Degrassi The Next Generation Reviewed

Ah yes, the companion blog to Degrassi Junior High Reviewed. Each episode will be reviewed in order by a guy who loves the next generation's melodrama.


Season 4, Episode 4, “Mercy Street”

Uh oh, Rick the woman beater returns in this episode.

Pre-Credit Opener: Right off the bat Paige is super pissed that Rick has returned to Degrassi and you can tell by how flared her nostrils are. Marco, Spinner and Alex are pissed off as well. Emma not minding her business asks who he is. Paige tells her and reminds us all how Rick used to beat up Terri and she hates his guts because of it. Even though Paige treated her like shit all the time, but whatever. Emma becomes extremely upset when Spinner tells her that he’ll be in her grade starting the next day. This is trouble because a self righteous Emma is always a bad thing.

After the credits we see that JT is hanging out with Manny at Liberty’s. The reason they’re hanging out with her? Because she has a hot tub. JT still acting extremely immature asks Manny to pull his finger and he butt dusts her right then and there. Manny then asks Liberty if it’s cool for them to even be there, Liberty just tries to sound cool by saying that somethings you have to say what the heck. Seriously, she said heck and couldn’t even say hell. Anyways, Manny tries to ask if Emma can come over too. But Liberty still hates her for what she did in the previous episode. Manny has real nerve bringing Emma up since it was Manny who snitched Emma to Liberty. Oh lord, Liberty’s younger brother Johnny Mathis comes out with a ironing board and says that it’s their new diving board. JT climbs on top of it and of course it doesn’t collapse because he weighs a hundred and nothing. Still acting like a jackass he’s about to dive into the hot tub and that’s when Johnny Mathis pulls his trunks down and Manny gasps. Either because it’s the first time she saw his junk, or he has a real small dick. Either way, JT is humiliated.

Back at Degrassi Emma is hanging out with the upper class men for some reason. Rick comes by and tries to make small talk with them. Emma now taking up Terri getting beaten up as a cause even though she didn’t know her stops Rick from walking to class. Raditch tells her to step aside and she speaking for everyone says that they don’t want him there. Raditch knowing that she has a new cause every week tells her that it’s not one of her crusades and to stay out of it.

In the hallway JT is trying to get a date going with Manny, but she doesn’t seem to want to hang out with him. JT notices that ever since she saw his penis, she’s been acting differently. JT gives her a smootch but Manny breaks up their kiss because here comes Craig. They have some small talk, completely ignoring JT.

In the locker room JT is pissed that Manny still seems to be into Craig. Toby and Johnny Mathis (Danny) both say that Manny is hot and that maybe she is into Craig still. Toby also points out that they’ve only kissed a couple of times. Just then Craig and the other dudes come out of the shower and that’s when JT tells him that Manny is his girlfriend now and to respect that. Craig says that he does and that’s when he takes his towel off to dry his hair. JT immediately stares at his cock and Craig instantly asks him what the fuck he’s looking at. Spinner, being the worst person to do that in front of just laughs and says, “What?!”

After those hijinks, Rick comes up to Paige at her locker and tries to apologize for pushing Terri with all his strength and causing her to hit her head on a random piece of concrete block and split her fucking head open. Seriously, if you don’t know, that’s what he did to her. He tells her that he’s in counseling and asks how Terri is. Paige eyes full of tears goes to the bathroom to cry her eyes out. Emma not minding her business asks her what’s wrong and Paige is upset that Rick is back at the school and no one can do anything about it. Emma tells her that they’ll handle it, vigilante Degrassi style!

At the Dot Emma is hanging out with the older crowd and you can tell that she loves it. They don’t enjoy their time together though because that’s when Rick walks in. Everyone get’s pissed off and Emma wanting to make them like her goes up to Rick and tells him that no one wants him there. Rick just says that he has a right to an education. Emma tells him to go to another school or he’ll be sorry. He says that she can’t touch him or Raditch will get on her ass. She says he’s right, but since they’re not at school Emma grabs him by the arm and drags his ass out of the door. Paige and the rest love what Emma just did. But not as much as Emma is loving herself at the moment.

Back at Degrassi Emma is promoting her newest cause, Students Against Violence, or SAV. Nah, I just came up with that. Sean and Ellie come along and are annoyed that both Paige and Emma want to make life a living hell for Rick.

Oh boy, in the restroom JT has gotten himself a penis pump because he figures that Craig has a bigger Johnson than he does and that’s why Manny won’t bang him.

We get a montage where Rick is now feeling the pressure because everyone there hates him with a fury. The girls start to block his path, no one will let him sit with them at lunch. Shit even the metal looking guy and his mullet friend are shoving him against the lockers. But uh oh. It seems like Emma is starting to break and feel bad for him now.

