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Season 2, Episode 22, “Tears Are Not Enough Part 2”

I can’t believe it. We made it to the last episode of season 2. I would have to agree with some of you that this season wasn’t that great. With that being said, we conclude this downer of a two episode finale.

Pre-credit opener: I’m surprised we didn’t get a previously on Degrassi. But we open up with Sully and his ugly mug doing video announcements for the big luau dance. Snake being very serious turns off the TV and tells the class that Craig’s dad died in a horrible car wreck and now haunts the streets of Toronto. Much like Large Marge went around in her rig on the anniversary of her death. Marco asks if Craig is ok, Snake says that he is but he assumes that he won’t be back for the rest of the school year. Ashley tells everyone that she’s collecting money to send flowers to him. (Like he would want that.) All of a sudden Craig walks in all cheerful like his dad didn’t get dismembered in a car wreck and you can tell that everyone is thinking, what the fuck?


We see a bunch of students in the gym decorating for the dance, shouldn’t they be in class instead? Paige being very fucking annoying just walks across the banner they’re painting, leaving her hoof prints all over the place. Being actually decent she gives Ashley some money for the flower fund. Ashley starts to confide in Terri, shit I forgot all about Terri. I don’t think I’ve seen her for a couple of episodes already. Anyways, Terri tells her that she can’t do anything for Craig at the moment. She would know because her mom is a festering corpse too.


Ashley of course doesn’t listen to Terri because what does Terri know compared to Ashley? Craig once again is acting weird about the whole situation and says that he can’t wait to go to the dance. Ashley is shocked that he doesn’t want to stay home at Joey’s sulking and writing horrible emo songs like she would be doing.

We go to our B plot and it involves Paige and Spinner’s insane quest to become luau king and queen. Hazel get’s a bit annoyed when Paige just assumes that they’re going to win the title.

In class Marco and Jimmy can’t help gawking at Craig and they point out how well he’s taking the demise of his dad. Jimmy says that he wouldn’t be that cool. Craig comes from Mrs Hot Body and shows them that he got an A+. Craig then proceeds to lie his ass off and tells the guys that he was with his dad when he crashed and then laughs and says, “Guys I was at Joey’s getting stitched up because my dad beat me up. For the last time. Haha!” They both just say, “Good one.”

Marco, Jimmy

After class Jimmy starts to talk shit to Spinner and tells him to get to work at the cafeteria and he just has to mention how Spinner stole his iPod, I mean MP3 Player. Spinner’s had enough and he tells Jimmy to fuck off and he won’t be laughing when he and Paige take the crowns at the stupid dance. Jimmy, infuriated decides fuck that and asks Hazel of all people to run against them.

In the next scene Joey takes Craig back to his dad’s house to collect his belongings. Already you can tell that Joey is looking at stuff that he can sell because he’s always low on cash. Craig meanwhile is starting to hear his dad’s voice, so yeah, he’s starting to lose it.

Craig, Joey

It’s finally time for the funeral and this co worker of his dad comes up to say a few words about him. He starts to talk about how much of a good father he was and Craig says all loud, “Please!” Joey and Caitlin both look at him with shocked expressions. Ok, you know how hot I think Caitlin is and love any appearance that she does. But why is she there at the funeral? I doubt she knew his dad or Craig for that matter. Anyways, Craig starts to laugh like a maniac and Joey has to take him outside so he can calm his ass down. Craig starts to tell Joey that he hated his dad and he’s glad that he’s dead because he was an abusive asshole.

Caitlin, Craig, Joey

The next day Ashley is telling Ellie all about the spectacle that Craig made at his dad’s funeral. All of a sudden Craig comes along and tells her that he’s entered them for the luau king and queen contest. Ashley of course is her old dour self and hates the idea. But he probably figures that they have the sympathy vote.


Being that they’re super white, Paige and Spinner go to a tanning place and Spinner shows that he’s afraid of UV light. He closes the lid and starts crying like a bitch. He tells Paige that he can’t do it and he wants to go home. Paige being a bitch of course doesn’t give a shit and makes him wait until she has her all over tan.

Paige, Spinner

Oh lord, at Joey’s Craig tells him that he’s borrowing one of his loud obnoxious Hawaiian shirts for the dance. Leave it to him to still have that. Joey wants to talk about the whole Children’s Aid thing but Craig is still acting like a mad man. Joey tells him that he’s afraid that the pain of losing his dad is going to catch up to him. But of course Craig just blows him off by saying, “You, me. Anyone can go next. That’s why tonight, WE DANCE!!”

It’s finally time for the big dance and people are voting via computer. Leave it to Toby to be in charge of the whole operation. It was the only way he could get into the dance since no one likes him. Spinner and Paige come along and they look exactly like Donald Trump with horrible tans. Snake puts on this jam and all the Degrassi kids start to dance their little asses off. Right away Ashley annoys me because everything including her lei and dress are black.

Snake dressed like someone from the Australian outback comes up and announces the king and queen and predictably Craig and Ashley win. Just as he’s celebrating he starts to hallucinate that his dad is there at the dance cheering him on. But it’s just a teacher that looks just like him. At that Craig is starting to lose it mentally and goes outside upset. Ashley comes along and makes things worse by saying that she knew it was a mistake for him to come to the dance. Taking it out on her, he starts to go off on her and how annoying her look is. He then becomes completely possessed by his dad’s now demonic spirit and starts to go ape shit and rips apart the banner that the Degrassi kids worked so hard on and runs away. Needless to say, he scared the bejesus out of Ashley.

Ashley, Craig

Mr Raditch tells everyone to just let him cool off but Terri takes that as an opportunity to relate to him because both of their mother’s are dead. She goes on to say that when she found out that her mom died she was at Chucky Cheese for a birthday party and she got upset because she couldn’t finish her personal deep dish pizza due to her mom having died and ruining everything. Craig says that he hated the motherfucker and can’t figure out why he’s crying about him for. Terri stating the obvious says, “Because you love him.”

Terri, Craig

Spinner and Jimmy seem to have made up and they bond because the four of them look like complete tools. Adding insult to injury, Ellie comes by to take their picture while she’s calling them losers. No wonder Ellie doesn’t have any friends. Craig comes back in and tells Ashley that he’s going to go back to Joey’s pigsty but he wants his dance with Ashley first. The episode ends with Ashley asking Craig how he’s feeling and he says better. Man, that Terri sure knows how to calm someone down.

Jimmy, Hazel, Paige, Spinner, Ellie Craig, End Credits

Well that does it for season 2 of Degrassi. I would say that most episodes were either a hit or miss. This one being one of the better ones. Hopefully next season we’ll see some less of Toby and JT’s bullshit, but we all know that’s not going to happen. Stay tuned for Season 3 peeps.


