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Season 2, Episode 10, “Take My Breath Away”


Hey Degrassi fiends. Sorry I haven’t posted shit for what? Weeks, or a month? Anyways, I think I’ve lost the drive to do this blog. If you see a next entry it’s because I just did it on a whim, it’ll probably be like that for now on.

Pre-credit opener: We see Craig interrupting Mrs Kwan’s boring lecture and Manny is all full of love in her eyes for him. Clearly Manny is completely insane because all of a sudden they’re wearing formal wear and break out into song. But she comes back to reality and Craig is telling her to move her ass out of the way because he has to get a projector to Snake’s class. Don’t you hate it when TV shows try to showcase the cast singing? I’m all, Stop that because they fucking suck!

Craig, Manny

In the MI lab Toby tells Snake that the computers are all messed up and Snake asks JT if he emailed him naked baboon pictures again. Snake isn’t even embarrassed to admit his sick addiction. He opens up his computer and it’s this lame, demented looking wedding announcement. Seems like Snake and Spike are getting married. Manny still living on another planet asks him what it’s like to find his one true love. She’s so Disney it makes me sick!

Spike, Snake

In the hallway Emma is bragging to Manny about the engagement ring that Snake and Emma picked out. We then see how Snake is even more of a pussy because it turns out that Spike asked him to get married. Right away we know who’s in charge in that relationship. Craig comes by and says hi to the both of them and it’s pretty obvious that Craig is into Manny too.

Outside Ellie is reading a book and Marco let’s on that he’s read it too. She says that Mrs Kwan didn’t think it was so great for a book report. Well no shit Ellie. That thing seems like it’s a fucked up book by Tim Burton and it was meant for five year old’s. It’s kind of like in the Simpson’s when Bart’s book report was Baby’s First Pop Up Book. Anyways she tries to flirt with him, but he just says, “Catch you later.” On the bench next to her Ellie is dismayed to find out that Hazel is into him and wants his nuts badly.

Goth BookEllie

In the MI room Ellie is sending him an “anonymous” email, but I don’t know how he wouldn’t figure out it was her because she sent it in the same stupid style as the book they were just talking about. Ashley comes along and not respecting her privacy wants to know who it is that she likes, but all Ellie says is that she’s never felt like that for anyone before. To end this boring scene Marco reads it and just smiles at Hazel. Ellie is even more depressed because she figures that she fucked up and has driven them even more closer together.

In the hallway Manny is once again tripping balls about Craig almost telling her that he loves her, but then she comes back to reality. She spots him by himself and just blurts out to him, “Craig, I like you.” She get’s all mortified and leaves all embarrassed but Craig tells her that he likes her too and that’s when she squeals like the little girl that she is. Long story short, they make a date for a movie.


In the library Marco brings up the email to Ellie and she pretty much plays dumb and just says that it means that someone likes him. He goes on to ask why they would ask such a retarded cryptic question to him. She goes on about the anonymous part. So yeah Marco pretty much knows that it’s her.

At Joey’s house Joey is telling some girl on the phone that he doesn’t want to see her anymore and that it’s over. Oh please. Like fucking Joey is a real catch and that someone would be begging for his presence. Joey is all proud of Craig for taking out such fresh meat like Manny. At Spike’s house Manny is way too nervous about their big date and all of a sudden Mr Wonderful arrives. Before they leave Emma takes their picture with this gargantuan camera. I mean that thing is fucking huge!


The next scene is at Degrassi and it’s obviously a new day. Manny is telling Liberty and Emma about the date and she pretty much says that they’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend because they’re so in love. She’s so delusional it’s sad. To illustrate the point Craig is telling his side of the story to Spinner and Drake and you can tell he had the worst time ever. I just noticed that Spinner bleached the hell out of his hair. Why?

So right here we get another taste of the madness that is Degrassi. Manny and Craig are both going to tell their version of the date and both versions couldn’t be more different. I’m not going to go through the whole scene. Basically hers was all romantic because they had an indoor carnival in the mall. That must be a pretty shitty carnival. But ok, he buys her some cotton candy and she feeds it to him all sexy. In his version she’s acting like such a little girl and she fucking shoves the cotton candy down his throat and Craig is gasping for air.


The next incident is where they play the game where you throw a ball through a hole to win a prize. He wins her some stupid stuffed horse and Manny not even embarrassed tells him that it’s part of a collection that she has. It’s her turn and she throws the ball and she gives Craig a concussion by beaming him in the head with the damn ball. All of a sudden Craig looks into her eyes and he thinks that she’s the hottest piece in the planet. But he can’t bring himself to kiss her because she reminds him of his sister Little Manny, aka Angela. Both Jimmy and Spinner point out what a sick fuck Craig is.

Craig, Manny

Manny’s version is that she annihilates Craig’s head and he’s way too polite about it. I’m surprised she didn’t say that they had a good make out session, but she admits to Liberty and Emma that they didn’t kiss. Liberty says that she loves that in a man. Please, she would have been begging anyone for just a smooch on the cheek.

Manny, Craig

I completely forgot about Ellie and Marco’s subplot. She sends him another email and this time she wants to meet up with him. You can tell that she’s nervous as hell about it. In the hallway Manny is acting like a maniac with him already and he mentions that everyone is talking about them and she says that they’re now Degrassi’s hottest new couple. Just going by his tone of voice Emma can tell that Craig doesn’t really like her. She tries to tell her but Manny being stupid and desperate doesn’t want to hear it.

I love how Degrassi has a zen garden. I should have mentioned that in the scene where Ellie told Marco to meet her. But yes they have a zen garden, my school didn’t have any money to waste on stupid shit like that. Marco comes along and says that he was supposed to meet Hazel. She says that she knows, first hand in fact. That’s when he asks her if she was the one who was writing to him. Instead of just saying yes she get’s all sad and just leaves. What the fuck Ellie? How is the dude supposed to know that you like him if you keep staying quiet and just leave when confronted with the question.

Ellie. sad

Outside Marco is calling her on her old ass cell phone and explains to her that he wasn’t rejecting her. I don’t know how the fuck she got that from him hardly saying anything at all. He goes on to say that he was going to tell Hazel that she’s not his type. Then he says, “I go for cool, alternative.” Oh boy, does he ever! So Ellie is all happy because she bagged her dream man.


In the hallway Craig is getting tired of Manny and her shit. She’s now completely decorated his locker with a bunch of girly bullshit and you can tell that he wants to throw everything into the trash. Ashley comes along and asks Craig if he still wants to sign a petition protesting GM foods. Like anyone in that age group would even remotely care about such things. Manny goes on to show what an idiot she is and asks her what it means and then asks if it’s a good thing. They both look at her with disgust because of her stupidity.


As soon as Ashley leaves she tells Craig that she doesn’t think that he should talk to her anymore. Holy shit did she turn into a psycho quick. All he says is that she’s in his class. That’s when Manny takes this as an opportunity to ask him what they’re going to be doing that Friday night. At that Craig can’t stands no more and he tells her flat out that he doesn’t like her. The episode ends with Manny making an ugly I wanna cry face.

Manny, End Credits

I would say this was another alright episode. The Ellie, Marco subplot was a bit boring and was wrapped up way too quickly. Manny though showed everyone what not to do when you like someone and that is to never smother them.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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  1. Dude you totally left out the part where craig shows up and the girls get excited and start screaming while craig can clearly hear them.


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