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Season 2, Episode 21, “Tears Are Not Enough, Part 1”


So we’ve finally made it to the season finale of season 2. Because the writers of this show hate me, they decided to make this a two parter. At least this is a good two parter.

Pre-credit opener: It’s after school and it seems like it’s the end of the year because Craig, Ashley and Sean are talking about finals. But I have to point out, it seems like it’s Fall instead. I guess the show wants us to believe that it’s always fucking cool up in Canada. Anyways, Craig says that science is his worst subject and out of nowhere, or hell, his dad shows up saying that maybe he needs help from a fellow mad scientist as himself. Craig is just about ready to shit his pants and tells him that he’s not supposed to be near him. But Dr Manning says that he just wanted to meet Craig’s friends. Ashley introduces herself while Sean, full of attitude spits in his general direction. Thus proving what a bad ass Sean is. You can tell his dad wants to beat the shit out of Sean, but he can’t since he’s in public. His dad pleads with him to  meet up to have dinner some time. You can tell that Craig is confused. He clearly still loves his pappy, but at the same time he’s known for being a mean son of a bitch who’ll give him a vicious beat down if he crosses him. What to do, what to do?

Craig, Ashley, Sean

We get a glimpse into Joey’s world and it’s what you’d expect. Chaos. There’s dirty dishes all over the sink, the place is a mess. Joey seems to be in a real hurry to get to his failing used car dealership and Angela, remember Angela? Well she seems to be feeling like complete shit. So much so that she spills her orange juice all over Craig’s homework. Craig acting like his dad loses it and she cries like a fucking baby. Badly might I add, she’s a horrible actress.

Angela, Joey

At Degrassi Craig asks Mr Hatzilakos something science related but I don’t know what she’s talking about because she looks smoking hot. Shit, she even bends over and Spinner, much like me is admiring her ass. Even the guy facing her wants to get a look at that rump. But Craig is so stressed out that he just snaps at Spinner to shut the fuck up. You know it must be bad because that booty is gorgeous. Ashley asks him what’s up and Craig pretty much says that he’s stressing out about his abusive dad coming back into his life. Ashley being stupid says, people can change. No they don’t.

Mrs Hatzilakos

Oh God, I thought we would get away with it, but we come to the B plot and of course JT is involved in it. What a surprise, he’s a complete idiot. Liberty being a brainac finishes her test all early, but she just has to have a smug grin on her face that’s infuriating. Meanwhile retard is definitely going to fail badly because you can tell he has no idea what any of the answers are. In desperation he walks up to her outside of the school and he asks her for help. Liberty though, is an asshole and she’ll only help him if he agrees to go to the dance with her. She’s so pathetic that she doesn’t care that that’s the only way she can get a date with him.

After school Craig goes to the local hospital to see his dad being decent to a patient worried about having surgery. Craig is all amazed to see his dad not going off on her. Dr Manning is all happy that he’s agreed to go to dinner with him and he leaves skipping into his office so he can change. While he’s waiting, one of the nurses comes up to him and asks him how he’s liking boarding school. Pretty obvious his dad lied to everyone due to avoiding embarrassment. The nurse goes on to mention that this is the first time in the history of ever that she’s seen his dad smile.

At dinner Craig brings up the fact that his dad lied to everyone and his dad tells him that he’s gotten himself into anger management and that he’s changed. Craig admits to him that he’s having trouble studying at Joey’s because Joey is a horrible parent and pretty much wants Craig to be the babysitter. So at that, his dad tells him to come on over to his house to study.

Back at Joey’s, Craig comes in late apparently and Joey starts to bitch him out because Craig didn’t clean up and make dinner for his lazy ass. Craig get’s pissed and tells Joey that he has more important things to do like studying for his exams, unless he wants to end up a bald loser like Joey.

Joey, Angela, Craig

The next day Craig goes to his dad’s house and asks him for help in the subject of science. Craig does the mistake of putting his glass of OJ on the table without using a coaster and right away he imagines his dad losing his fucking mind and takes out his belt to give him a bit of medicine. Craig is clearly still freaked out about all the beatings his piece of shit dad gave him for just about anything.