Season 2, Episode 21, “Tears Are Not Enough, Part 1”

So we’ve finally made it to the season finale of season 2. Because the writers of this show hate me, they decided to make this a two parter. At least this is a good two parter.

Pre-credit opener: It’s after school and it seems like it’s the end of the year because Craig, Ashley and Sean are talking about finals. But I have to point out, it seems like it’s Fall instead. I guess the show wants us to believe that it’s always fucking cool up in Canada. Anyways, Craig says that science is his worst subject and out of nowhere, or hell, his dad shows up saying that maybe he needs help from a fellow mad scientist as himself. Craig is just about ready to shit his pants and tells him that he’s not supposed to be near him. But Dr Manning says that he just wanted to meet Craig’s friends. Ashley introduces herself while Sean, full of attitude spits in his general direction. Thus proving what a bad ass Sean is. You can tell his dad wants to beat the shit out of Sean, but he can’t since he’s in public. His dad pleads with him to  meet up to have dinner some time. You can tell that Craig is confused. He clearly still loves his pappy, but at the same time he’s known for being a mean son of a bitch who’ll give him a vicious beat down if he crosses him. What to do, what to do?

Craig, Ashley, Sean

We get a glimpse into Joey’s world and it’s what you’d expect. Chaos. There’s dirty dishes all over the sink, the place is a mess. Joey seems to be in a real hurry to get to his failing used car dealership and Angela, remember Angela? Well she seems to be feeling like complete shit. So much so that she spills her orange juice all over Craig’s homework. Craig acting like his dad loses it and she cries like a fucking baby. Badly might I add, she’s a horrible actress.

Angela, Joey

At Degrassi Craig asks Mr Hatzilakos something science related but I don’t know what she’s talking about because she looks smoking hot. Shit, she even bends over and Spinner, much like me is admiring her ass. Even the guy facing her wants to get a look at that rump. But Craig is so stressed out that he just snaps at Spinner to shut the fuck up. You know it must be bad because that booty is gorgeous. Ashley asks him what’s up and Craig pretty much says that he’s stressing out about his abusive dad coming back into his life. Ashley being stupid says, people can change. No they don’t.

Mrs Hatzilakos

Oh God, I thought we would get away with it, but we come to the B plot and of course JT is involved in it. What a surprise, he’s a complete idiot. Liberty being a brainac finishes her test all early, but she just has to have a smug grin on her face that’s infuriating. Meanwhile retard is definitely going to fail badly because you can tell he has no idea what any of the answers are. In desperation he walks up to her outside of the school and he asks her for help. Liberty though, is an asshole and she’ll only help him if he agrees to go to the dance with her. She’s so pathetic that she doesn’t care that that’s the only way she can get a date with him.

After school Craig goes to the local hospital to see his dad being decent to a patient worried about having surgery. Craig is all amazed to see his dad not going off on her. Dr Manning is all happy that he’s agreed to go to dinner with him and he leaves skipping into his office so he can change. While he’s waiting, one of the nurses comes up to him and asks him how he’s liking boarding school. Pretty obvious his dad lied to everyone due to avoiding embarrassment. The nurse goes on to mention that this is the first time in the history of ever that she’s seen his dad smile.

At dinner Craig brings up the fact that his dad lied to everyone and his dad tells him that he’s gotten himself into anger management and that he’s changed. Craig admits to him that he’s having trouble studying at Joey’s because Joey is a horrible parent and pretty much wants Craig to be the babysitter. So at that, his dad tells him to come on over to his house to study.

Back at Joey’s, Craig comes in late apparently and Joey starts to bitch him out because Craig didn’t clean up and make dinner for his lazy ass. Craig get’s pissed and tells Joey that he has more important things to do like studying for his exams, unless he wants to end up a bald loser like Joey.

Joey, Angela, Craig

The next day Craig goes to his dad’s house and asks him for help in the subject of science. Craig does the mistake of putting his glass of OJ on the table without using a coaster and right away he imagines his dad losing his fucking mind and takes out his belt to give him a bit of medicine. Craig is clearly still freaked out about all the beatings his piece of shit dad gave him for just about anything.

Dr Manning

It’s time for everyone to take their finals and Craig and Ashley do a little fist bump before going into class. Liberty seems to be more concerned about dressing up nice for JT. But it seems like her tutoring has paid off because JT actually passed his test. Yeah right. A moron like JT would quickly forget all the knowledge that he learned the day before. Being overconfident, he walks up to Paige and wants to ask her out to the dance, but Liberty comes along and ruins everything. JT not wanting to break her dweebette heart just ends up asking Paige to help Liberty with her outfit.

JT, Paige, Liberty

After school, Craig and Ashley come out and we can see how fucking cold it is because I just saw Ashley’s breath in the air. Turns out that Craig did well and now he’s asking Ashley to the stupid dance. Awkwardly I might add. But she agrees to go with him and that’s when his dad pulls up and calls Ashley Alison. The reason why he came by is because he wants Craig to have dinner with him again, but Craig says that he needs to babysit until 8:30. I’m guessing that’s the time that Joey has with the local Degrassi whore because how else is he going to get some.

Ashley, Craig

At Joey’s, Craig is busy playing some PS1 game and that’s when Joey calls him. It seems like Joey has managed to sucker in some poor Muslim couple into buying one of his shitty cars and wants another hour with them so that he can complete the rip off, I mean sale. Craig is completely worried now because he knows that his dad is impatient like a motherfucker. And to prove the point, we see him sitting alone at the restaurant getting all testy with a waitress. Fucking prick.

Craig finally after running clear across Toronto makes it to the restaurant. He’s way over apologetic and his dad just tells him to sit down and to relax. He pulls out a couple of tickets and they’re for London. He figures that they’ll go around Europe for the Summer, spending time together. But with Craig’s luck they’d be attacked by a werewolf and be turned into one. London is the birthplace of Canadian werewolves after all. His dad then drops the whammy on him that it’s time for Craig to come back home because Joey’s house is a steaming pile of shit. Craig tells him that he likes it there and doesn’t want to go back to Dr Manning’s house of torture.

His dad goes on to say that Joey’s isn’t stable. (I could have told you that!) But Craig get’s annoyed and says that being at Joey’s is stability and gives him the plane tickets back. So much for that plan. But shit, all that work that his dad did on anger management went right out the window. He get’s all upset and leaves the place in a huff. Craig goes after him and his dad starts to go off on him about Joey and how much of a weirdo Ashley is. Craig get’s pissed off saying, “Don’t say that about Ashley!” and pushes him. In retaliation his dad backhands the shit out of him, sending Craig bleeding onto the pavement. Right away his dad tries to apologize, but Craig points out that his dad always says sorry and that it’ll never happen again. Then the bastard has real nerve putting his anger on Craig by saying the he always screws up. His dad peels out all upset and Craig crying, starts speaking in tongues yelling at him.

