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Season 2, Episode 20, “How Soon Is Now”


Ok, so I’ve been away from a while and it’s not because I’ve been busy with anything really. I just hate this episode with a passion. Anything that has to do with that asshole Dean I automatically hate. Especially seeing that smug shit eating grin on his face. But I guess that says a lot to the dude’s acting ability. Well enough with this bullshit. Let’s get the show on the road.

Pre-credit opener: Paige is seen in a therapy session reading out loud a letter she wrote to her rapist, Dean. She seems to have finally accepted the fact that it wasn’t her fault that she got raped because she said no. The Asian lady tries to set up another appointment but Paige thinks that she’s fully healed. She’s not.


Out in the hall way JT is acting like his usual dipshit self and has now discovered the lame world of Mime artistry. Paige all of a sudden is nice to him and JT is beside himself. Again, it’s funny how being raped brought out the decent in her. She even goes to Spinner and complements him on his horrible dye job.

In the MI lab Snake has just approved Marco and Ellie’s project which is a unisex fragrance, or some shit like that. The next phase is to make a commercial for it and of course Marco being super gay, they’re going to make it into a fabulous musical. Seriously guys, Marco said that it was going to be fabulous. Craig tells them both what a great couple they are and Marco kisses her hand and you can just tell that Ellie has fallen in love with him again. Even though he pretty much told her that he’s gay.

Ellie, Craig, Marco

In the next scene we see the cheerleaders and JT practicing their routine. Turns out there’s going to be a basketball tournament the next day at Degrassi and Spinner comes along and tells Paige that her boyfriend Dean is invading their school.

Paige had a couple of flash backs about Dean’s creeper mug and she’s decided to go to her counselor and wants to know what the process is about pressing charges. The counselor tells her that since she waited a fucking eternity to do anything about it, he just might get away with it. Plus it turns out that she doesn’t really have any evidence at all since she had Dr’s examine her and nothing was out of the ordinary. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she also took forever to get looked at. After all that, she leaves defeated.

Outside Ellie tells Ashley that Marco is obsessed with Bollywood musicals. Of course he is. Marco comes by and acts like Lord fucking Byron again and now Ashley can see that Ellie is smitten by his charms and says, “Can you two be more meant for each other?” Which really stings Ellie because she knows that she has zero chance with him.


Oh my God. Can JT just be murdered already? He comes along and does his stupid routine again and Paige just isn’t in the mood to pretend to be nice anymore. Paige tells JT that she’s not coming to the game and explains sort of that she doesn’t want to see the prick. JT tells her to let her alpha bitch side come out and give that asshole some of her medicine.


Finally Ellie and Marco are filming their commercial and this is a dream come true for Marco because this is possibly the gayest thing I’ve seen in the show so far and yes, I know the show will go to warp factor ten with the gay stuff in later seasons. Marco comes prancing in with a pink boa and says his line. Ellie can’t help herself and goes in for a kiss. Marco much like Freddy Mercury kissed a girl and he didn’t like it.

Ellie, Marco

Meanwhile back to Paige’s plot, it seems like she stayed up all night dreading the coming of the rapist Dean to the hollowed halls of Degrassi. The bus arrives and Mr Wonderful comes out and spots her right away. This motherfucker, I’ll give it to him is a cocky bastard. He comes up to Paige and the girls and basically laughs about raping her and you can tell that he’s not in the slightest remorseful for what he did.


In the MI lab, Marco is distressed because Ellie has changed the way their entire commercial is. Seems like she ditched the whole gay Bollywood shit and went with Sprockets from SNL instead. Ellie is surprised that he’s cool with it though, but he’s doing it out of pity because he can tell how pathetic she is.

Spinner see’s Dean say another taunting thing and Paige leaves like she’s going to cry. Spinner is convinced it’s because that Dean dumped her after banging her just once. Hazel pretty much fucking tells him that he raped her, but Spinner being borderline retarded says, “Good one Hazel, but the only one she said no to, was me.” She could have used hand puppets and he still wouldn’t get it.

Marco and Ellie start having an argument during the reshoots for their commercial. Ellie tells him that she feels like she’s a slave to him and his lies and she can’t take it anymore. She says the word flaming and Marco is instantly offended. He tells her that he can’t be what she wants. Ellie goes on to say that he has a choice, but Marco would rather have some man meat than to be stuck with a moody goth chick.


Shit! When is this horrible episode going to end?! Paige is outside with Hazel and she’s hella pissed at her for spilling the beans to Spinner. But she shouldn’t worry since dumbass didn’t even believe her. Still, Paige decides to leave. I love how it seems that the fate of the game rests on whether Paige will be there cheering them on or not. In the hallway Paige tells Manny that she saw her talking to Dean earlier and she tries to warn Manny about him and his rapist ways, but Manny acting like a bitch tells Paige that she knows that she porked him and that he never called her back because she was a lousy lay and that she’s jealous of Manny and her sexual powers. Oh Paige, Face!


Goddamn!! How much longer are they going to draw this shit out?! JT goes outside to find Paige gently weeping on the Degrassi steps and he tells her what the big fucking deal is. Blah, blah. Paige Admits to him that that fucker raped her and JT goes crazy and rushes into the gym and attacks Dean. It would be heroic had it not been for the fact that JT is a twerp and is completely weak. Dean is laughing his ass off, but goes ape shit when JT calls him a rapist. At that, Dean easily overpowers him and just as he’s about to cave in JT’s face, they get broken up and the both of them get kicked out of the game. Spinner knows that something is up because JT out of all people rushed to defend Paige’s honor. He talks to Paige and she now admits to him to that she was raped by the creepiest and oldest looking high schooler in the history of TV shows. I think at this point the whole school knows that Paige was raped.

Dean, JT

As Dean is walking out of the school, Spinner now decides to start with him, but of course he doesn’t do a damn thing like kick the shit out of him because the writers of this show doesn’t want the audience to have any satisfaction whatsoever. All that happens is that Paige, completely empowered like Shira tells Dean that she’s now coming after him. He’s all, “Yeah, yeah, bake a pie, eat a pie.” and goes into the bus for the duration of the game.

Ellie and Marco finally have their heart to heart and she tells him that being his beard is really hard and she can’t take it anymore. So she asks him if he’s still confused about his sexuality. Marco tells her that he’s not confused, and that he has no interest in anything female. Ellie is obviously disappointed because it’s hard for a girl like her to find someone who will put up with her and her bullshit.

Ellie, Sad

In the counselors office, Paige tells her that she now wants to press charges against Dean. The counselor says that the Mounties are now going to get involved in the matter. Spinner waiting outside gives Paige these really stale looking sandwiches and tells her that not all guys are complete pieces of shit like Dean, that some of the guys are good. But Spinner is an asshole, so he really doesn’t qualify as a good guy either. With that being said, Paige asks Spinner to the end of the year dance and the episode ends on a good note for once.

Paige, Spinner

So yeah, this episode fucking sucked. It was pure torture for me and I never want to see it again. The only thing interesting about it was Ellie and Marco’s relationship and even that was doomed from the start.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

2 thoughts on “Season 2, Episode 20, “How Soon Is Now”

  1. I think Luke Perry might beat Dean for the oldest teenager on a show haha. But yeah, the Dean saga’s are pretty tedious. Only episode I like is when Paige goes nuts and rams Spinner’s car into Dean’s but that’s like a couple of season’s from now I think.

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