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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 1, Episode 15, “Jagged Little Pill”


Well here it is peeps. The season finale to the first season.

Pre-Credit Opener: Apparently Ashley and Toby are going to be left alone for the night because their parents are going to go away to Hedonism II. Her mom tells her that they’re both only allowed to have one friend over each. Her mom tells her that she’s glad that she’s so responsible and Ashley doesn’t like to hear that one bit. I don’t know why though. Like she would prefer her mom to come down on her for being a major fuck up instead.


In Mrs Kwan’s room, she’s giving out corny awards to all of her students. At least I’m assuming that she is. Anyways, she gives one to Spinner for being a horrible, annoying student. In Snake’s class, Snake is telling everyone how much he enjoyed having them in his class. Emma being a big kiss ass shows her something on her computer and it’s a thank you message featuring not even all of the kids in the class. But just like Saved by the Bell, we only know the featured cast. Let’s see, it’s Toby without his glasses on. Brain dead kid, Asian girl with a bandanna on her head. Liberty, JT, nameless sad kid looking down, Manny, nameless girl, Sean, Emma and black dude that looks like he’s eating Emma’s pig tail. It’s hilarious to see the pic they used of Sean, he looks all pissed off. Back to Mrs Kwan’s, Ashley is disappointed again because she got the most prudish student award, or something similar.

Mr Simpson

At their lockers Paige mentions to Ashley how disappointed Jimmy will be that he won’t be able to come over because Ashley already told Terri that she’s the one friend that can come. But Jimmy doesn’t seem to give a shit, he just says, “Rules are rules right?” Which sounds lame as hell. Paige can’t help being annoying and keeps inviting herself over. Ashley not wanting to hear more of her bitching tells her to come over if she wants to. She’s such a rebel now.

Ashley, Paige, Terri

In the school foyer, JT asks Emma what they’ll be up to and Emma says that they’ll be having a girls night and no boys can come around. Especially dudes named Sean. He hears this and instantly looks heart broken. While cleaning out their lockers Toby is being completely delusional again because he thinks that Emma has now seen what a bad boy is like and that she’ll be more prone to go out with a geek with no social status like himself. JT mentions that he needs a new approach like Sean’s and he just happens to walk by when JT invites him over for a guys night. But Sean is like, “Oh hell naw!” He quickly changes his mind when JT lies to him and says that Emma’s going to be there. Which makes no sense because he just said it was a guy’s night out.

Sean, Toby, JT

Finally it’s after school and fucking Paige not listening to Ashley has now brought Hazel along to hang out with them too. You know, I’ve always hated when you invite people over for shit and then they bring someone else who you either don’t like, or you don’t know them at all. Ashley doesn’t mind though because she’s still trying to be a rebel. We then hear this big explosion coming from the kitchen and apparently JT and Toby were doing a nerd science experiment. JT see’s Paige and instantly get’s a boner for her.

Now that it’s night time, the girls are watching a horror movie in 3D. I’m just assuming that it’s Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D. Ashley hears a knock on the door and automatically assumes that Paige’s motormouth invited someone else, but she assures her that she didn’t. Turns out that it’s Sean and Ashley is very surprised that he’s there to hang out with those two dweebs upstairs. After he goes up, Paige mentions how much he’s become a fine piece of man meat after he fought Jimmy. Everyone, including Ashley laughs in agreement. Way to be loyal there Ashley.

Ashley, Paige, Terri, Hazel

In Toby’s room the three of them are having a boring evening of playing go fish. JT then asks him for his secrets in bagging a babe. But Sean after assuming that JT and Toby were the Bert and Ernie of Degrassi, just gives the typical confident guy response of just being himself. JT all proud of himself busts out some Ecstasy or simply E as they call it. JT says that it’s the love drug and mentions that the girls downstairs need it. He sounded like such a rapist right there. Sean offers to cut it up for them and he heads for the kitchen.


Sean runs into Ashley and she’s shocked and appalled that he has some Ecstasy with him. He get’s some aspirin and cuts that up instead because he correctly assumes that they’re both plenty fucking stupid and they won’t know the difference. He tells her to throw that shit away, but she simply just puts it in the pocket of her old lady house coat she has on.

Back upstairs, he gives them their halves of the aspirin and explains that he can’t have some himself because his social workers makes him take drug tests and he has to take a piss in a cup in front of them about every two weeks. While he’s munching on a snack, he can’t help laughing at how stupid the two of them are.

Man, Ashley is still in the kitchen preparing these elaborate drinks and snacks for her guests. That’s when Paige walks in and she just has to mention how fucking boring the evening is, even though no one invited her. She says, “Hun, you just need to live a little, because you’re pretty cool when you do.” (I just wanna point out that Paige uses the word Hun all the time and it get’s annoying. Especially when she’s being really bitchy.) Ashley not liking being called boring decides to give in to her peer pressure and invites Jimmy and a bunch of other people over for a party. And because she’s still feeling rebellious, she takes the Ecstasy pill.

Paige, Ashley

In Toby’s room JT and Toby are acting like a couple of dumb fucks because they think they’re high. (Remember when Melanie and Kathleen did the same thing in Degrassi Junior High?) JT then takes the opportunity to call Emma, much to Sean’s excitement. Downstairs meanwhile Ashley is the one who’s now incredibly high and they all notice the change in her.

Outside, that was fast, Emma, Manny and Liberty knock on her door and Ashley for once and thanks to drugs is actually nice to Liberty for a change. They do notice how crazy she’s acting. I love the big ass head phones that Manny is rocking. Ashley then turns on the radio and starts to act like a deranged person with Liberty. It’s clear that Liberty has no rhythm.