In Mrs Kwan’s room Spinner is reading some rhymes from the legendary Kid Erich. He tries to say that he loves girls with a bootylicous ass but Mrs Kwan stops him. Rick then volunteers to read his thoughts from Gandhi of all people. He starts to talk about forgiveness, but Spinner is thinking, fuck that noise. He throws a paper at Rick and everyone laughs at him. Take that Rick and Gandhi!

In the hallway Manny see’s JT and she tells Liberty that she knows that he’s going to come up to talk to her. She wonders why he doesn’t leave her alone. Liberty points out that he is her boyfriend, but if she can’t stand being with him, they should just break up. JT of course comes up and asks her if she would like to come over to his house after school. Manny tells him yes, so going by that, I guess she’s going to break up with him.

Elsewhere Rick tries to give Emma a check, but Emma all full of herself says that she can’t accept it because the whole ribbon campaign is about him. Emma is then blown away that it’s about $500 dollars. Alex comes along and tells him that they don’t want his money. Rick then leaves when she asks him if he’s going to hit her too. Emma being greedy and stupid asks for the check, but that’s when Alex rips it up. Emma all annoyed says that maybe if she cared about the cause she wouldn’t have done that. Alex gets in her face and asks her what she knows about it. She then asks her if she’s ever had to ice down her mom’s face because some scumbag boyfriend beat her up. Or lay awake all night listening to her cry. Alex says, “I didn’t think so.” and leaves all annoyed. So yeah, big surprise there that Alex comes from a horrible home life.

At JT’s room, JT has put on some sexy music and dimmed down the lights. It’s as awkward as it can get and she asks him if he’s nervous. He tries to kiss her and he’s all sweaty and nasty. Manny being grossed out says she has to go to the bathroom. JT takes that as an opportunity to pump up his wang. Manny finally getting the courage to break up with him goes back into the room and catches him. Got damn that’s embarrassing.

Back at the Dot Rick walks in and Paige is instantly annoyed asking what he’s doing back there again. Alex being a shit starter says that he’s probably there to see his new crush Emma. Paige gets pissed and asks her if she’s starting to wimp out on her by feeling sorry for him. Rick makes shit worse by going up to her and saying, “Good afternoon Emma.” Emma now trying to prove to everyone that she doesn’t feel bad for him over does it by tripping Rick and humiliating him in front of everyone. Rick seems to go into a rage as he’s getting up. Jay seeing this takes Rick outside to kick his ass and does just that. Plus he breaks his glasses by stepping on them. Rick all defiant asks who else wants a shot at him. Alex says that she wants to hit him next and here’s where Emma fucks up by stopping her. Everyone of course get’s angry at her and she’s as hated as Rick is. Man, I just noticed, Rick is a hairy motherfucker. He looks like Teen Wolf in this shot.

The next day at school, Manny comes dressed like a pimp and she tells JT to go away. JT says that he was just trying to live up to Craig. Stupid JT thinks it’s because Craig has a bigger dick than him. Manny all annoyed tells him that it’s not his dick. It’s the way that JT acts. Which is really immature and Craig was never like that. But bullshit, Craig has acted like a jackass in the past too. JT now desperate because he doesn’t want to lose a hot piece like Manny says that he can change. But Manny tells him that it’s over.

We see that Emma is now on the outs with Paige and her group of friends. Rick comes up to her with some old nerd glasses and he tries to apologize. She tells him to stop. The only reason she did what she did was because it was wrong, it still doesn’t mean that she likes him or are friends. that being said, she asks him why the fuck he came back to the school, knowing that he’s hated by all. The episode ends with Rick saying that he likes it there and that’s he changed. He goes on to say that he’ll show them how wrong they are about him. Emma tells him that they’re not interested. Rick being delusional says that they will be some day. Now if you’ve seen the show, especially this season, you know how foreshadowing that statement was.

So this was a pretty good episode. Entertaining as hell and really makes you go, hmm. Not the JT and Manny part. He was annoying and I’m glad Manny dumped him finally. But the whole Rick thing. Sure he’s a dickhead that deserves everything what’s happening to him, but at the same time, you kind of feel sorry for him. Especially with the bullying. But this is just the beginning. Things are going to come to a head with this storyline.


Season 1, Episode 9, “Coming Of Age”

*Edit* *Breaking News*

So they’ve finally decided to cancel Degrassi after 14 seasons. I gotta say, it was about time. Because these current Degrassi kids are lame as hell. I would say it was on two season’s too long. But that’s just my opinion. I just know that Paige’s head exploded upon hearing this news.


