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Season 3, Episode 5, “Pride, Part 2”

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So last episode was quite the shocker right? And by that I mean the thing with Snake, not Marco. Everyone could tell that he was gay except for Spinner because’s he’s a complete idiot. We now continue this emotional hurricane of a two parter.

Pre-credit opener: It seems like it’s the next day of school and Marco tries to talk to Spinner about the fact that he’s a homosexual. But Spinner acting like a true asshole plays dumb and pretends to not know what Marco is talking about. Marco is pleading with him not to tell anyone his big secret. Spinner just mutters, “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.” And then sunders off like the piece of shit that he is. Right now Marco is terrified, but I bet half the school knows already.

Spinner, Marco

In the hallway Ellie tries to reassure Marco that Spinner wouldn’t tell anyone. But Marco knows better and says that he would try to make his life a living hell because he’s a dickhead. They come along to Craig and Jimmy talking about a big secret that Spinner told them and Marco is about to shit his pants. He’s relieved to find out that he’s only planning Paige’s 16th surprise party

Emma comes along knocking on Snake’s glass wall in the MI lab and it seems like Snake was crying. I gotta say, I can’t blame him. It seems like Spike is going to be picking him up later on so that he can have a biopsy. Emma suggests that he should go home, but that’s the last place he wants to be because Spike is a fucking nag and would probably put him to work doing chores. Looking at a picture of the anti-christ, Snake goes on to say that he’s going to look a lot like baby Jack and be bald like him. But he already is.

Snake, Emma

After class Craig is talking about some nonsense about not wanting to be a farmer and that’s when Dylan comes around and gives them their tickets for his game that night. He mentions to save one for Marco and Spinner can’t help getting all angry over the thought of Marco joining them for a guy’s night at the hockey game. Craig and Jimmy are really excited about a guy’s night out and Spinner all full of hate tells them, “Ohh, guy’s night out! Can you two be bigger fags?!” This is Degrassi going there again I guess. Both Craig and Jimmy wonder why he’s acting like such an asshole for.

Craig, Jimmy, Spinner

In gym glass Jimmy  and Craig both ask Marco why he’s not coming with them to see the hockey game that night. Marco is pissed now and confront’s Spinner on why he lied to the dudes for. Spinner tells him, “Why would you want to come for anyways? It’s Hockey, not the ballet.” Marco says that Dylan invited him and Spinner says that’s the only reason he wants to be there because of his big gay crush. Well it’s obvious Spinner, a lot of people go and do shit they normally wouldn’t do because the person they like is going to be there. They start to play volleyball and Spinner starts to spike the ball right towards Marco. Coach Armstrong has had enough after he does it a second time and kicks his ass out of the class. Marco burns him with, “Good thing Spin spikes like a girl.”

In the hallway Snake is arguing with Liberty about the bidding prices for their stupid auction. He’s way depressed because all the horny guys are with Mrs H and her prize is that they get to spend the day with her at the science center. So yeah, I would be bidding a shit load of money too if I could ogle her for the day. Snake counters her sexy offer by saying that if they raise 250 bucks by tomorrow, he’s going to shave his head. He has the right idea. If I was him, I would have said fuck it and do the same thing.

Mrs Hatzilakos

In the restroom Spinner is still angry and Jimmy catches him writing “Marco is a fag” on the wall. Then he goes on to tell Jimmy that Marco’s gay. Jimmy seems to accept it right then and there and tells Spinner, “What are you going to do next? Lynch me because I’m black?”

Jimmy, Spinner

Out in the hallway Marco is telling Ellie that he’s not going to the hockey game, but she reminds him that Dylan himself invited him. Jimmy then comes along and tells him that he better go to the game and says that Spinner is an idiot. Making Ellie happy because she has no life, Marco agrees to go, but that he’ll meet them at the arena.

At Snake’s house Joey and Sidney are there and she’s talking about some health food bullshit and says that it’s good for Snake and his cancer. Even Emma rolled her eyes. Just as they’re about to leave Snake walks in limping because of his biopsy. I’m surprised that Spike is even helping him out. Snake trying to act overoptimistic is making dead jokes and wants everyone to have a good time and does some of the whitest dancing ever.

