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Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.

Season 3, Episode 3, “U Got The Look”


In this episode we witness the sluttifcation of one Manny Santos. I wonder how the producers or writers came up with this storyline? They were probably all, “We noticed that you’ve started to develop quite the body and we wish to exploit you for ratings amongst teenage boys.” It must have worked because she stayed like that for the rest of her time in the series.

Pre-credit opener: The Degrassi boys Soccer team won a huge victory over their rivals and they’re elated. Probably because they played during a fucking hurricane, why is everyone covered in excessive mud for? Anyways, Manny has eyes for that ugly motherfucker Sully, but Sully being way more over confident that he should, just blows her off. Manny is all sad that this ugly douche bag barely noticed her. Paige tells her that if she wants to bag an asshole like him, then she needs stop dressing like a seven year old girl and change her look already. She’s about to go from zero to a hundred in the slut factor and we’re all in for the ride.


I’m guessing it’s the next morning and Emma is talking about her usual boring environmental bullshit again. But Manny has other things on her mind. Like the debut of her whorish new look. She’s dressed kind of like J Lo and is totally showing off her body. Everyone is staring at her, including JT. You know he was saying, “Goddamn!” when he saw her. But he’s so busy staring at her T&A that he falls off of his skateboard and completely annihilates himself on the curb. I love how the girls just laugh at him and don’t even bother to help him up.

Manny, Emma, JT

We come upon Joey and Craig and Joey informs Craig that he’s no longer grounded for skipping class with Emma. Marco then makes the tragic mistake of mentioning that their band needs their lead singer back. Joey right away becomes interested and tells them about his time as the lead singer of Degrassi’s own, The Zit Remedy. You can check out their history here:

He goes on to say that they can use his garage for band practice.

Back at school JT is still busy staring at Manny’s body. He tries to flirt with her by talking about doodles. Liberty being a huge hater is insane with jealousy and tells the both of them to shut the fuck up because she’s so interested in the magical world of frogs movie they’re watching on the projector.

In the next scene we go back to Joey’s house. It seems like he and Sidney are going to have a romantic dinner together. I gotta say, even though Sidney is a controlling bitch, she’s hot as hell and there is no way that Joey deserves a woman like her. Moving on, they hear Craig’s band playing in the garage and Sidney asks him if there’s road work near by. Joey just has to go and check out the band. Even if it means skipping out on some pussy, the music is more important to him damn it!!

Joey, Sidney

Craig, Spinner, Jimmy and Marco are just having fun jamming out. Ashley and little Manny aka Angela are in there listening to all the feed back and that’s when Joey walks in and ruins everything. He says, “Guys three guitars, aren’t you limiting yourselves?” I don’t know why he’s talking for, the Zits didn’t even have a drummer. But he proceeds to embarrass himself again by busting out his ancient keyboard and starts to sing Everybody Wants Something. Needless to say, Craig is beyond embarrassed.

Craig, Joey

At the mall Manny is gushing to Emma that she thinks that JT is cute and is definitely better looking than last year. She goes on to say that it means that her new look is working. But then she spots a couple of thongs on display and she decides that her sluttiness needs that extra push over the cliff, and she decides to go to 11.

And yup, the next day she has the lowest of low cut jeans on and a thong that is completely showing off her ass to everyone. I gotta say, does Degrassi have no dress code? Because there is no way that Manny would have gotten away with that look at my high school. I remember girls would get in trouble if they wore spaghetti strap shirts.

Manny Thong

Leave it to Liberty to be a fucking buzz kill. Like I said, she notices that JT can’t stop staring at Manny’s ass and Liberty just has to be a hater and tells her that she’s going to report her thong to Mr Raditch. Why the teacher didn’t send her to the office is beyond me. Probably because he was enjoying the show too, he probably cursed Liberty in his head for ruining everything.

Outside there’s a mob of boys suddenly interested in Emma’s bullshit environmental club thing. JT finally decides to ask out Manny, but he’s cock blocked by that ugly shithead Sully. Manny having no standards has now completely forgotten about JT. Hoe.

In the next scene Emma and Ashley are giving their presentation on tropical hard wood toilet seats. It’s pretty clear that all the guys there can give two fucks about their cause of the week. They all just want to stare at Manny’s body. Sully comes by and asks her what Manny is short for. She tells him Manuela. JT is heartbroken to see that he’s lost her. I’d be upset too if I lost her to the kid from The Sixth Sense.

Sully, Manny

Out of the blue Caitlin comes into the story. Joey comes by her office at the tv station she works at and he asks her if he can borrow a video camera for Craig’s band. He starts to go on about how they were jamming in the garage and that it was like he was back with the Zits again. Caitlin sensing what a sad thing that was to say tells him that he should remember that they’re just kids and that he’s a bald loser who is way too old to be hanging out with them. But of course, this being Joey, he doesn’t listen to her.