Craig, Dr Manning Craig, Crying

Back at Joey’s, Joey notices that Craig is crying and that he has this big ol cut on his face. Joey is super pissed to find out that it was his dad who kicked his ass. He wants to call the police to press charges, but Craig says that he wants to call Children’s Aid the next morning because he never wants to talk to the motherfucker ever again because he hates his guts.

And he never will! The next morning the police come along and they talk to Joey. Craig asks him what’s going on. Thinking that his dad sent the police over to come get him. But it turns out that his dad is now a corpse just like his mother because he died in a horrible car accident. Thus making Craig an orphan. The episode ends with Craig’s shocked face. What a downer.

Craig, End Credits

So this episode was pretty good, much better than the last couple. But leave it to Degrassi to tackle the subject of death. I’m surprised Joey didn’t have a flashback to when Wheel’s nerdy parents were killed by a lousy drunk driver. Stay tuned for next time and check out the miserable conclusion to the season finale.


Season 2, Episode 20, “How Soon Is Now”

Ok, so I’ve been away from a while and it’s not because I’ve been busy with anything really. I just hate this episode with a passion. Anything that has to do with that asshole Dean I automatically hate. Especially seeing that smug shit eating grin on his face. But I guess that says a lot to the dude’s acting ability. Well enough with this bullshit. Let’s get the show on the road.

Pre-credit opener: Paige is seen in a therapy session reading out loud a letter she wrote to her rapist, Dean. She seems to have finally accepted the fact that it wasn’t her fault that she got raped because she said no. The Asian lady tries to set up another appointment but Paige thinks that she’s fully healed. She’s not.


Out in the hall way JT is acting like his usual dipshit self and has now discovered the lame world of Mime artistry. Paige all of a sudden is nice to him and JT is beside himself. Again, it’s funny how being raped brought out the decent in her. She even goes to Spinner and complements him on his horrible dye job.

In the MI lab Snake has just approved Marco and Ellie’s project which is a unisex fragrance, or some shit like that. The next phase is to make a commercial for it and of course Marco being super gay, they’re going to make it into a fabulous musical. Seriously guys, Marco said that it was going to be fabulous. Craig tells them both what a great couple they are and Marco kisses her hand and you can just tell that Ellie has fallen in love with him again. Even though he pretty much told her that he’s gay.

Ellie, Craig, Marco

In the next scene we see the cheerleaders and JT practicing their routine. Turns out there’s going to be a basketball tournament the next day at Degrassi and Spinner comes along and tells Paige that her boyfriend Dean is invading their school.

Paige had a couple of flash backs about Dean’s creeper mug and she’s decided to go to her counselor and wants to know what the process is about pressing charges. The counselor tells her that since she waited a fucking eternity to do anything about it, he just might get away with it. Plus it turns out that she doesn’t really have any evidence at all since she had Dr’s examine her and nothing was out of the ordinary. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she also took forever to get looked at. After all that, she leaves defeated.

Outside Ellie tells Ashley that Marco is obsessed with Bollywood musicals. Of course he is. Marco comes by and acts like Lord fucking Byron again and now Ashley can see that Ellie is smitten by his charms and says, “Can you two be more meant for each other?” Which really stings Ellie because she knows that she has zero chance with him.


Oh my God. Can JT just be murdered already? He comes along and does his stupid routine again and Paige just isn’t in the mood to pretend to be nice anymore. Paige tells JT that she’s not coming to the game and explains sort of that she doesn’t want to see the prick. JT tells her to let her alpha bitch side come out and give that asshole some of her medicine.


Finally Ellie and Marco are filming their commercial and this is a dream come true for Marco because this is possibly the gayest thing I’ve seen in the show so far and yes, I know the show will go to warp factor ten with the gay stuff in later seasons. Marco comes prancing in with a pink boa and says his line. Ellie can’t help herself and goes in for a kiss. Marco much like Freddy Mercury kissed a girl and he didn’t like it.

Ellie, Marco

Meanwhile back to Paige’s plot, it seems like she stayed up all night dreading the coming of the rapist Dean to the hollowed halls of Degrassi. The bus arrives and Mr Wonderful comes out and spots her right away. This motherfucker, I’ll give it to him is a cocky bastard. He comes up to Paige and the girls and basically laughs about raping her and you can tell that he’s not in the slightest remorseful for what he did.


In the MI lab, Marco is distressed because Ellie has changed the way their entire commercial is. Seems like she ditched the whole gay Bollywood shit and went with Sprockets from SNL instead. Ellie is surprised that he’s cool with it though, but he’s doing it out of pity because he can tell how pathetic she is.

Spinner see’s Dean say another taunting thing and Paige leaves like she’s going to cry. Spinner is convinced it’s because that Dean dumped her after banging her just once. Hazel pretty much fucking tells him that he raped her, but Spinner being borderline retarded says, “Good one Hazel, but the only one she said no to, was me.” She could have used hand puppets and he still wouldn’t get it.

Marco and Ellie start having an argument during the reshoots for their commercial. Ellie tells him that she feels like she’s a slave to him and his lies and she can’t take it anymore. She says the word flaming and Marco is instantly offended. He tells her that he can’t be what she wants. Ellie goes on to say that he has a choice, but Marco would rather have some man meat than to be stuck with a moody goth chick.


Shit! When is this horrible episode going to end?! Paige is outside with Hazel and she’s hella pissed at her for spilling the beans to Spinner. But she shouldn’t worry since dumbass didn’t even believe her. Still, Paige decides to leave. I love how it seems that the fate of the game rests on whether Paige will be there cheering them on or not. In the hallway Paige tells Manny that she saw her talking to Dean earlier and she tries to warn Manny about him and his rapist ways, but Manny acting like a bitch tells Paige that she knows that she porked him and that he never called her back because she was a lousy lay and that she’s jealous of Manny and her sexual powers. Oh Paige, Face!


Goddamn!! How much longer are they going to draw this shit out?! JT goes outside to find Paige gently weeping on the Degrassi steps and he tells her what the big fucking deal is. Blah, blah. Paige Admits to him that that fucker raped her and JT goes crazy and rushes into the gym and attacks Dean. It would be heroic had it not been for the fact that JT is a twerp and is completely weak. Dean is laughing his ass off, but goes ape shit when JT calls him a rapist. At that, Dean easily overpowers him and just as he’s about to cave in JT’s face, they get broken up and the both of them get kicked out of the game. Spinner knows that something is up because JT out of all people rushed to defend Paige’s honor. He talks to Paige and she now admits to him to that she was raped by the creepiest and oldest looking high schooler in the history of TV shows. I think at this point the whole school knows that Paige was raped.

