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Season 2, Episode 3, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”


So I have no idea if I’m getting Carpel Tunnel or not because my hand has been bothering me big time every time I use the computer to type something. So only one episode this week. DOH!

Pre-credit opener: Spike comes along looking sexy as hell and she’s trying to temp Emma into eating some popcorn for some reason. Emma points out that Snake has been there all the time lately. That’s when Spike decides to tell her that she’s been dating that giant dork. Emma is shocked and appalled at hearing this news.

Spike, Emma

The next day at Degrassi Emma is telling Manny all about Snake porking Spike now. Snake shows what a lame nerd he is because he just stepped into some nasty gum. Manny wants to laugh her ass off at the thought of them being together. Emma tells Manny that she’s fine with it, but she’s not to tell a soul about it.

Liberty and some Sabu looking guy are telling everyone on the video announcements that the school is going to be having an 80’s dance and it’s encouraged if you dressed up like your favorite 80’s stereotypes. Just for plot point purposes they let us know that the 7th grade dance is during the day while the older kids get a night dance. They call it a Senior’s dance, even though no one in the cast is remotely old enough to be a high school senior. Another plot point, whoever wins a dance contest wins a couple of tickets to a Toronto Maple Leaf’s game.

Liberty, Sabu

In the hall way Spinner is talking about having a great dancing CD, while Jimmy is talking about having the best 80’s outfit ever. Old lord. Spinner makes himself sound so white by saying that he has the best old school hip hop mix ever. Paige tells them to calm down. Spinner and Jimmy are instantly worried though because of Marco. Yes Marco is in his Degrassi debut in this episode. But they shouldn’t have no fears because Marco is seriously dancing like complete shit. Spinner then tries to show off his moves and he does the fucking robot. He definitely has no rhythm and Paige points that out to Jimmy, but she makes it worse by suggesting to him that he dump him.

Marco Spinner

In Snake’s class Manny keeps bothering Emma about Spike doing Mr Simpson. Emma points out that Spike had a thing for him back in Degrassi High. At least they remembered that aspect of their relationship. Anyways Manny and Emma try to reason that Snake might be a catch. His giant condition being a plus. Class is dismissed and that’s when Snake tells everyone that he’ll be DJing the daylight dance. So you know he’s going to suck as much as Mr Raditch did back in the day.

Out in the hall way Emma is feeling really down about the whole Spike, Snake affair and that’s when they run into Craig and Sean. Craig asks them if they’ll be going to the dance that night but Manny points out that they can’t because they’re a grade lower than they are. Sean makes himself sound like a huge loser by saying that he’ll just be home alone. As they leave Manny tells Emma that it’s obvious that Craig likes her. Emma of course loves hearing that.

Emma, Manny

We come upon Spinner and Jimmy and Drake is totally trying to find a gentle way to tell Spinner that he doesn’t want to dance along with him. I’m surprised that Spinner picked up on it because he’s so stupid. Of course he get’s pissed off. Jimmy says that he moves like a wounded Polar Bear. Spinner then says, “I can’t dance cause I’m white.” Jimmy tells him that it’s nonsense and race isn’t the issue. Spinner continues with, “Polar bears are white, I’m white and you’re a racist.” Jimmy right then and there just flat out tells him that Spinner can’t dance because he sucks. They both get pissed at each other and decide to go solo.

Spinner, Jimmy

At the day dance JT and Milhouse come dressed like a really dorky version of Miami Vice. Liberty shows up as Tina Turner. Oh lord, Snake is dressed like a gay douche from England and he plays the studio version of Everybody Wants Something. Emma tells Manny that she hates that fucking song. Snake tries to get them to come inside to have a good time, but Emma can’t help acting like a shithead to him and they just leave.

JT, Toby Liberty Snake

At Emma’s Spike is getting ready for a date with Snake to go see Elvis Costello and Emma is now even more pissed off that she blew them and their stupid girls night off. That’s when Emma decides that they should crash the seniors dance. I just noticed how unlady like Manny is sitting. It seems like she’s getting ready to scratch herself if she had balls.

Manny, Emma

In the next scene Manny is obviously dressed like Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink and Emma looks just like Spike, but she insists that she’s Cyndi Lauper. Emma points out that Spike was cool when she was her age, and she wasn’t with dork’s like Snake. That’s right Emma, she was too busy banging Bill S Preston Esquire look alike Shane. After that they jump on the bed like a couple of little girls because they’re so excited.