Joey, Caitlin

Craig and the dudes are just jamming again while Joey is creeping everyone the fuck out by video tapping them. He goes on to humiliate Craig by telling them that they should do covers, then implies that Craig is a huge George Michael fan. Even Marco thought that was fucking gay. Joey leaves, but he left the video camera going and of course it’s recording his character assassination by Craig and the boys. Basically, they called him a bald creep and he needs to get a life.

Back at Degrassi Emma is sort of complaining to Sean that all the boys were at her boring meeting just to stare at Manny. That’s when she comes by and sort of poses in a whorish way and you can tell that she wants Sean to stare at her body. But Sean knows that Emma will have a fit if he does and decides to go take down the rest of Emma’s posters. Manny starts go on about how she thinks that she’s hot shit now, but she’s interrupted by Mr Raditch telling her that she can’t have her thong exposed like it is. Pretty obvious that it was Liberty who ratted her out.

Sean, Manny

At Joey’s, Joey is busy going over the tape of Craig’s band and it’s pretty goddamn pathetic. He comes upon the part where Craig and the band are making fun of Joey and it’s the funniest thing ever to see him realize what a loser he is for hanging out with a bunch of teens and acting like he was part of the band. Craig feeling bad just mumbles something and then heads upstairs, mortified that he got caught talking about Joey like that.

Jimmy, Marco, Spinner, Craig

The next day of school Manny disrobes and reveals her new ensemble and it’s her sluttiest outfit yet. Emma shocked, asks her if she wants to be suspended, especially after Mr Radich’s warning about showing her underwear. But this is when Manny whispers that she’s not wearing any. Damn. But even just exposing her midriff like that would still go against any dress code. Unless Mr Raditch and the teachers don’t give a shit about it.

Manny, Emma

In science class Ms H asks Manny if she would dissect a frog or something. As she’s walking by, every boy in the class is staring at her ass. Manny drops something and she bends over to pick it up, and everyone decides to leer at her ass. But why the fuck is Liberty looking too? The look on that black kid’s face is priceless. JT not wanting everyone else to look at her crack get’s up and does the frog bullshit for her.

Class, Liberty

At her locker, it seems like JT has finally gotten the guts to ask Manny out again. But that asshole Sully see’s what’s going on and tells him to fuck off. All his friends start to laugh at him and JT goes away all heartbroken because she chose to be with a dickhead like Sully. That’s when Emma decides to have a talk with Manny and she starts go off on her and that she thinks that she’s hot shit all of a sudden just because she’s showing off her bod. Manny goes on to point out that she’s always there for Emma and the one time something isn’t about her, she can’t take it. That part is true. Emma tries to talk to her, but Manny cuts her off and says that it sounds like she’s jealous. At that Emma get’s pissed and tells her that she’s done. Manny says, “This is who I am now Emma, if you can’t accept that, then don’t talk to me bitch!” Emma just walks away, disgusted at her slutticus best friend.

The next day Joey and Craig have a very awkward talk about Joey and the band. Joey goes on to say that being with the Zit Remedy was definitely a highlight of his life. Which is really sad and pathetic to hear. Especially since he says that all of a sudden he has a failing business and kids to take care of. He’s all, “Look how bald I am!” But that’s probably why he’s with Sidney because she’s successful. But Joey still wants them to use his garage for practice and he promises never to make an ass in front of Craig’s friends again.

Joey, Craig

The episode ends with Manny spotting JT and Emma looking at her with hatred in their eyes and you can tell by the look on her face that she knows that she’s done wrong, but she’s also enjoying all the attention that her slutty outfits are getting. So fuck the old friends!!

Manny, End Credits

This was a good episode, both plot lines were interesting and didn’t slow the show down at all. It was about time that Manny got her own personality, who knew she had a big ol slut hidden under all that cute and sweetness. While she definitely looks hotter, bitch definitely needs to be taken down a notch. Too bad that never really happened. Later on in the season Manny’s new sluttitude is going to get her into trouble. So stay tuned for that one.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

3 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 3, “U Got The Look”

  1. I’d say Manny gets taken down a notch, but not til way later. She’s such a weird character for me, I kind of hate her, but she’s extremely entertaining. The slutification of Manny Santos is definitely when the show finally actually starts getting interesting. You’re right about her look, it is totally J-Lo haha.
    Also I never realized how ugly Sully is…eessh!
    Great review!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha. Thanks. I hate it when they try to make ugly people hot. That guy is fucking butt ugly. lol. But good, I can’t wait to see that she get’s hers. Now that I’ve seen this episode again, her whole look was the J Lo thing. lol.


  2. Pretty sure Liberty was looking so she could call Manny out


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