Even Drake is saying good bye.

drake bye bye


Moving on. In this episode Jimmy shows us how clingy he is with Ashley. So pay attention kids, cause he’s about to show you not what to do in a relationship.

Pre-credit opener: Ashley comes out of her house and immediately Jimmy and Terri are waiting for her outside. Apparently Jimmy is going to turn 14 any day now and he consider’s himself a man. Ashley all sarcastically says, “Oh yeah, which country?” Terri asks him where they’re taking him for dinner and he tells her that his mom is going to cook them all some lobster. He invites Ashley and right away you can tell that she doesn’t want to go. All of a sudden we cut to them at Degrassi and Jimmy gives her a kiss on the cheek and leaves. As soon as he’s gone she makes this sour badger face and explain’s to Terri that Jimmy has been going to her house for dinner eight times in a row already. So you know he’s a stage four clinger at this point.


Outside Terri, Paige and Ashley are taking a love quiz from one of those teen mags but they’re interrupted by Jimmy and his crew. Ashley get’s annoyed instantly and tells him to go play ball with Spinner. He then asks her if she wants to hang out that night, but she lies to him and says that she can’t because Terri’s coming over for a girl’s night.

In the Media Immersion class Sean is telling Manny all about some stupid Astrology website, while Emma is being an annoying pain in the ass because no one is listening to her. All of a sudden she shout’s that she can’t even think and just storms out of the room and forces Manny to go with her. In some random class Emma is seriously stressing telling Manny that she knows she failed her test. Manny tries to reassure her but she can’t help being all sassy towards her. So yeah, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Emma is PMSing in an epic scale.

Sean, Emma, Manny

After school Ashley and Terri are walking toward’s Ashley and we here this lame hip hop beat and what do you know. Jimmy’s there giving that dweeb Toby some pointer’s on how to shoot a basketball. Ashley instantly get’s all annoyed with him again. She starts ranting to her mom about Jimmy staying over for dinner also. Her mom quickly picks up on her hostile ass and wants to know what’s up. Ashley goes on to tell her how sick she is of him being there every night. Her mom points out to her that she feels bad for him because he’s always alone. So yeah, we clearly see how he’s similar to one Lucy Fernandez in that respect, because both of their parents are the biggest absentee parents in the history of ever.

Ashley, Terri, Ashley's mom

At Emma’s, she’s busy watching this sappy soap opera and she’s crying her eyes out while eating some potato chips. I gotta say Emma has the world’s ugliest crying face. Spike comes along and asks her what’s wrong with her because she see’s her crying. Spike starts talking some nonsense about realizing how small one is compared to the whole universe. She then offers to take Emma shopping.

Emma crying

At the mall Emma and Spike seemed to have gone on a small shopping spree. They pass by this guy and he tells them, “Oh, I’d like a lick of that.” Because they’re also eating ice cream. But this dumbass doesn’t know who he’s fucking with and he chose the wrong two people to say that kind of shit to. Spike immediately get’s on his case, chewing his ass out. Spike then schools him and tells him not to be talking to women like that and then goes all Liz on him and calls him a pig. She does make a good point where talking to women like that makes them feel bad and that it can be scary for them. Plus this asshole is way too old to be acting like that still. The guy just leaves in a huff and Emma is mortified of Spike going off on him. Spike continue’s her rant with, “Don’t ever let a guy make you feel bad just for being Female.”

Spike, Emma, Creep

Back at Ashley’s, Jimmy is finally going home and she’s all relieved because she’s a heartless bitch. She walks in and immediately starts to yell at Toby telling him not to be inviting Jimmy over for dinner every goddamn night. Toby of course doesn’t understand since he’s her boyfriend. Ashley then tells Terri and Toby that she’s about ready to break up with him because he’s suffocating her. Toby’s so shocked, he drops the dinner plate he was cleaning.

Back at school Emma is showing Manny her new white skirt. Toby stops by Jimmy’s locker and it’s all decorated because it’s his birthday. Jimmy comes along being chased by some girls and stupid Toby decides for that day of all days to tell him about Ashley wanting to break up with him. What a dumb stupid fuck. Jimmy demands to know what Ashley said and he starts asking if she feels suffocated and that they’re together too much. Toby doesn’t say a thing except shake his head yes. Even to the question if she wants to break up with him. Jimmy get’s all sad and just walks away.