Dean, JT

As Dean is walking out of the school, Spinner now decides to start with him, but of course he doesn’t do a damn thing like kick the shit out of him because the writers of this show doesn’t want the audience to have any satisfaction whatsoever. All that happens is that Paige, completely empowered like Shira tells Dean that she’s now coming after him. He’s all, “Yeah, yeah, bake a pie, eat a pie.” and goes into the bus for the duration of the game.

Ellie and Marco finally have their heart to heart and she tells him that being his beard is really hard and she can’t take it anymore. So she asks him if he’s still confused about his sexuality. Marco tells her that he’s not confused, and that he has no interest in anything female. Ellie is obviously disappointed because it’s hard for a girl like her to find someone who will put up with her and her bullshit.

Ellie, Sad

In the counselors office, Paige tells her that she now wants to press charges against Dean. The counselor says that the Mounties are now going to get involved in the matter. Spinner waiting outside gives Paige these really stale looking sandwiches and tells her that not all guys are complete pieces of shit like Dean, that some of the guys are good. But Spinner is an asshole, so he really doesn’t qualify as a good guy either. With that being said, Paige asks Spinner to the end of the year dance and the episode ends on a good note for once.

Paige, Spinner

So yeah, this episode fucking sucked. It was pure torture for me and I never want to see it again. The only thing interesting about it was Ellie and Marco’s relationship and even that was doomed from the start.

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Season 2, Episode 19, “Fight For Your Right”

Oh noes. Activist Emma rears her ugly head again in this episode. I wonder what stupid cause she get’s into this time.

Pre-credit opener: We come upon Snake acting like Mr Raditch and Emma is practicing giving a speech on why the school should get rid of genetically modified food. Seriously? I’m already annoyed because what kid gives a fuck about this? Snake suddenly starts to nervously tell Emma to brush her teeth, floss, wipe her ass and go to bed because Spike is away for two days and Snake of course can’t function by himself because Spike owns both of his nuts.

Snake, Emma

The next day of School Emma runs into JT, Toby and Manny. JT too is annoyed by Emma’s crusade of the week. In the cafeteria Craig and Marco see Spinner staring at an ad for work in the lunch room. Jimmy comes along in all new gear and the dudes are obviously impressed. Craig asks a very racist question by asking if he robbed a place, but Jimmy says that his absentee dad bought him all that shit because he missed his birthday.

It’s finally time for the big meeting with Raditch and this rag tag committee consists of Emma, Ashley and pudgy wheelchair girl. I guess they’re the only ones in the entire school who care about this stupid bullshit. Oh I just noticed an unnamed and never again to be seen extra. Anyways, Emma hands Mr Raditch a tomato and he thinks that it’s quite tasty. But she tells him that it’s infused with Scorpion DNA. They argue that they have no idea what eating that will do to a Human being’s body. I have a theory. Absolutely nothing. It’s not like something is going to happen to Raditch like what happened to Spiderman. Raditch is just going to take a really juicy shit the next day. Long story short, Raditch tells them to fuck off because it’s cheaper to buy the genetically modified food.

Wheelchair Girl, Ashley, Emma

In the MI lab, Snake tells the students that they’re allowed to have some free internet research time. I bet half the room went into some sort of porn site. Spinner meanwhile is look at all these hip hop clothes that he’ll never be able to afford. Suddenly he spots Drake with the classic iPod, but he doesn’t call it an iPod, he calls it the Mercedes Benz of MP3 players. I guess Degrassi couldn’t afford to say iPod. Spinner sounds really pathetic by saying that he’s back to cassettes since Mrs Kwan broke his discman the previous season. Jimmy can’t help being a dick and says, “Sucks to be you honky.”


Outside, Sean is telling Emma that if she doesn’t like the food in the “caf” then simply don’t eat it. Sean is always full of wisdom, but Emma is the type of person who wants to impose her will on others because in her point of view, she’s right and she’s on a mission to save everyone. Sean though makes the mistake of telling her not to back down, since she does have something to say. But the problem is no one wants to listen to her message.

Out in the basketball court, Marco is going on about Jimmy’s brand new 400 dollar Jordan’s too. It’s not a mystery why Marco is in awe though. He’s dressed like fucking Marty McFly, so no wonder he thinks that Jimmy is dressed like a mack daddy. Jimmy goes on to point out that Spinner is always at his house, mooching. Marco then let’s his gay side come out because he tells Spinner that he’s worn the same stinky hoodie for the last three days. Jimmy joins in and says that Spinner’s had it for two years now. At that Spinner tells him to sit and spin and not everyone is lucky to have a dad who’s never there and tries to buy his son’s affection. Jimmy tells him that his parents spoil Spinner and then calls him a freeloader. But Jimmy just fucked up, he leaves and absent mindly leaves his “MP3” player behind. Spinner just says, “Yoink.” and puts it in his pocket.

Jimmy, Marco

Outside the school Emma is now protesting the GM foods. I’m surprised that Ellie isn’t on board with this, but she’s not. She seems to be annoyed with Emma because she doesn’t buy her bullshit. She goes on to point out that GM foods do a lot of good in shitty countries where people are dying of famine. Radich comes along and shuts Emma down. We can tell she’s going to do something even more stupid to prove her point.

On the video announcement’s Sheila the lunch lady comes on and gives a what’s really a tacky commercial for the GM foods in the cafeteria. JT of course is involved because he’s an annoying asshole. Emma was about to give up her cause, but this just put her into overdrive.

Sheila, JT

In the cafeteria, Emma comes in fuming, asking JT just what the fuck he was thinking, but she can’t finish her thought because her attention turns to Toby who’s eating some fries. Really? Genetically engineered fries now? They start to fight for it and then they launch it straight at Jimmy.  He’s super pissed because his new clothes are all stained now. But that’s what he get’s for being a prick to Spinner. In retaliation he  throws a sloppy joe at them, but he misses big time and hits Paige. This escalates into a huge fucking food fight in the cafeteria while this lame song they always play comes on.

Food Fight

In Mr Raditch’s office, Raditch suspends Emma’s ass for the day. But what bullshit. She really should have gotten days, or a week at least, with a shitload of detention. Emma starts to mouth off by saying that she’s only being punished because she was protesting and didn’t throw anything. But technically, she did start the fight by throwing those nasty fries at Jimmy.

