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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 2, Episode 4, “Karma Chameleon”


Pre-credit opener: Paige is telling the gang all about her lame retro roller skating party. Do kids still go roller skating? Anyways Ashley over hears her and she says that it sounds like fun, but Paige much like Voula in Degrassi Junior High is still carrying a grudge about something that happened last season and that was when Ashley got high and called her a hag. Anyways, Ashley tells her that she get’s it that she doesn’t want her to go to her stupid party. Paige takes that as an opportunity to bring up what Ashley did, plus all the shit talking she did to everyone. Ashley vows to Terri that she wants to get her friends back and she’s going to do it somehow. That has to hurt on some level for Terri to hear.

Ashley, Terri

Ah so I guess the episode is going to deal with photo day and Paige is asking Hazel what kind of angle she should use in the picture. I don’t know what she’s talking about because the photographers tell everyone to pose in the same way. We’re then introduced to a new character, resident goth girl Ellie Nash and she basically refuses to move her seat just so Hazel can sit next to Paige. I love how she doesn’t take any of Paige’s bullshit in this scene. Ugh! The way Paige used Hun was especially irritating.

Ellie, Hazel, Paige

Ashley then comes along and apologizes profusely to Paige over last years events. Paige makes it very difficult for Ashley to do so because she’s such a bitch. I would have said, “You know what? Fuck you.” But Ashley is desperate to be back in the cool crowd again. Seems like she finally got through to her because she kind of smiled after she left.


Oh God!! Milhouse is going on to JT about the magic of anime. I’ll admit, I like a few things here and there. But not like he’s going on about it. Even JT is sick to death of hearing about the newest Japanese sensation, even though it’s been around since forever. Emma sort of defends him after JT says that it’s for geeks and Toby starts to ask her what her favorite character is. All annoyed she says, “I said I know about it, I didn’t say I like it.” Manny tells Milhouse that girls aren’t into that bullshit and they go off to hang out with Craig because they’re into guys who look like Arnold Horshack.

Emma, Toby

Oh, we’re now introduced to another new character and it’s the very sexy Mrs Hatzilakos. Spinner doesn’t even try to not stare at her hot ass as she’s walking by. Shit, even Jimmy is staring at her too. Spinner of course has no idea what she’s talking about because he’s so distracted by the power of her legs. You know I had a hot teacher like that in the 5th grade who wore little miniskirts and even back then I was like Spinner. Ashley is doing the apology rounds and Jimmy is up next on her list. She apologizes for humiliating him and for almost doing Sean. HAHA! Jesus did her mom overreact to just one Ecstasy pill. Ashley explains that she was in drug counseling for the entire Summer. It’s not like she was an addict. You can tell that Jimmy is ready to take her back, especially since he tells her that he’s missed her alot. Spinner in the background is all annoyed at him for being such a big push over.

Spinner Ashley, Spinner

Holy shit, we’re being introduced to another new character. This is the third one in five minutes. I thought it was a young Jackie Chan at first. And no not just because she’s Asian, but that hair! Turns out that her name is Kendra Mason and she’s just into Anime as much as Milhouse is. Turns out that Snake has a program on how to draw stuff in that style but she has it at the moment. She offers to give it to him during lunch and it’s obvious that he’s instantly smitten with her.

Kendra Mason

Out on some bench Paige is totally against forgiving Ashley because she’s just that much of a shitty person. Jimmy tells her to give her a break already and that’s when Paige correctly assumes that he still likes her. Hazel points out to her that she should let it go, especially since Ashley apologized to her. I gotta point out, it’s their lunch break but going by the light you can tell that it’s dusk. That bother’s me so much whenever I see that happen!

Spinner, Jimmy, Paige, Hazel

In the cafeteria Sheila the lunch lady is telling Ashley that she’s not running a soup kitchen there. It’s obvious that Ashley forgot her lunch money for the very expensive Degrassi lunch menu. Sean see’s what’s happening and decides to make a move by paying for her lunch. Even though he’s poorer than Charlie Bucket. Ashley thanks him and they get to talking, especially about their make out session. Ashley then says that they’re friends and are cool. Craig being nosy asks him what happened between the both of them. Sean mentions the party and that they hooked up. But no they didn’t. I don’t consider making out hooking up, unless he did more to her that we didn’t see. Sean you sly motherfucker. I’m impressed. Craig encourages him to ask her out on a date.

