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Season 2, Episode 19, “Fight For Your Right”

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Oh noes. Activist Emma rears her ugly head again in this episode. I wonder what stupid cause she get’s into this time.

Pre-credit opener: We come upon Snake acting like Mr Raditch and Emma is practicing giving a speech on why the school should get rid of genetically modified food. Seriously? I’m already annoyed because what kid gives a fuck about this? Snake suddenly starts to nervously tell Emma to brush her teeth, floss, wipe her ass and go to bed because Spike is away for two days and Snake of course can’t function by himself because Spike owns both of his nuts.

Snake, Emma

The next day of School Emma runs into JT, Toby and Manny. JT too is annoyed by Emma’s crusade of the week. In the cafeteria Craig and Marco see Spinner staring at an ad for work in the lunch room. Jimmy comes along in all new gear and the dudes are obviously impressed. Craig asks a very racist question by asking if he robbed a place, but Jimmy says that his absentee dad bought him all that shit because he missed his birthday.

It’s finally time for the big meeting with Raditch and this rag tag committee consists of Emma, Ashley and pudgy wheelchair girl. I guess they’re the only ones in the entire school who care about this stupid bullshit. Oh I just noticed an unnamed and never again to be seen extra. Anyways, Emma hands Mr Raditch a tomato and he thinks that it’s quite tasty. But she tells him that it’s infused with Scorpion DNA. They argue that they have no idea what eating that will do to a Human being’s body. I have a theory. Absolutely nothing. It’s not like something is going to happen to Raditch like what happened to Spiderman. Raditch is just going to take a really juicy shit the next day. Long story short, Raditch tells them to fuck off because it’s cheaper to buy the genetically modified food.

Wheelchair Girl, Ashley, Emma

In the MI lab, Snake tells the students that they’re allowed to have some free internet research time. I bet half the room went into some sort of porn site. Spinner meanwhile is look at all these hip hop clothes that he’ll never be able to afford. Suddenly he spots Drake with the classic iPod, but he doesn’t call it an iPod, he calls it the Mercedes Benz of MP3 players. I guess Degrassi couldn’t afford to say iPod. Spinner sounds really pathetic by saying that he’s back to cassettes since Mrs Kwan broke his discman the previous season. Jimmy can’t help being a dick and says, “Sucks to be you honky.”


Outside, Sean is telling Emma that if she doesn’t like the food in the “caf” then simply don’t eat it. Sean is always full of wisdom, but Emma is the type of person who wants to impose her will on others because in her point of view, she’s right and she’s on a mission to save everyone. Sean though makes the mistake of telling her not to back down, since she does have something to say. But the problem is no one wants to listen to her message.

Out in the basketball court, Marco is going on about Jimmy’s brand new 400 dollar Jordan’s too. It’s not a mystery why Marco is in awe though. He’s dressed like fucking Marty McFly, so no wonder he thinks that Jimmy is dressed like a mack daddy. Jimmy goes on to point out that Spinner is always at his house, mooching. Marco then let’s his gay side come out because he tells Spinner that he’s worn the same stinky hoodie for the last three days. Jimmy joins in and says that Spinner’s had it for two years now. At that Spinner tells him to sit and spin and not everyone is lucky to have a dad who’s never there and tries to buy his son’s affection. Jimmy tells him that his parents spoil Spinner and then calls him a freeloader. But Jimmy just fucked up, he leaves and absent mindly leaves his “MP3” player behind. Spinner just says, “Yoink.” and puts it in his pocket.

Jimmy, Marco

Outside the school Emma is now protesting the GM foods. I’m surprised that Ellie isn’t on board with this, but she’s not. She seems to be annoyed with Emma because she doesn’t buy her bullshit. She goes on to point out that GM foods do a lot of good in shitty countries where people are dying of famine. Radich comes along and shuts Emma down. We can tell she’s going to do something even more stupid to prove her point.

On the video announcement’s Sheila the lunch lady comes on and gives a what’s really a tacky commercial for the GM foods in the cafeteria. JT of course is involved because he’s an annoying asshole. Emma was about to give up her cause, but this just put her into overdrive.