Spike, Snake

We cut to Marco and he’s calling Jimmy to tell him that he got off the wrong stop and has wandered into the gay district of Toronto. I think I saw the Blue Oyster bar from Police Academy. Anyways, Marco can’t help gawking at all the gay people and how open they are about it. But uh oh. We know he’s in trouble now when we see someone making a fist as Marco is approaching.

Marco, Gay Village

Some guy asks him if he’s lost and Marco afraid, knows that he’s going to get his ass kicked. I have to point out, why would anyone go into a dark park at night like that? The guys calls him a faggot and takes his hat away. He’s in deep shit now.

At the hockey game Jimmy tells Spinner that if Marco comes in while he’s gone taking a shit, not to act like a complete dick with him. That’s when Jimmy decides to call him and he can sort of hear Marco crying that he’s in the park. That’s when Jimmy decides to go save Marco. But Jimmy is someone who always get’s his ass kicked, so I don’t know what good he would do.

Back at the park, the bout to knock Marco out has begun. These guys start to beat the shit out of poor Marco and we know he didn’t have a chance against them because he’s not a manly gay dude like Dylan. Dylan at least would have taken out at least two of them before they overwhelmed him. But how all the gay dudes who are clearly across the street didn’t see and help him is beyond me. Finally the cops come along and these pieces of shit all start running to the four winds.

Marco, Gay Bashed

Wait, fucking Jimmy is still at the game. He decides to go looking for Marco after hearing all these police sirens outside. Thanks for nothing Jimmy. He finds Marco crying while the cop is patching him up. Marco starts hugging the shit out of him while he’s crying his eyes out.

The next day Ellie says all loud that he was walking through the gay village at night and that someone kicked his ass for his designer shoes. I don’t know why he’s lying for. God Ellie is a fucking nag. She keeps asking him why he’s lying and what about Dylan. He tells her to drop it already and that it’s over. Dylan spots him and Marco just buzzes by saying to Dylan to leave him alone.

Ellie, Marco

It’s time for Snake’s scalping and Sheila the lunch lady is going to butcher his hair. I think this is the last time that we’re going to see her, so enjoy it. Emma seems like she wants to cry, especially seeing all the Degrassi kids laughing their asses off at Snake. Just then Snake get’s a phone call and both he and Emma are terrified. Manny comes along bragging about winning the auction war, Emma too upset just ignores her and her bullshit. This is when Manny wonders what filthy piece of shit she did this time to upset Emma. Emma now in tears tells her that Snake might have cancer.

Snake, Sheila Manny, Emma

Out on the basketball court Spinner tells Jimmy that it’s no big deal that Marco got his ass kicked. Jimmy get’s pissed at him finally and throws the basketball all hard at him telling him that he wasn’t there and didn’t see just how fucked up Marco was. But Spinner could give two fucks about Marco because he’s a shithead. He goes on to say that it’s Marco’s fault for what happened because he should have gone to the game with them. But you can tell that deep down, he knows that it’s partly his fault for wanting to shun him.

Outside their house, Emma asks Snake what did the Dr’s tell him. He tells her that she better get used to his new Q ball look because he’ll be starting chemo in a few days. He tries to reassure her that there’s nothing to cry about and that he has to be strong because he’s going to beat this thing. Yeah, Cancer isn’t going to kill him, Spike is for being a fucking bitch all the time.

In the boys restroom Jay comes along and tells Marco that he always knew that he and Dylan were meant for each other. Marco is stunned to hear this and then see’s what Spinner wrote on the wall. Just then Spinner walks in and Marco looking like he wants to cry tells Spinner why he wrote that for. But Spinner tells him that he’s not in the mood. He then says the ridiculous thing that Marco shouldn’t be gay and to act straight. Like dating Hazel. Marco tells him that even strangers know, referring to the gay bashers. Spinner is highly offended when Marco compares him to them and the episode just abruptly ends on this note. What an odd ending.

Spinner, End Credits

So I would say this was a good two parter. Spike wasn’t a nag for once, but Ellie was. I hate it when people are pushy like that. Too bad that Spinner learned nothing about his homophobia. But assholes rarely learn their lessons.


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

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