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Season 2, Episode 16, “Message In A Bottle”

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So this is more of a Sean episode and his have always been good ones. Way better than the usual bullshit we get with Toby and JT. The last episode straight up sucked!

Pre-credit opener: Sean and Emma walk into his little shanty and it’s a fucking dump. Apparently they’re there to study for chemistry. Which is pretty advanced stuff for their ages. Anyways, she starts to lean back in the chair and of course it’s a termite eaten piece of shit because Sean tells her to be careful because the leg is broken. They attempt to study again, but that’s when Tracker walks in. I forgot all about Tracker. Seems like he’s pissed off over the way he’s being treated at his crappy job and he’s just quit. Hilarious that his honor has been besmirched. He’s so pissed off that he quietly tells Sean to take Emma and beat it.

Sean, Emma Tracker

The next day of school Sean and Jimmy are at basketball practice and Coach Armstrong tells them that he likes their team work and that’s how they should be at regionals. Spinner tries to be a kiss ass and tells them both that they are pretty great together, but we see that they still don’t like each other due to Sean kicking Jimmy’s ass about five times last season. Jimmy makes the first move by telling Sean that he’s having a party that night to celebrate making the regionals and Sean and Emma are invited. I love how Jimmy get’s to have a party for something stupid like that. With no parents involved at all.

In the hallway, Emma invites Sean over to her house for dinner. I’m sorry, but since when did these two get back together? Did we skip an episode or something? Oh yeah, since the wedding, but they never showed anything after that, so I guess we have to assume. Thanks for being lazy Degrassi writers. Sean tells her fuck no because in his sad little world, Jimmy’s party is more important than a boring night at her house with Spike and Snake. Speaking of, Snake comes along and it turns out that they’ll be having Sushi for dinner. So Sean is pretty much fucked for the time being.

In the MI lab Jimmy just can’t help staring at Ashley. It’s hilarious how the camera makes her look all dreamy. Drake tells Spinner how much she’s changed. But she’s still the same crab apple that she has been since last season. In fact I would say that she’s worse. Terri comes by and Jimmy invites her over, but he probably never would have invited her if she wasn’t friends with Ashley. That has to hurt on some level for Terri.


In the hallway, Paige is going on about going to a spa weekend and is going to skip the party. Ellie says that she’d rather be sculpting her ear wax than to go. That’s just fucking nasty. But I don’t know why she said that, she wasn’t invited to go in the first place. I have to say, I like Ellie, but what the fuck is going on with her whole look right now? She looks like a goddamn Gremlin. Anyways, Terri pressures Ashley to go the party with her.

Terri, Ashley, Ellie, Paige

Back at their rats nest, Sean and Tracker are having a bit of a fight due to Tracker no longer having a job. Sean is pissed off because it’s the same behavior that his piece of shit dad had whenever he lost a job. Tracker is still going on about his pride and honor, but the problem is, he has none. He goes on to point out that he’s not a lousy drunk who spends their money on booze like their dad did. Sean calms a bit down when he learns that Tracker has a big job interview at the cracker factory the next day.

Sean, Tracker

It’s finally time for the big, boring dinner and apparently they’re going full on Japanese for some insane reason and they all took their shoes off and are eating sitting down. Sean is hella embarrassed because his best dress socks have two huge holes in them. How humiliating. Spike meanwhile is being all judgmental about Sean’s shitty home life and he can totally hear them talking about him. Sean can’t help it because he’s a bad seed and goes into the kitchen for some water, but instead takes a huge gulp of some vodka. That sure settled his nerves.


Spike and Snake are such fucking duds during the dinner conversation that Sean is almost falling asleep and it’s not the vodka doing that to him. Sean then accidentally spills some of it on Emma and she goes to change, Snake then leaves Spike and Sean alone while he makes some coffee. This is when Spike insults the shit out of Sean because she offered to send him home with some left overs. Sean leaves all pissed off because now his honor has been fucked with. Tracker’s so screwed cause he could have gotten a good free meal instead of having his usual Top Ramen Noodles for dinner.

Spike, Snake

We then cut to Jimmy’s party at his nice apartment and it’s packed with all the Degrassi extra’s. Ashley and Terri walk in and Ashley right away can’t help being a sour puss and tells Terri that she shouldn’t have come. Jimmy comes up to them and it’s more awkward small talk thanks to Ashley. But the awkwardness is saved thanks to some dude who came from the 1980’s via Doc Brown’s time machine and wants Jimmy to explain to him how the CD player works. Ashley get’s all butt hurt, but she should realize that he’s being the fucking host. Not everything is about you Ashley! Goddamn.

80's metal guy Ashley, Terri

Back at Emma’s, Emma is pissed off at Spike for fucking up their evening. I love how Emma rightly assumes that it’s Spike’s fault.

Sean finally arrives at the party and Craig is way too concerned about Sean. Probably because he can smell all the alcohol coming out him and is afraid that Sean is going to beat the shit out of him like his dad did. After he hugs it out with Jimmy, Sean spots the booze at his parents bar and you can tell that he wants to get fucked up. But stupid Craig won’t leave him alone. This is when Sean starts to pour all his insecurities about him being a big poor loser and Emma probably hates him now. Craig all of a sudden fucks off and Sean takes this as the opportunity to get even more drunk off his ass.

Jimmy, Craig, Spinner, Sean

As the night continues the Degrassi kids are now having a rave and the time traveler attempts to get with Ashley and she can’t help being all bitchy and tells Terri that they’re leaving. But Jimmy stops her at the door and says that they haven’t talked yet and she get’s all happy when he says that she’s the only guest that he wants to be with.

Emma finally comes by after many hours it seems like. You would have thought that she would have assumed that he was at Jimmy’s, but apparently Emma is a complete idiot. Emma tries to get Sean to leave and they start to fight over the bottle. That’s when Sean drops the Vat 69 and Jimmy is way, way too pissed off over the broken bottle. Probably because he knows his parents are going to be pissed. But his parents are the ones to blame for leaving him alone unsupervised.

Jimmy pissed

Outside Jimmy’s condo, Sean is drunker than a motherfucker and is busy putting himself and his family down. Emma acts like Spike, which is a bitch and then calls Spike to come and pick them up. Sean is beyond mortified at the thought, but again, he’s fucked.

The next day Jimmy and Ashley start to talk and all of a sudden she kisses him. That was sudden. Sean comes by and tries to talk to Jimmy, but Jimmy hates his guts again. Sean should just tell him who cares and to go fuck himself. Emma comes by and they have a quick heart to heart. Sean is beyond embarrassed that Spike knows that he was drunk. But Spike is one of those shitty parents who let things slide, as long as it doesn’t happen again. Emma tells him that she still likes him, doesn’t want to dump him and still wants to keep seeing Sean. So at the end, all is well in Emma’s white bread world.

Ashley, Jimmy Sean, End Credits

This was a good episode. Most Sean episodes are good. I love how everyone at the party is shocked at the underage drinking. Making Sean the coolest kid at Degrassi, because the other students are lame as hell.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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