In Mrs Kwan’s room Jimmy finally see’s that he’s lost his iPod and he goes ape shit because it is an expensive device to lose. Spinner of course acts like a prick and says that his rich dad can just always buy him another one.

So instead of going home like she was supposed to Emma defiantly goes into Snake’s room and declares that she’s not going home since she’s always right. Snake is put on the spot because Emma is his new stepdaughter. He can’t help asking, “Why do you hate me?” But Snake has to follow Raditch’s orders. Getting frustrated he tells her, “Emma, get the fuck out!” Finally, defeated, she leaves huffing and puffing away.

JT, Emma

In the boys laboratory, Spinner spots that ugly shithead Sully and asks him if he wants to buy Jimmy’s MP3 player. Spinner offers it to him for a 120 dollars so he can buy himself a really stupid hip hop hoodie. Sully says that’s its a deal. How does this goofy fuck have that much money? He’s just a kid.

Once again showing everyone that she’s always right, Emma has begun to protest the lack of freedom outside the school. Ellie’s out there acting like she’s fucking Lois Lane, asking her all sorts of questions for the school newspaper. Radich comes along like a bat out of hell and tells her to get her ass home. Emma of course is a smart ass and tells him that she’s on public property, so he can just go fuck himself. But he’s not taking her shit. He tells her that she has to apologize on the announcements, or else it’s a week long suspension from school.

Emma, Ellie

In the school, Spinner is nervously waiting for Sully. Proving what an idiot Spinner is, he could have easily have told him to meet him back in the restroom where hardly anyone could see him, instead of you know, meeting out in the open where just about everyone could see him selling the goddamn iPod. Drake comes along and tries to make peace with him and that’s when that asshole Sully asks Spinner if he still wants to sell him the MP3 player. Drake leaves all heartbroken. Kicking over a trash can because his stupid, poor friend really fucked him over.

Spinner, Jimmy

Back at home, Snake comes in and they start to talk about what happened. Emma tells him that she can’t apologize for being wrong and brings up the baby and what if he or she starts to eat GM food and they become mutants or something. Snake asks her if her stupid cause is worthy of getting into deep shit for and she says yes. Emma truly is Spike’s daughter. Spike is just as much a pain in the ass as she is.

The next day at school Spinner has taken the cafeteria job and he hands Jimmy back his iPod. Spinner apologizes for being poor and being Jimmy’s inferior. He tells him that he couldn’t sell his iPod because Jimmy is is best friend, but Jimmy says, “Was.” and breaks their friendship. Jimmy can expect a nice loogie in his food for now on then.


It’s time for Emma’s big apology and yup, Emma is an asshole and she says that she’s not sorry for doing what she did because she’s right and everyone else on the planet is wrong. She goes on to say that her voice won’t be silenced. But she’s a kid in school. Kids in school have no say on school policies. At that Raditch tells her to take her skinny white ass and beat it and not to come back for a week.

Emma, End Credits

I gotta say, I liked this episode. Even though Emma was annoying as hell in it. I can’t stand people like her who always think that they’re right and have to tell everyone to go along with their line of thinking. Fuck off Emma!


Season 2, Episode 18, “Dressed In Black”

So this one is a good one. I’ve noticed that all the episodes that have to do with the older cast members are of better quality. All the underclassmen focused episodes are completely shitty, unless it’s a Sean episode.

Pre-credit opener: Jimmy and Ashley are hanging out in her dark room and she’s subjecting him to all of her shitty emo music. You can tell Drake wants to rap his way out of there. But he’s fucked because Ashley is his girlfriend again, and he’s forced to listen and lie to her that her music is good. It isn’t. Ashley’s music sucks so bad. She goes on about connecting with him on an emotional level, but you can tell that he’s already clocked out of that relationship.

Ashley, Jimmy

The next day Jimmy runs into Ashley and shows her last years year book. He makes her sign the goddamn thing and she goes on about looking awful the previous year. That’s when resident Degrassi Haley Joel Osment look alike Sully makes his first appearance. He talks shit about Ashley being a freak and Jimmy of course doesn’t beat the shit out of him for her honor. But then again, Jimmy is a big puss who get’s his ass kicked all the time.

Oh great, we come upon JT and Toby and JT is way too excited about Dr Sally coming in again to give her sex pep talk. He must be really hard up if he’s excited to hear her sex stories. Not even Toby is hoping for porn in that case. But he’s disappointed to hear that Coach Armstrong is going to be giving the sex lecture due to Dr Sally hurting her hip during a really intense geriatric sex session. Coach Armstrong starts to talk about Abstinence being the best thing to practice. Manny asks him what it means and he tells her that it’s best not to bone. Something that Manny won’t listen to in later seasons. Anyways, JT playing with a condom accidentally launches it and it lands on Armstrong’s back and hilarity ensues.

JT, Armstrong, Condom

We cut to Ms Kwan’s class and she’s giving out an assignment. Which is to act out a scene from Bill Shakespeare’s immortal classic, The Taming Of The Shrew. At least this assignment is at related to English class. Last time she had them doing some shit that had nothing to do with the subject. Ashley is disappointed that Jimmy is paired with Hazel, while she get’s stuck with Craig.

Outside of class Craig has a leaf crown. He’s been hit so hard by his dad, he now thinks he’s Julius Caesar. They both come up with doing a really depressing emo version of the scene they’re supposed to do. You can tell that she likes it that he thought the same thing.

Craig, Ashley

During lunch, Toby tells JT that he’s confused on when one should buy condoms. JT tells him that there’s no time like the present. But what he really should have told him was that there is no chance in hell that Toby is ever, ever going to get laid. But this being Degrassi, it recycles another plot from Degrassi Junior High and it’s the time when Joey and Wheels went to go buy condoms.

Back inside the school Ashley runs into Jimmy at his locker and she spots a picture of her from the last season and tells him to burn it. Man she’s so dark! She invites him home for dinner that night and you can tell that he really doesn’t want to go. Hey, I’ve been there before. It sucks.

Ashley, Jimmy, Hallway

We cut back to Toby and JT and they’ve picked out a box of Magnum condoms. Yeah right. Both of their dicks combined wouldn’t fill out that thing. Toby obviously being a Star Wars fan picks out some glow in the dark condoms and they have themselves a little mock lightsaber fight with some canes. As they’re going to check out to buy the condoms JT makes an ass of himself by asking the clerk for her phone number. The stocker behind him is so disgusted, he can’t help making a face.

JT, Toby

Finally, it’s the big dinner scene and Ashley starts going on about how kids should be educated on sex and should be given condoms. This starts out a big debate on the dinner table and she totally puts Jimmy on the spot on what he thinks. I fucking hate it when people pull that shit. Instead of telling her that he wants to keep out of this messed up family discussion, he tells her that he sides with Toby’s dad that it gives out a bad message to kids. She get’s all pissed off at him for reluctantly giving his answer. I swear, you can’t win with people like her.

