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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 2, Episode 7, “Shout, Part 1”


Ok, I just wanna start out with saying that I hate this two parter and it’s mostly because I hate the character of Dean. Such a smug motherfucker. But I guess that says a lot about his acting ability.

Pre-credit opener: We open with a very intense game of soccer between Degrassi and some unnamed high school. Spinner seems to be making a break for it with the ball while Dean is hauling ass trying to catch him. Paige meanwhile is on the sidelines pretending to be cheering for Degrassi, but she’s so caught up at just gawking at him with lust in her eyes. Spinner makes the game winning goal and is the hero of the game. Good for him not being the water boy this time around. Anyways, Dean spots Paige staring at her and smiles back. Ok, in what world is this guy a high school student? He looks like a fucking 40 year old man.

Paige Dean

As the other school is leaving Paige is still checking out Dean and that’s when Hazel tells her that it ain’t never going to happen. That’s when Spinner comes along and you can tell that Paige can give a shit about him, even as he’s asking her out for a date. She gives him a lame excuse but Spinner begs her if she can move it for Sunday. She says sure and Hazel points out how much Spinner is into her, but Paige just says that it’s no big deal since they’ve done stuff together before and that they’re just friends.

In the locker room Drake is telling Spinner that he knew that he was into her. Of course he was, everyone can tell. Spinner says, “Of course, I’m a winner on the field and with the ladies!” Drake goes on to point out to him that Paige is the coolest girl in grade 9. Jimmy suggests that he step it up for those reasons, but Spinner also has a bit of a cool thing going for him since he is a star soccer player.


Oh lord. Paige is still going on about Dean and totally wants to go out with him. So being all aggressive she introduces herself to him and says that she’s head of the spirit squad. He calls her Spirit and tells her his name. Spirit is a name that he’ll use with her for as long as he’s on this show. As his bus is pulling away he invites the both of them to a party. Probably a frat one because he’s old as fuck.

Oh no! NO! NOOOO!!!!! JT and Toby have the B plot and just looking at Toby opening his locker and having all of JT’s shit falling out of it instantly annoyed me. It’s plots like these that make writing this blog a real chore. JT is in his school mascot costume and I don’t know if it’s everywhere, but in my high school the identity of who it was, was always a secret. But I guess Degrassi doesn’t give a shit about things like those. Going on, it’s the old cliched story line of two friends not getting along when they share a space, this time being a shared locker.

Toby, JT

Mercifully we cut to Paige and Hazel shopping and Paige is pouting because Hazel won’t let her get fuck me pumps because they’re way too tall. Paige then get’s a text and it’s Spinner. It’s pretty clear that Paige hasn’t canceled on him yet. So she gives him a horrible excuse of her grandma being in the hospital.

HAHA! Oh God, we come to Spinner and Jimmy shopping at an ancient Blockbuster video. Spinner is getting all these sappy love stories for Paige and Drake points out that it’s a date, not a marathon. As Drake is getting a bunch of chips and candy Spinner get’s the text and get’s all disappointed at her canceling. I can’t believe that he bought her bullshit lie. Jimmy tells him not to despair and that he’s going to show him a good time.

Drake, Spinner

It’s finally time for the big party and the both of them come dressed like a couple of hootches. Paige even bought the stripper heels, she tries to make some small talk with him and you can tell that he can give two shit’s about anything she has to say. As he goes to get her a drink this black chick tells Paige that she should chill out because he’s way too old for her. See, even Degrassi is pointing out how old this guy looks. He looks like those loser old guys that parties with high school students still. Paige being annoying tells her, “Fuck off hoe, you’re just being jealous.”

Hazel, Paige

Sigh! JT and Toby are at Toby’s house doing shit that two nerds usually do on a Friday night. Which is just hanging out and talking about non sense. JT brings up their locker and he promises to clean everything up. He’s making up some disgusting looking concoction and I could careless.

Back to the party Dean is seriously laying it on thick on Paige, telling her how beautiful her eyes are. Of course she’s loving getting the attention from a guy who can legally drink alcohol. But oh shit, she spots Jimmy and Spinner at the party. Hazel suggests that they should leave but she says, “No way, I’m this close.” That’s when she makes what is probably the worst mistake of her life and asks him to take her to a quiet room where they can be by themselves.

Jimmy, Spinner

This is where things take a turn for the worst. He sweet talks her some more and they start to make out. Of course this guy being a walking hard on, he leads her to the bed and starts to force himself on her. She tells him to stop but this is when the prick actually busts out a condom and Paige immediately starts to panic and tries to leave. But he forces her back down and yup, Paige is being raped while she’s telling him to stop.

