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Season 3, Episode 6, “Gangsta Gangsta”


In this episode we see the beginning of Sean’s descent into being a bad seed again.

Pre credit opener: We see Sean bored as hell at home for some reason. I guess Emma is out protesting something stupid again. Just then Tracker comes in with this hatchet faced Asian chick and it’s clear that they want to fuck but Sean is there ruining everything. Until Tracker gives him some money and tells him to get out so that he can get his dick wet. Sean in despair calls Emma only to get the machine again. I guess Sean has zero friends thanks to Emma.

Tracker, Sean

Oh my God! The next scene opens up with Toby showing everyone his school portrait and it’s the gayest and lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Any normal person would die of embarrassment, but Toby has no shame. Sean comes by and makes fun of him because he’s such a fucking dweeb. And to make the point, Jay and his crew come by and pick on Toby. I should point out that this is Alex’s first appearance, here she looks all trashy. Anyways, Jay takes Toby’s stupid pictures and Sean steps in and tells him to give it back before he puts his foot up his ass. Jay asks him, “What are you, his body guard?” Sean not even humiliated to admit says, “I’m his friend.”

TobySean, Alex, Jay

In the MI lab Snake is handing out people’s assignments and Sean is dismayed to see that he’s gotten a D. Snake tells him that he should have spell checked. Sean points out to Emma that he’s acting like a dick and Emma tells him that he’s already started with the chemo. At his desk, Snake opens up a lap top and is all happy when he hears the music. Surprisingly, Emma says that the lap top was a gift from Spike to cheer him up. I say surprisingly because Spike is such a heartless, demanding bitch. Sean being lonely asks her if she wants to hang out that night for some pizza and a movie. Emma reluctantly agrees to it.

Out in the hallway, Sean hears a loud crash and see’s that Jay and his crew of flunkies are stealing from the candy machine. What a couple of lameo’s. I’d be stealing the money instead of getting Snickers. As they pass by Jay smiles at Sean and gives him a Wonka Bar.

Sean, Jay

At her locker Sean eats one of Emma’s nasty health food sandwiches and he wants to throw up due to it tasting like ass. Snake comes by and tells Emma that he’s going home because he feels like complete shit. He then tells Emma that she has to come home right after school because Spike is going to be working late. Seems like Sean’s evening with Emma is pretty much ruined now.

Outside, Toby is hanging out with the rest of the fucking geeks playing chess. Big surprise Liberty is there playing against Kendra. He’s barely started to notice that JT has gotten cooler than him. To make the point we see him hanging out with Paige and the rest of the upperclassmen. But anyone would out grow Toby because he’s the worst. A fun vampire if you will. Toby then calls JT over and he reacts like I would have, which is to completely ignore him.

Toby, JT, Paige

In the auto shop Craig is doing the exact same thing I was doing when I took that class. Which was nothing. No wonder people got super pissed at me at the end of the year because I got the most improved student award. I didn’t do shit to fix or build anything. Moving on, the shop teacher seems to be getting around in a chair that the students built for him and complements Sean on being a grease monkey. Sean is too distracted though, because Jay is shooting hate rays at him big time. Sean goes over there and see’s that Jay’s silent black friend is fucking up something in the engine. Jay just says, “You got guts Cameron.” I have no idea what the point of this scene was.

In coach Armstrong’s class, Mr Radich interrupts and wants to talk to Sean. Outside he basically accuses him of breaking the vending machine and stealing all the valuable Degrassi candy. Sean says that he’s only blaming him because he’s poor as hell. But white boy please, if you were black you would have been hung already.

Going into a rage, Sean comes outside and finds Jay. He cries to Jay that it’s his fault that Radich is on his ass now. Jay being a prick doesn’t give a shit. That’s when Sean pushes him and they get into a fight. This pretty much makes me wonder why people are afraid of Jay so much for, because he just got his ass kicked severely by Sean.

Jay, Sean

Outside Mr Radich’s office Jay is acting pretty nonchalant about the whole thing and is explaining to Sean that they shouldn’t get into too much trouble since they weren’t technically on school grounds. Sean tells him not to talk to him and Jay says that he acts like a tough guy on the outside, but on the inside he’s a big puss. Sean tells him that he can’t get into more trouble because he fucked up a kid up by deafening him. Jay all of a sudden is impressed by his maiming and asks him to join his lame ass crew. I gotta say, I grew up in a real hood neighborhood and these motherfuckers are as lame as can be. Gangster’s my ass, there was this kid we called Boogie for some reason who blew some guy’s head off with an AK. Jay’s biggest thing is that he likes to steal candy. I guess that’s gangsta in Canada.