Jimmy, Ashley

Back at Degrassi, Toby being a big puss gives JT the condoms to hold in his locker, saying that they’re his problem since he made him buy them. Spinner, Emma and Manny just happen to come along and Spinner sounds completely retarded trying to say lines from the play, so JT just can’t resist pointing out how stupid he sounds. At that he shoves JT into the locker and the condoms come tumbling out. Right away everyone figures out that they’re Toby’s. Spinner get’s so enraged that he vows to rip his balls off.

In the hallway, Ashley get’s Craig to take a pic of her with this gigantic Polaroid camera. Jimmy comes along and tapes it right next to her old picture, disappointing her even more. She get’s all pissed off about it and finally Jimmy admits to her that he likes the old, non scary, not so uptight Ashley.

Now Ashley is having an identity crisis. She wants to stay Goth, but at the same time she wants to please Jimmy. What’s a girl to do? Yup, she tries to please Jimmy and goes to school dressed normal, but of course now she’s all uncomfortable. Especially with a couple of skank’s making fun of her. Ellie comes along and can’t hide her disdain. But it’s not like Ashley was being original or herself either. She was just copying Ellie’s style. Jimmy comes along and he’s happier than a pig in shit that she’s no longer dressed like Winona Ryder was in Beetlejuice. My opinion is that she looks better non goth.

Ashley, Non Goth

In the MI class Toby and JT are terrified of Spinner. Spinner seems to have either made a website or a really elaborate email. It describes and has an animated gif about how he’s going to decapitate Toby and shit down his neck. But I doubt Spinner could come up with such complicated graphics since he is a big dummy. Toby runs when he see’s that Spinner is directly behind him. Just as he thinks he’s getting away he runs into Kendra and she man handles him and slams him against the lockers. She yells at him and asks, “How old am I?” Toby says 12 and she says, “That’s right! This relationship is never getting past talking about Cowboy Bebop!!”

Toby, Kendra

Outside Ashley is hanging out with Paige and her crew. They’re talking about some idiotic commercial and Terri tells her that they’ll get her back in the loop of things. I guess the loop of things is talking about stupid bullshit. Paige tells her that the goth look was actually working for her and asks why she reverted back to her boring self. Ashley just mumbles something and walks away. I gotta say, she does look out of place hanging out with them.

Hazel, Terri, Paige, Ashley

Out in the Degrassi haunted forest, Craig is waiting for Ashley so they can rehearse their scene. He acts all shocked that she actually looks decent, maybe a bit butch, but still feminine. Anyways, Craig tells Ashley exactly what she wants to hear from Jimmy, which is if someone really loves you, they’ll accept everything about you. Even the fucked up annoying parts. And that ladies and gentlemen is how you weasel yourself into a sad girls pants.

In the next scene Spinner grabs Toby and tells him that his ass is grass. But instead of just beating the shit out of him, he lets Toby tell him the reason why he bought the rubbers to begin with which is that he really likes his sister and if he porked her, he wanted to take care of her. Seems like Spinner was so touched it made his asshole clench and instantly forgives Toby. Kind of the whole Martha thing in Batman V Superman. But then Toby does a dickhead move and tells him that it was JT’s idea to buy the condoms, so now JT is in deep shit.

Toby, Spinner

Finally it’s time for everyone’s scenes and Jimmy and Hazel are dressed like a football player and cheerleader. They have everyone laughing for some reason. Up next is Craig and Ashley and yeah, their scene is real messed up. Craig seems to be channeling his dad and it seems like he’s going to fuck Ashley up. Shit, he even resembles his dad. Everyone is in complete shock. Marco starts crying, telling them to stop because Ashley’s already dead.

Ashley, Craig

In the hallway Spinner brings Toby into a room and see’s that JT has been tied up and is wearing a bunch of prophylactics. To humiliate JT even more, Spinner turns off the lights and now the condoms start to glow. Yeah, pretty unfunny and doesn’t even warrant a screen shot.

At Drake’s locker, Ashley comes up to him dressed all in black again (Hey, that’s the name of the episode!) and hands him a note. Basically she breaks up with him because he was trying to change her. The funny thing is, in the next season she’s going to change her look and no one is going to give two fucks about it. He should have told her that she’s just going through a phase. Might I point out that she’s the one broken up about it, meanwhile Jimmy is waiting for her to turn the corner so he can break dance, since he’s so happy that he’s finally gotten rid of his downer of a girlfriend.

Ashley, End Credits

So yeah, even though JT and Toby were kind of ruining this episode. I still enjoyed it. I guess I like bullshit drama and baby, whenever Ashley is involved, there’s always bullshit drama.


Season 2, Episode 17, “Relax”

So right away my heart dropped because this is a Liberty episode and we all know that Liberty is one of the worst characters in Degrassi history.

Pre-credit opener: So it seems like there’s try out’s going on for the Degrassi field hockey team, except they’re playing inside the gym. Right from the get go it’s clear that Liberty has no coordination or athletic ability whatsoever. Mrs Hot Piece of Ass seems to be the coach and pulls her aside to talk to her. It’s hilarious hearing Liberty saying that she needs to improve on her scoring if she’s going to lead the team to victory. Like she would ever be any team captain. Anyways, Mrs Hot Piece tells Liberty that she wants her to be the equipment manager because she obviously sucks ass big time. So with very little dignity she assumes every nonathletic nerd’s position on a sports team.

girls hockey team

Outside the locker room it’s apparent that Manny, Emma and Jackie Chan impersonator Kendra have all made the team. Kendra mentions that it’s time to initiate Manny into the team and yeah, it’s as lame as you would expect. They spray her into oblivion with silly string. Liberty comes along and acts like a dick by saying that she’s going to keep all the girls inline. Someone should explain to her that she has no authority at all when it comes to the team. Except for washing dirty uniforms.

In class, Liberty has gotten a high mark on a paper that she did on Napoleon. I can imagine JT saying like Bill and Ted that he was just a short dead dude. Meanwhile, it seems like Terri hasn’t learned her lesson from the previous season and is starting to dabble in Satanism and witchcraft again. And to prove my point Ashley being Ashley points out that she hasn’t learned a thing from last year. Paige having no fear asks Terri to read her palm and Terri is immediately terrified because she just saw death in Paige’s palm. Of course Paige being stupid completely believes in Terri’s bullshit.