Dean, Paige

All of a sudden it’s Monday I’m guessing and she’s hella depressed while she’s sitting at the bleachers hearing that asshole’s voice over and over. Hazel and Terri come by her locker and that’s when Terri wants to hear all the horny details but Paige is being all subdued, and basically makes it sounds like they had consensual sex. Drake meanwhile hears this and is automatically pissed off for his homie Spinner.

Terri, Hazel, Paige

At the MI lab Snake is going through an assignment and he notices that Paige is just staring at her screen and she goes on to tell him that she forgot to email her essay to her account. Hazel meanwhile is noticing that Paige is acting weird. Ok wait, I swear that she seriously implied that they had sex, but in this scene Paige tells her that they’d didn’t just simply kiss, but actually did the nasty. Way to confuse me Degrassi writers. Anyways, Hazel is shocked to hear this news but they can’t get into it because Snake is being a dick.

Snake, Hazel, Paige

We get back to Toby and JT and Toby is doing the classic sitcom plot device of putting a piece of tape to mark each other’s boundaries. He explains the rules to JT and then leaves, JT sticks it to him though by cutting the sleeves off of Toby’s sweater that was going over on his side.

It’s lunch time and Spinner is telling Jimmy that he wants to take Paige to go see Star Wars, but Jimmy tells him to cool it with her and that she’s busy with cheer leading and class. Spinner basically says, “Big fucking deal yo.” But that’s when Jimmy tells him that’s he’s heard shit, like Paige and Dean hooking up at the party that they were at. Spinner of course is all heartbroken over hearing this news.

Spinner, Jimmy

In Mrs Kwan’s room everyone is busy reading their novels. I’m surprised that she doesn’t have them doing non English class things like more improv. What the fuck Mrs Kwan. Hazel takes this time as an opportunity of getting all the sexual details of Paige’s first time boning. But she notices that Paige is acting like it’s not even a big deal. Hazel of course being nosy as hell demands to know a detail or two. That’s when Paige tells her that she’ll change seats if she doesn’t shut the fuck up. Spinner meanwhile is just staring at her all pissed off.

In the hallway we can all tell that Spinner is going to confront Paige and her bullshit that she told him. He asks her how her grandma is and she can’t even remember her lie. He get’s her attention though by asking how Dean is doing and tells her he knows what happened. She says, “Were you in the room with me? I don’t think you were.” She tries to walk away and that’s when he grabs her arm and points out that she lied to him. She fucking goes ballistic here and tells him not to touch her ever again and this is where he gives her the real zinger of, “Why not, everyone else does!” Oh what a major burn. And she fucking bitch slaps the shit out of him and just walks away, leaving him completely shocked.

Paige, Spinner, Slap

NO!!! Stop going to fucking Toby and JT’s lame B plot! Toby discovers his cut sleeve and they start a stupid fight about the locker. Just as they’re starting their little sissy fight Radich comes along and puts a stop to it. It’s stupid story lines like these that make me miss Liberty’s crush on JT.

JT, Mr Raditch, Toby

In Paige’s office, the girls shitter, Hazel walks in and tells her that Spinner was way out of line with what he said. In a stall Paige is crying and tells her that it wasn’t like how she thought it was going to be. Especially her first time. She admits to Hazel that she got raped and let’s everything come out how he forced himself on top of her. Hazel being a good friend tells her that she told him no. She then says the word rape and Paige loses it, crying harder this time.

Paige, Crying

We cut back to Raditch lecturing Toby and JT about their antics and they basically forgive and forget. JT makes things right with Toby by cutting off a sleeve from his own shirt. Hopefully this stupid bullshit is over with now.

At the soccer field Hazel comes running after Paige and asks her what happened with going to the Dr after school. But Paige doesn’t want to deal with anything that happened to her. Which is understandable. Hazel goes on to point out that it wasn’t her fault, but Paige is now basically saying that is because of the way she dressed and acted like she wanted his dick. Hazel still repeats that she said no. The episode ends with Paige taking it out on Hazel and telling her that she’s fine. (She isn’t)

Hazel, Paige, To Be Continued

So this episode was alright. I guess it dealed with the subject of rape in a realistic way. Even that sounds messed up. But I can see why the JT and Toby subplot was added for some comedic relief, but all they managed to do was annoy the shit out of me. Tune in next time for the shocking conclusion to this fucked up two parter.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 7, “Shout, Part 1”

  1. “NO!!! Stop going to fucking Toby and JT’s lame B plot!”

    This made me laugh out loud. I know this subplot is probably there for comic relief but it just seems so out of place in such a serious episode. Also just reiterates how much I HATE Toby. At least JT becomes a better character, but Toby just sucks his entire run on Degrassi.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHA! Yeah, they were completely out of place. You’re more invested with what’s going on with Paige and then when they go to them the episode screeches to a sudden stop. No one cares about Toby’s domestic problems. Or in his character at all. No wonder he was eventually phased out in later seasons. LOL!


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