Dr Manning

It’s time for everyone to take their finals and Craig and Ashley do a little fist bump before going into class. Liberty seems to be more concerned about dressing up nice for JT. But it seems like her tutoring has paid off because JT actually passed his test. Yeah right. A moron like JT would quickly forget all the knowledge that he learned the day before. Being overconfident, he walks up to Paige and wants to ask her out to the dance, but Liberty comes along and ruins everything. JT not wanting to break her dweebette heart just ends up asking Paige to help Liberty with her outfit.

JT, Paige, Liberty

After school, Craig and Ashley come out and we can see how fucking cold it is because I just saw Ashley’s breath in the air. Turns out that Craig did well and now he’s asking Ashley to the stupid dance. Awkwardly I might add. But she agrees to go with him and that’s when his dad pulls up and calls Ashley Alison. The reason why he came by is because he wants Craig to have dinner with him again, but Craig says that he needs to babysit until 8:30. I’m guessing that’s the time that Joey has with the local Degrassi whore because how else is he going to get some.

Ashley, Craig

At Joey’s, Craig is busy playing some PS1 game and that’s when Joey calls him. It seems like Joey has managed to sucker in some poor Muslim couple into buying one of his shitty cars and wants another hour with them so that he can complete the rip off, I mean sale. Craig is completely worried now because he knows that his dad is impatient like a motherfucker. And to prove the point, we see him sitting alone at the restaurant getting all testy with a waitress. Fucking prick.

Craig finally after running clear across Toronto makes it to the restaurant. He’s way over apologetic and his dad just tells him to sit down and to relax. He pulls out a couple of tickets and they’re for London. He figures that they’ll go around Europe for the Summer, spending time together. But with Craig’s luck they’d be attacked by a werewolf and be turned into one. London is the birthplace of Canadian werewolves after all. His dad then drops the whammy on him that it’s time for Craig to come back home because Joey’s house is a steaming pile of shit. Craig tells him that he likes it there and doesn’t want to go back to Dr Manning’s house of torture.

His dad goes on to say that Joey’s isn’t stable. (I could have told you that!) But Craig get’s annoyed and says that being at Joey’s is stability and gives him the plane tickets back. So much for that plan. But shit, all that work that his dad did on anger management went right out the window. He get’s all upset and leaves the place in a huff. Craig goes after him and his dad starts to go off on him about Joey and how much of a weirdo Ashley is. Craig get’s pissed off saying, “Don’t say that about Ashley!” and pushes him. In retaliation his dad backhands the shit out of him, sending Craig bleeding onto the pavement. Right away his dad tries to apologize, but Craig points out that his dad always says sorry and that it’ll never happen again. Then the bastard has real nerve putting his anger on Craig by saying the he always screws up. His dad peels out all upset and Craig crying, starts speaking in tongues yelling at him.

Craig, Dr Manning Craig, Crying

Back at Joey’s, Joey notices that Craig is crying and that he has this big ol cut on his face. Joey is super pissed to find out that it was his dad who kicked his ass. He wants to call the police to press charges, but Craig says that he wants to call Children’s Aid the next morning because he never wants to talk to the motherfucker ever again because he hates his guts.

And he never will! The next morning the police come along and they talk to Joey. Craig asks him what’s going on. Thinking that his dad sent the police over to come get him. But it turns out that his dad is now a corpse just like his mother because he died in a horrible car accident. Thus making Craig an orphan. The episode ends with Craig’s shocked face. What a downer.

Craig, End Credits

So this episode was pretty good, much better than the last couple. But leave it to Degrassi to tackle the subject of death. I’m surprised Joey didn’t have a flashback to when Wheel’s nerdy parents were killed by a lousy drunk driver. Stay tuned for next time and check out the miserable conclusion to the season finale.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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  1. Did you recognize the nurse? The same actress played Busy’s Mum on Ready or Not 🙂

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