Terri, Hazel

Oh lord, we cut away to Liberty and she’s helping Degrassi fight the battle of dirty drawers. What a thankless job she has. She’s so bored in fact that she imagines the whole school cheering her on. She comes back to reality when Manny’s soiled uniform comes out of the washer. Coach Armstrong walks in and right away she starts to bitch at him because the girls uniforms are literally coming apart and points out that the boys teams all have the new ones. He tells her that the boys get more shit because there’s more boy’s teams. This is where she get’s her inspiration to seek out a sponsor for the girls.

And she goes to Joey for help. I don’t know why, since Joey seems to be always broke thanks to barely selling shitty cars to losers. But it turns out that she’s too late since the boys already asked him to sponsor  the basketball team. It sounds so sad when he tells her that boys have been doing really good all year, because it’s clear that he follows high school sports. To shut her up, he tells her that he’ll think about it. I don’t know why she just doesn’t go to someone or somewhere else. You know, someone who can actually donate a lot of fucking money.


Before practice Liberty is telling the girls what she’s planning to do about getting new uniforms, she even proudly shows them a jersey that she designed herself. But it’s short lived, Mrs Hot Piece comes along and tells her to fuck off  and to clean more laundry so that the other girls can practice for their first game.

In the MI lab, Paige and Hazel figure out that Terri is a complete idiot and miss read her palm. Turns out that she’s supposed to read the right hand and Paige has a long ass life line. Terri comes along and gives Paige some flowers. She makes it worse on herself because she tells her that anything she wants from her, just ask. Leave it to a shithead like Paige to take advantage of her stupid oafish friend.

Out in the Degrassi Quad, Liberty is feeling sorry for herself and Emma and the girls try to cheer her up by saying that they appreciate what she’s doing for them. But that’s when Drake and the boys come along and start to give her shit for her trying to steal Joey’s 200 dollar contribution to the Degrassi boy’s team. Liberty get’s so pissed at the boys dissing the girls that she challenges the boys to a match at floor hockey. The winner gets to have Joey’s worthless sponsorship, the losers have to do the other’s laundry for a month. Right away the girls know that they’re fucked because A, they’re boys and B, they’re older than they are. So they’re not really relishing washing Spinners soiled jock strap.

Liberty, Sean, Spinner, Jimmy

The next day of school Mrs Hot Piece tells the girls that they’re on their own because she doesn’t have time to coach them in a bullshit game that doesn’t really matter. That or she has a webcam show that she has to do after school in order to bring in some more cash. Liberty in a mad grab for power assumes the role of coach, saying that she’s going to take Napoleon’s approach to winning. She brings this huge book and it has a bunch of stupid ass ideas for the girls winning.

Mrs Hatzilakos

At their practice Liberty looks even more like an idiot because she’s sporting a cape. All the girls want to laugh their asses off at her because she looks like a complete dipshit. Manny tells her that she’s having a horrible period and wants to be excused but Liberty, predictably has already let what little power she has to go to her head and basically treats Manny like complete shit and tells her to basically walk it off.

Liberty, Kendra, Emma, Manny

Out in the hallway, Paige is hella taking advantage of Terri, especially by asking her to write her book report. What a fucking bitch I swear. But Terri is an idiot.

Meanwhile Drake and the boys are laughing at Liberty yelling at all the girls for not getting the plays that she wants to them memorize. She concentrates her fury on Manny, calling her the weakest link in the team. Manny should have told her that at least she made the goddamn team. It’s clear that the girls already don’t like Liberty as the coach. Well no one likes Liberty, but more than ever she’s hated. Out in the hallway Kendra tells her that no one likes her yelling at everyone and that they don’t get her stupid complicated plays.  After that tongue lashing, she turns around and the boys tapped a nasty looking jock strap to her locker. Just to stick it to her, and you know what? She deserves it.

Liberty, Kendra

In the MI lab Terri just finished Paige’s report at the cost of her own. Paige notices that Terri has a nasty, juicy looking zit on her forehead. Terri says it’s from stress, but that doesn’t faze Paige at all. And to prove it, she tells Hazel, “Who says dying isn’t fun?” Ashley just happens to overhear her and you can tell that she’s going to rat her out.

Terri Paige, Ashley, Hazel

And yeah, she walks up to Terri and  lets her know that she’s being played for a fucking moron.

Finally it’s time for the big game and there’s a huge crowd here for the battle of the sexes. Until Liberty comes along and kicks everyone out. Why anyone would listen to her is beyond me, but ok, she got them to leave the gym.

She tries to inspire the girls with a brainac quote, but no one understands what the fuck she’s talking about. Outside the school Ashley and Terri are conjuring up a really powerful demon to destroy Paige for making Terri out to be sap.  Paige runs away because Terri is ready to annihilate her ass.

Paige, Hazel, Ashley, Terri

Now that that bullshit is taken care of we go back to the game and the girls are losing 4 to 1.  All of a sudden Manny runs into Spinner and she hurts her wrist pretty bad. Joey tells her to go to the nurse, but Liberty, being a shithead tells Joey that she’s fine and can still play in the game. Joey ignores her and tells another one of the girls to take Manny to get checked out. At this Liberty completely loses her shit and starts to berate the girls and that’s when they’ve all had enough of her and they decide to quit.

Manny, EmmaLiberty

In the locker room the entire team calls out Liberty on being a gigantic asshole. They decide to go back to the game, but without her. Just like fucking Urkle, Liberty feels sorry for herself after being called out on her shit. Mrs Hot Ass comes along and quickly figures out what a horrible coach Liberty is.

Predictably the girls lost big time because Liberty is washing all the boys nasty jockstraps. Emma and the girls come in and they surprise Liberty by showing them brand new uniforms that she designed. You’d think that it would say the name of the school in the front, but instead it says, Jeremiah Motors. Turns out that Joey decided to sponsor both teams. He must have taken a loan from a mobster, or sold his Zits memorabilia because we all know that Joey is a broke dick loser. Anyways, Liberty is happy because she got her own uniform that says Equipment Manager. That’s normally something you don’t want to advertise.

Liberty End Credits

So yeah, this episode was pretty weak. Liberty was annoying as hell and it was basically another rehash of an episode of Degrassi Junior High when Wheels and the Chinese kid had a swim meet against LD, Caitlin and Melanie. You can tell the writers were scrapping the bottom of the barrel here.

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Season 2, Episode 16, “Message In A Bottle”

So this is more of a Sean episode and his have always been good ones. Way better than the usual bullshit we get with Toby and JT. The last episode straight up sucked!