Toby, Jimmy

Outside JT tells Toby that he shouldn’t have said a fucking thing to him. But Manny disagree’s because she’s an idiot. In no way was it in Toby’s place for him to be telling Drake all that shit. JT and Toby leave and that’s when Sean comes by to say hi to Emma. For some reason he apologize to her about the stupid horoscope thing. Emma stands up to go with him and Manny spots something on Emma’s bottom. She quickly pulls her back down and asks her if she sat on something. Emma then stands up and see’s what happen. Yup, she got her period because Manny says that it hasn’t happened to her yet. She tells Sean all embarrassed that she can’t go with him and that he should just go away. He does with a look of confusion on his face.

Emma, Manny

Else where Ashley is telling Terri that she can’t break up with him that night since it’s his birthday. Oh if she only knew that Toby already fucked everything up for her. Jimmy comes along and he tells her that she doesn’t have to come over that night. Meanwhile Emma all awkwardly is walking with Manny behind her going to the girls washroom. Manny points out to her that she can get pregnant now.

Inside Manny takes away a magazine and we see this really nasty looking blood stain on Emma’s white skirt. Emma starts going on about having a book report to do in the next period and Manny leaves to find her some gym shorts to wear.

Emma, Blood Stain

In the hallway Ashley and Toby get into an argument about Jimmy. He tells her why she’s bothering to go since she’s just going to dump his ass. She get’s pissed because it was obvious that Toby was listening in on her conversation with Terri. But wait, wasn’t Toby there the whole time she was yelling about how annoying Jimmy is? She starts to go off on Toby telling him how he doesn’t understand anything since he’s just a stupid toad. But Toby just says, “You don’t bring people into your life just to throw them away.” The geek does make a good point and she knows it.

The worst person possible walks into the girls bathroom and that’s right, it’s Paige and she immediately see’s the huge fucking blood stain. But she would have to be blind not to see it. Paige tells her that she shouldn’t be wearing light colors if she’s getting her period. Emma tells her that she didn’t know that she was getting it and goes into a stall all embarrassed. Paige surprisingly helps Emma out and gives her a pad while she’s in the next stall taking a huge smelly shit. Paige goes on to say that now she’ll end up getting boobs, saying that they’re actually pretty great. But Paige barely has any of her own.


Turns out that Manny found Emma some oversized gym shorts and it’s time for them to give their book report in Mrs Kwan’s class. Emma’s all holding on to the shorts and everyone is laughing at her attire for some reason. Toby and JT won’t shut the hell up about it, JT saying, “Aw did Emmy pee her pants.” Emma not giving a motherfuck tells him, “No, I just got my period for the first time.” And goes on to say that it’s perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed off. Mrs Kwan tells her right on. Toby and JT are all shocked at the word while Sean raise’s his big ass eyebrows in surprise and then smiles because he seems to like the thought that Emma can now bare children.

Emma, Manny, Mrs Kwan Sean

After school Ashley and Jimmy arrive at his place and it’s pretty obvious that he’s a rich son of a bitch, the place looks a little too fancy. But what a surprise, his parents are no where to be found. He listens to the answering machine and his mom tells him both her and his dad are working late again and that he should just order himself a pizza. Ashley then invites him over to her house for dinner and that’s when things get sour and it’s all stupid Toby’s fault. He tells her to forget it and if they can just break up and get it over with already. He quickly figures out that she didn’t want to break up with him only because it’s his birthday. In a fit of anger he kicks her ass out and then with tears in his eyes, he orders a pizza, his usual he tells the guy at the pizzeria.

Jimmy's house Drake, Crying

The next day at school Manny asks her if she’s feeling ok and Emma can’t help being all sarcastic with her. She then tells Manny all about her plan to have a petition signed so that they’ll get disposable tampon machines in the girls washroom. Paige signs it and because she’s a major bitch and she can’t help herself, she asks Sean if he wants to sign her petition too. Emma instantly get’s all embarrassed, but Paige’s plan backfires on her because Sean doesn’t give a shit and just signs it saying, “If Emma came up with it, it’s gotta be a good idea.” Paige just leaves while rolling her eyes and Emma is even more in love with Sean now.

Emma in love

At Ashley’s locker, she opens it up and we see this cheesy picture of Jimmy that says, Ashley, I love you this much!!  XOXO Jimmy. She get’s all sad and that’s when she spots him taking down her pictures inside his locker. She comes up to him and wants to talk to him. She goes on to say that she just overreacted and then hugs him. He asks her if she’s just doing it because she feels sorry for him. She lies to him telling him no, even though that’s exactly the reason why. All pathetic he says, “I love you Ash” and then they hug it out.

Jimmy, Picture

Ashley, End Credits

This is another episode that was just ok. Ashley and Toby were totally annoying in it, but at least I learned from Paige that you’re not supposed to wear light colors while you’re going through your period.