We cut to JT and he’s dreaming of Liberty of all people and Goddamn, he has a wet dream about her. Toby notices that he had a wet dream and makes fun of him because it was about Liberty. JT tells him that he’ll murder him if he tells anyone. Toby being an asshole black mail’s JT because he now wants to hang out with the cool kids in exchange for his silence. I love the fact that Toby doesn’t mind in the slightest that JT left jizz all over his blankets.

JT, Liberty

Back at Degrassi, Sean has now joined Jay’s “gang” and it’s hilarious to see people being intimated by them.

In the lunch room JT and his cool friends are laughing about something stupid and Spinner asks if some words they just used are even English. That’s when Toby comes by and acts like a know it all by giving the definition of the word Spinner was flustered by. Right away he annoys everyone, including me. JT makes fun of him and his lameness. Toby feels bad for a bit, but then starts going on about wet dreams and that they’ve all had them. Spinner asks him what’s the point to this discussion. That’s when that shithead tells everyone that JT had a wet dream about Liberty. Paige of course laughs her ass off, making JT feel even more humiliated now.

Spinner, Paige, Toby

In the Degrassi woods Emma has organized a clean the ravine thing. Jay makes fun of Sean for helping out with that bullshit during lunch. They take a break and Sean can’t help pawing at Emma. Probably because he hasn’t gotten some in a month. Emma get’s all embarrassed because Kendra finds them making out and leaves. Back in the school Sean leaves huffing and puffing because he’s frustrated at Emma for being a prude. They then get into a fight about Emma never being there. Emma tries to shut him up because she’s busy taking care of Snake and the baby. But Sean won’t have none of it. Emma then calls him and his lame new friends pathetic and he leaves even more angry than he was a minute ago.

In the auto shop, the teacher rolls his machine on by while Sean is working on an engine block all angry. Jay tells him that he’s gotten a scheme on how to get cash for a new jet engine he wants to install in his stupid Fast and the Furious car. His plan? Stealing a keyboard. Seriously? Sean points out that he’s not going to get shit for that. That’s when they see Snake’s new lap top and off they go with it. This is how you know that Sean has now gone into the dark side.

Jay, Sean, Stealing

Outside the school Emma has written on her school photo, “To Sean, Love Emma” That’s when Jay and Sean pull up in his car and Emma tries to talk to him. Sean is all, “Oh hell naw!” Jay being an asshole tells her go ahead, they all want to listen. She tells Sean that she wants to talk about everything and their bullshit drama. Sean, trying to act like a tough guy in front of his loser new friends tells her that he has nothing to say. Emma much like Spike doesn’t like being told no and she goes into a rage and destroy’s her own picture. The insult to injury being that Alex said she really is as flat as a board. Burn!

Emma, Sean

We cut to JT and Toby and they have a talk about Toby and the fact that he’s a complete loser who will never be cool or be a part of that crowd. I love how Toby has the nerve to be upset at JT for treating him as such. But he only acted like an obnoxious dickhead as soon as he arrived at the cool table. JT tells him that he’s his friend just as they are, but he’ll be forever shut out of that world by default because he’s Degrassi’s resident nerd.

In Snake’s class, Snake is all dismayed because his lap top is missing. He’s so out of it thanks to the chemo that he thinks that he misplaced it. He’s really scared of Spike and what she’ll do to him if she finds out that he lost it. But Emma tells him while looking at Sean that maybe it’s not the chemo. The episode ends with Sean looking all hard at the camera. I couldn’t contain my eye roll.

Sean, End Credits

I have to say, I did not like this episode at all and it’s disappointing because usually the Sean episodes are the better ones. At least Toby has now realized his place in the world and that he’s lost his best friend to the cooler kids. One funny thing is that I found the actor who played Toby on Instagram and it’s hilarious to see some people telling him that they hated his character. Fuck you Toby! Get out of my life, I hate you!!


Author: Degrassi TNG Guy

Well what's there to know. I got bored after finished Degrassi Junior High Reviewed, so I thought, why not do The Next Generation. Even though I vowed that I wouldn't. Well hope you guys enjoy these reviews as well. I definitely see this as the companion series to DJHR.

2 thoughts on “Season 3, Episode 6, “Gangsta Gangsta”

  1. I really wish they had an episode where Toby committed suicide.
    I feel ashamed to admit I always found Jay sorta hot, haha.

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