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Season 2, Episode 22, “Tears Are Not Enough Part 2”

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I can’t believe it. We made it to the last episode of season 2. I would have to agree with some of you that this season wasn’t that great. With that being said, we conclude this downer of a two episode finale.

Pre-credit opener: I’m surprised we didn’t get a previously on Degrassi. But we open up with Sully and his ugly mug doing video announcements for the big luau dance. Snake being very serious turns off the TV and tells the class that Craig’s dad died in a horrible car wreck and now haunts the streets of Toronto. Much like Large Marge went around in her rig on the anniversary of her death. Marco asks if Craig is ok, Snake says that he is but he assumes that he won’t be back for the rest of the school year. Ashley tells everyone that she’s collecting money to send flowers to him. (Like he would want that.) All of a sudden Craig walks in all cheerful like his dad didn’t get dismembered in a car wreck and you can tell that everyone is thinking, what the fuck?


We see a bunch of students in the gym decorating for the dance, shouldn’t they be in class instead? Paige being very fucking annoying just walks across the banner they’re painting, leaving her hoof prints all over the place. Being actually decent she gives Ashley some money for the flower fund. Ashley starts to confide in Terri, shit I forgot all about Terri. I don’t think I’ve seen her for a couple of episodes already. Anyways, Terri tells her that she can’t do anything for Craig at the moment. She would know because her mom is a festering corpse too.


Ashley of course doesn’t listen to Terri because what does Terri know compared to Ashley? Craig once again is acting weird about the whole situation and says that he can’t wait to go to the dance. Ashley is shocked that he doesn’t want to stay home at Joey’s sulking and writing horrible emo songs like she would be doing.

We go to our B plot and it involves Paige and Spinner’s insane quest to become luau king and queen. Hazel get’s a bit annoyed when Paige just assumes that they’re going to win the title.

In class Marco and Jimmy can’t help gawking at Craig and they point out how well he’s taking the demise of his dad. Jimmy says that he wouldn’t be that cool. Craig comes from Mrs Hot Body and shows them that he got an A+. Craig then proceeds to lie his ass off and tells the guys that he was with his dad when he crashed and then laughs and says, “Guys I was at Joey’s getting stitched up because my dad beat me up. For the last time. Haha!” They both just say, “Good one.”

Marco, Jimmy

After class Jimmy starts to talk shit to Spinner and tells him to get to work at the cafeteria and he just has to mention how Spinner stole his iPod, I mean MP3 Player. Spinner’s had enough and he tells Jimmy to fuck off and he won’t be laughing when he and Paige take the crowns at the stupid dance. Jimmy, infuriated decides fuck that and asks Hazel of all people to run against them.

In the next scene Joey takes Craig back to his dad’s house to collect his belongings. Already you can tell that Joey is looking at stuff that he can sell because he’s always low on cash. Craig meanwhile is starting to hear his dad’s voice, so yeah, he’s starting to lose it.

Craig, Joey

It’s finally time for the funeral and this co worker of his dad comes up to say a few words about him. He starts to talk about how much of a good father he was and Craig says all loud, “Please!” Joey and Caitlin both look at him with shocked expressions. Ok, you know how hot I think Caitlin is and love any appearance that she does. But why is she there at the funeral? I doubt she knew his dad or Craig for that matter. Anyways, Craig starts to laugh like a maniac and Joey has to take him outside so he can calm his ass down. Craig starts to tell Joey that he hated his dad and he’s glad that he’s dead because he was an abusive asshole.

Caitlin, Craig, Joey

The next day Ashley is telling Ellie all about the spectacle that Craig made at his dad’s funeral. All of a sudden Craig comes along and tells her that he’s entered them for the luau king and queen contest. Ashley of course is her old dour self and hates the idea. But he probably figures that they have the sympathy vote.


Being that they’re super white, Paige and Spinner go to a tanning place and Spinner shows that he’s afraid of UV light. He closes the lid and starts crying like a bitch. He tells Paige that he can’t do it and he wants to go home. Paige being a bitch of course doesn’t give a shit and makes him wait until she has her all over tan.

Paige, Spinner

Oh lord, at Joey’s Craig tells him that he’s borrowing one of his loud obnoxious Hawaiian shirts for the dance. Leave it to him to still have that. Joey wants to talk about the whole Children’s Aid thing but Craig is still acting like a mad man. Joey tells him that he’s afraid that the pain of losing his dad is going to catch up to him. But of course Craig just blows him off by saying, “You, me. Anyone can go next. That’s why tonight, WE DANCE!!”

It’s finally time for the big dance and people are voting via computer. Leave it to Toby to be in charge of the whole operation. It was the only way he could get into the dance since no one likes him. Spinner and Paige come along and they look exactly like Donald Trump with horrible tans. Snake puts on this jam and all the Degrassi kids start to dance their little asses off. Right away Ashley annoys me because everything including her lei and dress are black.

Snake dressed like someone from the Australian outback comes up and announces the king and queen and predictably Craig and Ashley win. Just as he’s celebrating he starts to hallucinate that his dad is there at the dance cheering him on. But it’s just a teacher that looks just like him. At that Craig is starting to lose it mentally and goes outside upset. Ashley comes along and makes things worse by saying that she knew it was a mistake for him to come to the dance. Taking it out on her, he starts to go off on her and how annoying her look is. He then becomes completely possessed by his dad’s now demonic spirit and starts to go ape shit and rips apart the banner that the Degrassi kids worked so hard on and runs away. Needless to say, he scared the bejesus out of Ashley.

Ashley, Craig

Mr Raditch tells everyone to just let him cool off but Terri takes that as an opportunity to relate to him because both of their mother’s are dead. She goes on to say that when she found out that her mom died she was at Chucky Cheese for a birthday party and she got upset because she couldn’t finish her personal deep dish pizza due to her mom having died and ruining everything. Craig says that he hated the motherfucker and can’t figure out why he’s crying about him for. Terri stating the obvious says, “Because you love him.”

Terri, Craig

Spinner and Jimmy seem to have made up and they bond because the four of them look like complete tools. Adding insult to injury, Ellie comes by to take their picture while she’s calling them losers. No wonder Ellie doesn’t have any friends. Craig comes back in and tells Ashley that he’s going to go back to Joey’s pigsty but he wants his dance with Ashley first. The episode ends with Ashley asking Craig how he’s feeling and he says better. Man, that Terri sure knows how to calm someone down.

Jimmy, Hazel, Paige, Spinner, Ellie Craig, End Credits

Well that does it for season 2 of Degrassi. I would say that most episodes were either a hit or miss. This one being one of the better ones. Hopefully next season we’ll see some less of Toby and JT’s bullshit, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Stay tuned for Season 3 peeps.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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