then start to talk about code for web pages and it’s really boring as hell. They start playing around for a bit throwing a dish towel around and that’s when Emma decides to ask him about his checkered past. Sean get’s all annoyed and he spills the beans. He tells her that he got into a fight with a guy and Sean fucked him up so bad, that he deafened him in one ear. He tells her that he feels bad about it, but that sometimes he get’s so mad that he just hulks out. He assures her that he’s working on it.

Back at Degrassi Emma asks Sean if he’s nervous about the test and of course he is. Snake comes in and tells them that it’s time to start the test and the password is definitely an Easter egg for Degrassi Junior High fans. It’s Broomhead! Snake mentions that they only have 45 minutes to take the test and then the computer locks you out. Sean starts it and already you know he’s in trouble, his pizza face just says it all.


In Mrs Kwan’s class Paige is all annoyed with Spinner because he wants to get sick on purpose. Terri sneezes and Spinner get’s this evil grin on his face. He starts to creep her out by being all in her face and Coach Armstrong comes in telling everyone their test scores. Spinner is all happy cause he got 51% because I guess it’s passing in Canada. But over here, that is a big time F. Armstrong then tells Terri that she shouldn’t be drinking her coffee in her class and that’s when Spinner offers to throw it out for her. He shows what a heinous ass motherfucker he is by rubbing his finger all along the rim and then licks it. As a germ phobe this scene really grossed me out.


Back to the Media Immersion class Sean is even more in despair and tries to answer another question but all of a sudden the computer locks him out because the time is up. He’s all, “NO!!!!” Liberty being all annoying tells him, “45 minutes. Times up!” He should have grabbed her by the face and pushed her back to her computer station. After class he’s telling Emma that he’s sure that he failed because he didn’t finish the goddamn test. Emma tries to reassure her, but he tells her to be real for once and that everything he’s ever tried he’s failed miserably. She tries to talk to him some more but he tells her to fuck off and to leave him alone.

Sean, Liberty, Emma

Later on in the hallway Sean is just looking at his locker and Jimmy says, “Aw, what’s wrong, forgot your combo? You should ask Spinner for one of his Ritalin, really helps sharpen the memory.” At that Sean can’t stands no more and he bursts. Once again he manhandles Drake and it seems like they’re about to fight but Armstrong comes out of a class room and stops them. Sean just says that they’re just playing around. As soon as he leaves he tells Jimmy that he’ll see him after school.

Coach Armstrong, Sean, Drake

In Mrs Kwan’s class she notices that Spinner is running around back and forth like a maniac. He walks in a moment later and he tells her that he doesn’t feel good. She feels his forehead and of course it’s all warm because of his running around so she sends him to the nurse. In the Media Immersion class, Ashley is giving Jimmy shit for wanting to fight Sean after school. Jimmy tells her that ever since school started Sean has been giving him major attitude. He didn’t start it, but he’s going to finish it. That’s when Paige comes up to them and tells them that she heard what Sean did to the other kid who’s now deaf.

Ashley, Paige, Jimmy

In Snake’s class Snake is busy taking roll call and we finally find out what JT stands for and it’s for James Tiberius. So it’s pretty clear that his parents are huge Star Trek nerds. Sean comes in all late and Snake points it out to him. He just says, “Yeah, like it’s the end of the world.” Snake punishes him for being sassy and sentence’s him to spending his lunch hour with him. Harsh much?

With the male school nurse, he takes Spinner’s temperature and he tells him that it’s normal. Spinner is desperate to get out of the test and insists that he has a fever. The nurse mentions that he does feel a little warm, but mentions that he also could have been just running around. Spinner insists that he is sick and suggests that the thermometer is broken. The school nurse then says that there’s a sure way to find out and that’s to find out rectally. He get’s a shit load of anal lube on his thermometer and prepares to shove it far up Spinner’s ass but he panics and says that he’s feeling fine. After he leaves the nurse laughs like an evil bastard.

School Nurse, Spinner

Spinner goes back to class and Mrs Kwan tells him that she knows what he tried to pull. But since she’s being nicer to everyone she gives him a second chance and tells him to just take the test. That things will come back to him. I don’t know about that, but he takes it.