Sheila, JT

In the cafeteria, Emma comes in fuming, asking JT just what the fuck he was thinking, but she can’t finish her thought because her attention turns to Toby who’s eating some fries. Really? Genetically engineered fries now? They start to fight for it and then they launch it straight at Jimmy.  He’s super pissed because his new clothes are all stained now. But that’s what he get’s for being a prick to Spinner. In retaliation he  throws a sloppy joe at them, but he misses big time and hits Paige. This escalates into a huge fucking food fight in the cafeteria while this lame song they always play comes on.

Food Fight

In Mr Raditch’s office, Raditch suspends Emma’s ass for the day. But what bullshit. She really should have gotten days, or a week at least, with a shitload of detention. Emma starts to mouth off by saying that she’s only being punished because she was protesting and didn’t throw anything. But technically, she did start the fight by throwing those nasty fries at Jimmy.

In Mrs Kwan’s room Jimmy finally see’s that he’s lost his iPod and he goes ape shit because it is an expensive device to lose. Spinner of course acts like a prick and says that his rich dad can just always buy him another one.

So instead of going home like she was supposed to Emma defiantly goes into Snake’s room and declares that she’s not going home since she’s always right. Snake is put on the spot because Emma is his new stepdaughter. He can’t help asking, “Why do you hate me?” But Snake has to follow Raditch’s orders. Getting frustrated he tells her, “Emma, get the fuck out!” Finally, defeated, she leaves huffing and puffing away.

JT, Emma

In the boys laboratory, Spinner spots that ugly shithead Sully and asks him if he wants to buy Jimmy’s MP3 player. Spinner offers it to him for a 120 dollars so he can buy himself a really stupid hip hop hoodie. Sully says that’s its a deal. How does this goofy fuck have that much money? He’s just a kid.

Once again showing everyone that she’s always right, Emma has begun to protest the lack of freedom outside the school. Ellie’s out there acting like she’s fucking Lois Lane, asking her all sorts of questions for the school newspaper. Radich comes along like a bat out of hell and tells her to get her ass home. Emma of course is a smart ass and tells him that she’s on public property, so he can just go fuck himself. But he’s not taking her shit. He tells her that she has to apologize on the announcements, or else it’s a week long suspension from school.

Emma, Ellie

In the school, Spinner is nervously waiting for Sully. Proving what an idiot Spinner is, he could have easily have told him to meet him back in the restroom where hardly anyone could see him, instead of you know, meeting out in the open where just about everyone could see him selling the goddamn iPod. Drake comes along and tries to make peace with him and that’s when that asshole Sully asks Spinner if he still wants to sell him the MP3 player. Drake leaves all heartbroken. Kicking over a trash can because his stupid, poor friend really fucked him over.

Spinner, Jimmy

Back at home, Snake comes in and they start to talk about what happened. Emma tells him that she can’t apologize for being wrong and brings up the baby and what if he or she starts to eat GM food and they become mutants or something. Snake asks her if her stupid cause is worthy of getting into deep shit for and she says yes. Emma truly is Spike’s daughter. Spike is just as much a pain in the ass as she is.

The next day at school Spinner has taken the cafeteria job and he hands Jimmy back his iPod. Spinner apologizes for being poor and being Jimmy’s inferior. He tells him that he couldn’t sell his iPod because Jimmy is is best friend, but Jimmy says, “Was.” and breaks their friendship. Jimmy can expect a nice loogie in his food for now on then.


It’s time for Emma’s big apology and yup, Emma is an asshole and she says that she’s not sorry for doing what she did because she’s right and everyone else on the planet is wrong. She goes on to say that her voice won’t be silenced. But she’s a kid in school. Kids in school have no say on school policies. At that Raditch tells her to take her skinny white ass and beat it and not to come back for a week.

Emma, End Credits

I gotta say, I liked this episode. Even though Emma was annoying as hell in it. I can’t stand people like her who always think that they’re right and have to tell everyone to go along with their line of thinking. Fuck off Emma!


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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