Liberty, Manny, Ashley

Upstairs we hear this really stupid Sitar music and JT is still thinking that he’s high as fuck. Apparently he believes that if you use Ecstasy you become an east Indian Yogi with the way he’s talking to Emma and them. Case in point, “Welcome to the Issac’s zone of infinite love and harmony.” What a tool.

JT. Manny

Downstairs Jimmy and his crew walk in and Spinner for some inexplicable reason is carrying a watermelon. I know when I think of a great party, watermelons are always involved. Of course right away Jimmy notices that Ashley isn’t acting like her boring, predictable, prudish self. She slobbers in his ear that she took some Ecstasy. Now it’s Jimmy’s turn to act all shocked and appalled. She mentions that she got it from Toby and JT, throwing them under the bus. He tells her to go drink some water but she pulls away from him. She calls him dad and says that she’s going upstairs to drink some water out of the toilet. I love how none of them even bother to go up with her.

Spinner, Jimmy Ashley, Jimmy

Back in Toby’s room Sean walks in and Emma immediately leaves the room all upset. Sean tells her that he wants to talk, but she just says that he went too far. So he pushed her into the leaves, big deal. But she leaves in a huff, saying that they’re over and that’s when Ashley comes out of the bathroom wiping her mouth. Which means that she either gave someone a blow job or she did indeed drink from out of the toilet. Because Sean is the strong sensitive type, she notices that he’s now crying over googly eyed Emma. She feels so sorry for him then she takes him into her bedroom.

Emma, Sean

Inside Ashley starts going on a drug induced rant about hating how people see her and that he probably feels the same way because he’s such a bad seed. He starts to say that he thought that Emma was different and that’s when she compares her to Jimmy. Uh oh. He continues to cry and that’s when she starts to make out with him with a lot of tongue and possibly toilet water. Or worse, yuck!

Ashley, Sean

Back downstairs Jimmy tells Toby that Ashley took the Ecstasy. He quickly realizes that they’ve both been making asses out of themselves the whole evening. Toby then let’s it slip that Ashley is actually upstairs with Sean. Jimmy goes up all pissed off and just happens to see him coming out of Ashley’s room. Instead of kicking Jimmy’s ass again, because let’s face it. He would have killed him again, he just leaves. Ashley comes out looking like she’s just been freshly plowed by Sean.

Jimmy, Ashley

Outside Emma is outside crying and being dramatic. Toby comes out to apologize to her about Sean and that’s when he comes out. Just to spite him, she latches on to Toby and starts crying and hugging him at the same time. I say spite because under normal circumstances, she would never want him touching her. Toby and Sean just look at each other before Sean leaves even more sad then he was at the beginning of the episode.

Toby, Ashley

Back at the party Jimmy is demanding to know where Sean is at, but Spinner tells him that he left a while ago. Like Jimmy would have done something. That’s when Ashley goes through another drug induced rant and she basically cut’s Jimmy’s balls off by saying how much Sean is more than a man then he is. Before he can leave in anger, she mentions to him that she should have broken up with him on his birthday like she wanted to. Ouch, that had to fucking hurt! Paige not minding her own business tells her to stop acting like a hag. Ashley then goes on to say that she is the hag because of her looks and her shitty personality. Glad someone finally called her out on it, even though it is drug induced. They all leave pissed off of course, except for Terri.

Drake Paige Ashley, Terri

The next morning Ashley witnesses the aftermath of her destructive behavior. For so little people that were there, they sure trashed the place. Unless it was her acting like a maniac the whole night. Toby starts to give her shit about what she was thinking taking that shit, even though he and that asshole JT were fully planning on using it themselves. They probably figured that they would have just simply jerked each other off than do what Ashley did. Spinner comes by and brings her a shoe box full of mementos from Jimmy. She asks him how he is, but he just tells her to take it and to leave Jimmy alone because he hates her guts now. The episode ends with Ashley crying her eyes out. I swear the version that aired on the N had their parents arriving and Toby trying to do damage control. But we don’t get that with the DVD’s. Oh well, who cares.

Ashley, End Credits

This episode was ok. I guess Degrassi had to have a drug episode and this was it. At least it wasn’t the typical caffeine pill cop out that most teen shows use, including Degrassi High. But that is it with the first season. Over all, the first season had too much Toby and JT and those episodes always sucked. There were a couple of stand outs, but mainly it was a lame first season. But things do get much better in the second.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

6 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 15, “Jagged Little Pill”

  1. “Toby starts to give her shit about what she was thinking taking that shit, even though he and that asshole JT were fully planning on using it themselves. They probably figured that they would have just simply jerked each other off than do what Ashley did.”. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Please keep doing these reviews, they’re awesome 🙂


  2. This was probably my favourite episode of Season 1 (I dunno why, I always love episodes where people take drugs because they always act fucking mental). I laughed so hard at the screenshot of the kids heads, especially the sad kid and the brain dead kid, wtf that looked terrible hahaha.
    I agree Season 1 was pretty boring, I can barely remember season 2, but I think that’s when Craig comes and Manny becomes a super skank, so it becomes more entertaining.


    • HAHA! I like em too because the way people act when they’re supposed to be all drugged up is hilarious.

      LOL! Yeah, Season 2 is much more better and yeah it’s the coming of Craig and the return of Joey Jeremiah.


  3. Oh yeah I have a random question, how did you get it so you have your “Recent posts” off to the side? I want to have my recent posts also on the side of my main page, but I’m special needs and can’t figure it out haha.


    • LOL! You go to your Dashboard and you go to appearance and go to Widgets. Then drag it to the sidebar that’s on the right side of the screen.

      I’ve also noticed that your page still says To fix that, go on your dashboard, go to appearance again and click on Header. On there click on site title and just type in Ready Or Not Reviewed. Unless you don’t want to. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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