Emma, Manny, Dressed Up

At Joey’s house Craig comes down looking like a very gay looking punk. Sorry, I know I’m using the word gay alot, but that’s what he looks like. Joey asks him who he’s supposed to be and Craig says that he’s Syd Vicious. Joey being really out of it has no idea who he is and Craig correctly guesses how lame Joey was back in the day. While Joey busts out his hat and gives it to Craig, he asks him if he’s going with anyone special. Craig says that she’s not going to the dance. Pretty much implying Emma. He puts on Joey’s old stupid hat and only ends up looking like Boy George.


Finally it’s time for the dance and Emma and Manny hide because Mr Raditch just happens to be outside. Paige comes dressed like Madonna while Hazel is Tina Turner. I guess the Degrassi writers knew of no other black female singers back in the day. She should have dressed as Tina Turner in Beyond Thunderdome. Ashley is really hard to figure out who she’s supposed to be because no one really dressed like that. Unless she’s Billy Idol. Terri is obviously an overweight Pat Benatar. Anyways, Ashley says hi to them and Paige is still acting like a bitch because of what happened last season.

Paige, Hazel Ashley, Terri

Craig is walking in and that’s when Emma and Manny call him over to their side of the bushes. Craig agrees to let them sneak in through a back door way. Spinner is still dancing horribly and he get’s distracted by Paige’s hotness. That’s when a gloved Michael Jackson hand changes Spinner’s CD. We don’t have to find out long to see who it is. It’s Jimmy and he looks more like the black dude who played Spider in the Return of the Living Dead. It’s a hilarious sight and I always laugh my ass off at this scene.

Jimmy, Michael Jackson

Craig finally sneaks them in and some stupid hi jinx ensue with Raditch almost catching them. But he doesn’t of course. So off they go into the dance. Inside the dance we hear this Canadian 80’s dance music that I’ve never heard before. Some lame radio DJ’s are the ones doing the dance. Jimmy makes fun of Spinner and says that he looks like fucking Vanilla Ice. But it seems like Spinner just came dressed as Spinner. He tries to make fun of Jimmy by saying that he looks like Jacko. Paige tells him, “He is.”  In another corner Marco is once again dancing pretty badly.

Marco, Dancing badly

Jimmy puts down a backpack where he has a pair of pants that he can use to break dance with because the one he has on is way too tight. Spinner of course steals the bag to sabotage him. The obnoxious DJ’s announce the start of the dance contest and Jimmy is the first one up. Since he can’t find his pants he tries to dance anyways. He doesn’t last long because he splits his pants down the back of his crack almost instantly. He runs away in humiliation because everyone is laughing their asses off. Spinner is the next to be humiliated because Jimmy switched out his dance mix with really old people music.

Jimmy, Humiliated

As the night is going on Ashley is sitting down being a wallflower while Craig keeps looking over at Emma’s direction. The female DJ tells everyone that it’s time for a slow dance and she puts on one of her “favorites”. But it’s another Canadian 80’s song that I’ve never heard before in my life. Manny and Emma are both excited because he’s heading their way. Emma’s night is dashed though because Craig Surprisingly asks Manny to dance with him instead. You can tell she wants to cry, but she tells her that it’s ok.

Manny, Emma, Dance

Because she’s a huge hater Emma leaves the dance and leaves Manny behind. Right as she’s about to walk into her house she catches Snake Ravaging Spike outside on the porch. Spike is surprised to see her and says that she should be in bed. Emma telling her, “Really, so should you two!” This has now pushed her over the edge and she goes crying like a little baby up to her room.

Spike, Snake

Outside of the school both Spinner and Jimmy can’t believe that they both stooped so low as to fuck each other over. Marco comes by with some chicks and it’s obvious that he won the dance contest. I still say he can’t dance worth a damn.

Back in Emma’s room Spike is about to rip Emma a new asshole for acting like a rude obnoxious little shit. They start to argue over the fact that Spike kept Snake a secret from her. Spike tells her that she has a right to be happy, but Emma points out that she already has her. After they both calm down they have a heart to heart about Emma being completely humiliated about Manny getting with Craig. After that Spike asks Emma if she’ll be ok with her banging Snake but all Emma says is that she’s not sure.

Emma, End Credits

This was a pretty good episode. It was hilarious seeing various characters being completely humiliated. The sight of Drake dressed as Michael Jackson, priceless. And yeah, I’ve finished writing this and my hand is killing me!


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

3 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 3, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. I always thought the DJs at the night dance were incredibly rude! “Any day now Jimmy” – who says that? And then they just laughed when the poor boy split his pants!

    And why the fuck did they not play some Gowan at the dance since that’s all the kids ever listened to in the 80s?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The dj’s were dj’s in real life on a Toronto radio station (Kiss 92.5fm). Back when this epsiode came out I remember people listening to Kiss 92 all the time, and they used to hold random fan events. On another note, was the hat that Joey gave Craig the same one he used to cover his junk when he was naked in the cafeteria? Lol


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