Ashley, SeanCraig, Sean

In Mrs Kwan’s room Ashley walks in late and Paige reluctantly lets her sit down next to her. Seems like Ashley is now in her good grace’s because Mrs Kwan was giving her shit for being late and trying to sneak into class. Paige takes this an an opportunity to call her a cow and they have a good laugh over it.

In Ashley’s room Ashley is trying on all sorts of clothes for photo day. Terri points out that she seems happier than a pig in shit. Ashley says that she should have apologized to everyone much sooner. She get’s a phone call and it’s Sean asking her out on a date for that Friday night. She accepts of course and Terri starts to give her shit about it since it seems like she’s back with Jimmy. Ashley not showing any tact once again tells her, “Terri, one day when a guy likes you, you’ll understand how this works.” This is like the second or third time that Ashley has said something shitty about Terri’s lack of a love life. But unlike the other times she immediately apologizes. Not like Terri feels better about it though.

Terri, Ashley

In the boys restroom Spinner is taking a leak while bringing up Kendra to Milhouse. He mentions how she can’t stop talking about him. Milhouse wonders how they even know each other and that’s when Spinner tells him that she’s his sister. Milhouse is even more confused until Spinner says, “She’s adopted, moron. And only in grade 7. So if you go near her, I’ll turn your glasses into contacts.” Which actually gave me a good laugh, especially since it seems like Toby pissed his pants.

Toby, Spinner

In the hallway Paige and Ashley are closer than ever with Ashley calling her a sex kitten. Paige notices the face that Terri made and it was the same one I did when I heard that exchange. Terri spills the beans about Jimmy liking her but Ashley is choosing to go out with Sean instead. I don’t know why Paige even gives a fuck about that, but she does. She cares way too much in fact. You can tell that she was waiting for any excuse to get upset with Ashley again.

Terri, Paige

In Mrs Hatzilakos class Jimmy is busy staring at Ashley while Paige sticks her head right next to him. She can’t help being a bitch and makes a stupid analogy about him and Ashley and the science experiment that they’re doing. But she’s not done yet, she goes on to tell him all about Ashley’s date with Sean that Friday night. Drake is now beyond pissed because she’s going out with his mortal enemy.

In the hallway Milhouse now completely devastated is telling JT all about Kendra being that asshole Spinner’s sister. She comes up to him and she asks him if he saw some anime the night before. He can’t help geeking out and telling her how much he loves that show. She makes a lunch date with him but he doesn’t stay there for long because he spots Spinner gawking at them and he leaves all terrified.

At Sean’s locker Jimmy comes up to him full of attitude. Sean tells him that he thought that they were now cool but Drake says that he was wrong. You can tell that Sean could give a fuck either way. But Jimmy then tells him that he better stay away from Ashley since they’re going out again. But Sean brings up the fact that they’re going to be going out on a date that Friday night. Oh burn! Jimmy tries to grab Sean but Sean just manhandles him for the third time in this series and shoves Jimmy against the lockers. Didn’t Jimmy learn his lesson from his last beating? Craig breaks it up and it’s hilarious how Jimmy get’s in Craig’s face instead.

Sean, Jimmy, Craig

In the Media Immersion class Ashley comes in all cheerfully and says hi to Jimmy. Jimmy all of a sudden says, “Don’t talk to me you slut.” If I were in that class I would have been, “Ohh snap!!” You know, basically being a shit starter. Ashley is shocked that he just called her that and wants to know what the fuck his problem is. He starts to say that that’s what girls are who mess around on their boyfriends. She points out that they’re not together anymore. He brings up old shit and the fact that she kissed Sean in the last season. It’s hilarious to see that the whole class is on Jimmy’s side.