Class is finally dismissed and Snake reminds Sean to stay behind. After everyone leaves Snake asks him what his fucking problem is. Sean just says that he’s being himself, which is being a huge fuck up. He tells Snake that he knows that he failed his test since he didn’t get a chance to finish it. Snake tells him that he hasn’t even marked it yet and he doesn’t know that yet. Sean then has a pity party of one and starts to put himself down. Snake trying to be an inspirational teacher tells him that if that’s how he thinks about himself, then that’s all he’s going to be. Wait, didn’t Yoda or someone say something similar? Fuck you Snake, get your own quotes.

Snake, Sean

Spinner comes out of Mrs Kwan’s class and is delighted to see that he actually passed his test. He’s super happy now cause he’s moving on to high school. Jimmy then comes out of the class room and Ashley is still being all annoying over the fight. They run into Sean and he just says, “Jimmy, let’s go.” Jimmy acting like a big puss tries to get out of it saying that it’s stupid. Sean knows how to egg him on and says, “No wonder Armstrong cut you from the team.” Jimmy insulted at this get’s all pissed off and tells him to meet him in the alley for their rumble. Funny how Ashley is being a pest about it, while Emma just stands there and doesn’t say a thing.

Ashley, Jimmy, Emma, Spinner

It’s now time for the bout to knock the other guy out. They start with the typical pushing around and right away Sean has had enough and fucking punches Jimmy in the face. Sean shouts at him, “What’re you going do cry now Jimmy huh.” It’s clear that Jimmy doesn’t know how to fight. He rushes him and Sean easily get’s him in a head lock. Suddenly Jimmy get’s out of it and get’s him from behind, but Sean just pushes against a garage door it seems like and he launches the both of them into a pile of leaves. Sean then get’s out of Jimmy’s grasp and hits him hard on the face again. With that hit Jimmy instantly becomes his bitch and Sean is just about to annihilate his ass some more but that’s when Emma tries to break it up. Bad move there. Sean is like a wild animal at this point and in his rage he tells her to get out of there and shoves her onto the leaves. That seemed to have sobered him up and he now can’t believe what he just did. She just get’s up and leaves without saying a word. And that was pretty much the end of the fight.

Jimmy, Punched Sean, Jimmy Emma Sean

The next morning Jimmy is telling Terri all about it and calls Sean a coward for walking away. But I don’t know why he’s talking shit for because he lost the fight. Big time! Sean is completely unharmed while it’s obvious that Sean totaled Jimmy’s ass. Check out the huge shiner on his face. Ashley then mocks him for being so brave because he got into the fight to begin with. Terri then asks Paige how the test was and she tells her that it was brutal. That’s when Terri tells her that she has to make it up after school. Spinner is laughing because he’s home free and mentions that he’s going somewhere with his dad. But that’s when he starts sneezing. Terri tells him that that’s how her flu started. Seems like his weekend is pretty much ruined now.

Jimmy Spinner, Terri, Paige

Outside his class room Snake tells Sean that he actually did well on the test. Sean can’t believe his ears, especially that he has a B in the class now. Snake goes inside and Emma passes by with Manny. Sean begs her to stop and tells her how sorry he is for what he did. He mentions his grade and that she was right all along. He then tells her sorry. But all Emma has to say to him is, “So am I.”

Sean, End Credits

This was another good episode. I think it was a pretty realistic fight and the Spinner subplot was a bit funny as well. And I think a lot of people just love the thought of Drake getting his ass kicked on TV


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

4 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 14, “Under Pressure”

  1. I LOL’d at the Mr. Colby reference. Maybe that’s true – you know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a substitute on TNG!

    And I loved the broomhead password. I wish they would leave the old school fans with more harmless little gems like that one.


    • HAHA! That’s what I noticed too. There was no reason for Mr Raditch to be sub. I would assume he had other duties being the principal.

      Yeah me too. It probably went over the heads of a lot of kids who watched this though.


  2. Lol I thought this episode was good to and I like the fight scene in this episode


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