Pre-credit opener: Sean and Emma walk into his little shanty and it’s a fucking dump. Apparently they’re there to study for chemistry. Which is pretty advanced stuff for their ages. Anyways, she starts to lean back in the chair and of course it’s a termite eaten piece of shit because Sean tells her to be careful because the leg is broken. They attempt to study again, but that’s when Tracker walks in. I forgot all about Tracker. Seems like he’s pissed off over the way he’s being treated at his crappy job and he’s just quit. Hilarious that his honor has been besmirched. He’s so pissed off that he quietly tells Sean to take Emma and beat it.

Sean, Emma Tracker

The next day of school Sean and Jimmy are at basketball practice and Coach Armstrong tells them that he likes their team work and that’s how they should be at regionals. Spinner tries to be a kiss ass and tells them both that they are pretty great together, but we see that they still don’t like each other due to Sean kicking Jimmy’s ass about five times last season. Jimmy makes the first move by telling Sean that he’s having a party that night to celebrate making the regionals and Sean and Emma are invited. I love how Jimmy get’s to have a party for something stupid like that. With no parents involved at all.

In the hallway, Emma invites Sean over to her house for dinner. I’m sorry, but since when did these two get back together? Did we skip an episode or something? Oh yeah, since the wedding, but they never showed anything after that, so I guess we have to assume. Thanks for being lazy Degrassi writers. Sean tells her fuck no because in his sad little world, Jimmy’s party is more important than a boring night at her house with Spike and Snake. Speaking of, Snake comes along and it turns out that they’ll be having Sushi for dinner. So Sean is pretty much fucked for the time being.

In the MI lab Jimmy just can’t help staring at Ashley. It’s hilarious how the camera makes her look all dreamy. Drake tells Spinner how much she’s changed. But she’s still the same crab apple that she has been since last season. In fact I would say that she’s worse. Terri comes by and Jimmy invites her over, but he probably never would have invited her if she wasn’t friends with Ashley. That has to hurt on some level for Terri.


In the hallway, Paige is going on about going to a spa weekend and is going to skip the party. Ellie says that she’d rather be sculpting her ear wax than to go. That’s just fucking nasty. But I don’t know why she said that, she wasn’t invited to go in the first place. I have to say, I like Ellie, but what the fuck is going on with her whole look right now? She looks like a goddamn Gremlin. Anyways, Terri pressures Ashley to go the party with her.

Terri, Ashley, Ellie, Paige

Back at their rats nest, Sean and Tracker are having a bit of a fight due to Tracker no longer having a job. Sean is pissed off because it’s the same behavior that his piece of shit dad had whenever he lost a job. Tracker is still going on about his pride and honor, but the problem is, he has none. He goes on to point out that he’s not a lousy drunk who spends their money on booze like their dad did. Sean calms a bit down when he learns that Tracker has a big job interview at the cracker factory the next day.

Sean, Tracker

It’s finally time for the big, boring dinner and apparently they’re going full on Japanese for some insane reason and they all took their shoes off and are eating sitting down. Sean is hella embarrassed because his best dress socks have two huge holes in them. How humiliating. Spike meanwhile is being all judgmental about Sean’s shitty home life and he can totally hear them talking about him. Sean can’t help it because he’s a bad seed and goes into the kitchen for some water, but instead takes a huge gulp of some vodka. That sure settled his nerves.


Spike and Snake are such fucking duds during the dinner conversation that Sean is almost falling asleep and it’s not the vodka doing that to him. Sean then accidentally spills some of it on Emma and she goes to change, Snake then leaves Spike and Sean alone while he makes some coffee. This is when Spike insults the shit out of Sean because she offered to send him home with some left overs. Sean leaves all pissed off because now his honor has been fucked with. Tracker’s so screwed cause he could have gotten a good free meal instead of having his usual Top Ramen Noodles for dinner.

Spike, Snake

We then cut to Jimmy’s party at his nice apartment and it’s packed with all the Degrassi extra’s. Ashley and Terri walk in and Ashley right away can’t help being a sour puss and tells Terri that she shouldn’t have come. Jimmy comes up to them and it’s more awkward small talk thanks to Ashley. But the awkwardness is saved thanks to some dude who came from the 1980’s via Doc Brown’s time machine and wants Jimmy to explain to him how the CD player works. Ashley get’s all butt hurt, but she should realize that he’s being the fucking host. Not everything is about you Ashley! Goddamn.

80's metal guy Ashley, Terri

Back at Emma’s, Emma is pissed off at Spike for fucking up their evening. I love how Emma rightly assumes that it’s Spike’s fault.

Sean finally arrives at the party and Craig is way too concerned about Sean. Probably because he can smell all the alcohol coming out him and is afraid that Sean is going to beat the shit out of him like his dad did. After he hugs it out with Jimmy, Sean spots the booze at his parents bar and you can tell that he wants to get fucked up. But stupid Craig won’t leave him alone. This is when Sean starts to pour all his insecurities about him being a big poor loser and Emma probably hates him now. Craig all of a sudden fucks off and Sean takes this as the opportunity to get even more drunk off his ass.

Jimmy, Craig, Spinner, Sean

As the night continues the Degrassi kids are now having a rave and the time traveler attempts to get with Ashley and she can’t help being all bitchy and tells Terri that they’re leaving. But Jimmy stops her at the door and says that they haven’t talked yet and she get’s all happy when he says that she’s the only guest that he wants to be with.

Emma finally comes by after many hours it seems like. You would have thought that she would have assumed that he was at Jimmy’s, but apparently Emma is a complete idiot. Emma tries to get Sean to leave and they start to fight over the bottle. That’s when Sean drops the Vat 69 and Jimmy is way, way too pissed off over the broken bottle. Probably because he knows his parents are going to be pissed. But his parents are the ones to blame for leaving him alone unsupervised.

Jimmy pissed

Outside Jimmy’s condo, Sean is drunker than a motherfucker and is busy putting himself and his family down. Emma acts like Spike, which is a bitch and then calls Spike to come and pick them up. Sean is beyond mortified at the thought, but again, he’s fucked.

The next day Jimmy and Ashley start to talk and all of a sudden she kisses him. That was sudden. Sean comes by and tries to talk to Jimmy, but Jimmy hates his guts again. Sean should just tell him who cares and to go fuck himself. Emma comes by and they have a quick heart to heart. Sean is beyond embarrassed that Spike knows that he was drunk. But Spike is one of those shitty parents who let things slide, as long as it doesn’t happen again. Emma tells him that she still likes him, doesn’t want to dump him and still wants to keep seeing Sean. So at the end, all is well in Emma’s white bread world.

Ashley, Jimmy Sean, End Credits

This was a good episode. Most Sean episodes are good. I love how everyone at the party is shocked at the underage drinking. Making Sean the coolest kid at Degrassi, because the other students are lame as hell.