Jimmy, Ashley

It’s finally picture day and the 8th graders are getting their pictures taken first. Kendra waves to Milhouse, but he’s such a puss he just looks away without waving back. Emma makes fun of him by making clucking sounds. He goes on to point out how afraid he is of Spinner.

In the lunch room Ashley seems to have changed her stupid orange camo shirt to a Degrassi sweater. She starts to tell Ashley and Hazel about the Jimmy situation and that’s when Paige puts her backpack on her seat and tells her to go sit somewhere else. Oh my God how I wished that Ashley would have grabbed Paige by the hair and start slamming her head against the table. Terri comes along and asks them what was going on. Paige then says, “Hun it’s simple, four years of high school. Will you spend them cool with all of us. Or as a big outcast loser as one of her. You decide.”

Hazel, Paige, Ashley

Back in the hallway Milhouse is having an even more bad day because he just dropped all of his books. Kendra comes by and gives him the stupid anime CD Rom. She goes on to ask him what’s going on with him because she thought that he liked her. She quickly realizes that he’s afraid of Spinner and basically calls him a big pussy by saying, “You coward.” That has to hurt his ego, even though he’s a huge fucking geek.


At Ashley’s locker Sean comes by and tells her that they can watch any movie that she wants. She tells him fine, but then asks him if they can postpone the date for a later time. That’s when he realizes that she doesn’t want to go out with him because she cares way too much what that shithead Paige thinks. Sean says, “Whatever.” and leaves all disgusted. Ashley slides down to the floor and we see Ellie sitting there. She says, ” That went well.” I was totally waiting for Ashley to tell her fuck you.

Ellie, Ashley

Milhouse comes upon Spinner and Kendra arguing about house hold chores and he finally decides to be a man and stand up to him. Spinner is impressed that a nerd like him actually had the balls to do that. He tells him fine but not to break her heart unless he wants him to eat his bowels. Which is the same thing as saying that he eats pieces of shit for breakfast. She then asks him if he wants to go get some ice cream. Milhouse lucked out because she’s a bit too cute for the likes of him. But love wins after all!

Spinner, Kendra, Toby

It’s finally time for the 9th graders to get their pictures taken and Paige being Paige is mocking Ashley’s Degrassi sweatshirt. Ashley is feeling pretty bad at the moment until she see’s Terri walk in. She calls her over, but instead Terri goes with Paige’s group. That fucking Judas! The look on Paige’s face is infuriating. Ashley now devastated at losing all of her friends tells the obnoxious photographer to just take the goddamn picture already. She’s so down that she doesn’t care that she’s crying when the pic is taken.

Hazel, Terri, Paige Ashley, End Credits

I liked this episode even though Paige acted like a complete fuckhead in it. I’m still advocating that someone kick her ass at one point in this show. But it was nice to see some of the other new characters finally being introduced. Even Toby wasn’t as horrible as he usually is, probably because Spinner and Kendra buffered him out. By the way, my hand is still bothering me, but not as much with a brace on. So there’s progress being made.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 4, “Karma Chameleon”

  1. Happy to see Ellie finally on it, she’s probably one of my favourite characters in the earlier seasons of NG. It’s so funny how you say Paige needs to get her assed kicked, because so much bad shit happens to Paige later on, and I think she becomes a much better character as a result. I actually dig Paige a lot later on.

    I laughed really hard at that Kendra Jackie Chan comment. I totally forgot this character existed, I think she’s in like two episodes.

    I don’t feel bad for Ashley, which is probably rude but I just don’t really like her character. Plus she treats Terri like shit, even though Terri is much prettier (I actually think she’s the prettiest out of Paige, Ashley and Hazel). So yeah, really don’t care about Ashley, I’m enjoying this drawn out melodrama lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you, I really like Ellie’s character too. Even though the her character reminds me a lot of Kathleen with the drunk mom and all.

      HAHA! I saw a recent picture of the actress who plays Kendra and she’s so much better looking now.

      LOL! No, I think you make a good point with Ashley. She does have a lot of shit head moments in her own right. Everything she said while she was high was what she was really thinking.


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